Top Rated Air Mattress and Airbed Reviews

Tired of sleeping on the hard, lumpy ground inside a sleeping bag that barely manages to fight off the dampness (which inevitably seeps its way from the ground through your tent’s floor and into your body)? Perhaps it’s time to consider purchasing an air mattress. Air mattresses not only provide you with a more comfortable place to rest your aching body, they also prop you up off the floor to keep you warm and dry throughout the night.

Of course, other options exist on today’s market, including cots, hammocks and mattress pads. Personally, of all the possible options, I find that an air mattress suits me best for a comfortable and warm night of rest. If you are unsure which is best for you, take a moment to read through our camp sleep guide for a general comparison of all four options and basic things you should look out for when purchasing any of them.

The rest of this page contains reviews of the most popular, top selling air mattresses and airbeds on the current market. I’ve taken the time to analyze sales statistics and consumer ratings to bring you the best of the best. Each of the following mattresses and beds was chosen for inclusion on this page because it has a strong sales history and has received very positive consumer reviews. Since sales and positive consumer ratings are a predictor of quality, I have no doubt that you will be satisfied with one of the options listed on this page.

Top Three Air Mattresses and Mattress Pads

To make things a little bit easier for those of you who are in a rush, I decided to include a Top Three section which includes my absolute top choices. Yes, these choices will be a little biased by my own opinions. To make these selections, I used statistics and consumer opinions to select all of the mattresses and beds on this page. Out of those choices, however, I have used my own personal knowledge and experience as part of the equation for selecting the following Top Choices.

Overall Best
SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Though I already stated that I plan to use my own personal biases in the creation of this Top Three list, I have to admit that the biggest reason I selected the SoundAsleep as the Overall Best over all the rest was a combination of its sales and positive consumer reviews. When compared with all the others on this list, this SoundAsleep mattress was among those with the top sales and outshone them all in terms of consumer ratings and reviews.

One glance at this mattress and it is actually difficult to see why it rose into this top position. It doesn’t feature a stand or side tables like some of the fancier mattresses on this list. It doesn’t even have one of those new “Never Flat” pumps everyone is raving about. Despite not having these special new features that many others on this list can boast, however, this mattress managed to snag the best consumer ratings and reviews. How is that possible? This mattress’s superior quality is what pushed it above the rest.

Quality is a difficult thing to see with the naked eye. You actually have to try products, especially products like these, to see if they stand up to the test of time. This is why I rely so heavily on not only sales statistics but also consumer ratings when making selections such as this one. Consumer ratings are high for this product and the reviews consumers have left behind after using the SoundAsleep speak volumes to its quality. They say it is reliable, comfortable and, despite not being equipped with an electricity-sucking Never Flat pump, it stays inflated throughout the night.

Best Value
Intex Classic Queen Size Downy

Less than a quarter of the price of many of the other mattresses listed on this page, the Intex Classic Downy Airbed is certainly impressive. If I am honest, I didn’t expect to find a mattress as affordable as this one with sales statistics or consumer ratings even close to competing with those of the higher priced items on this page. I am happy to report that I was proven wrong.

After reviewing consumer feedback about the Intex Downy and looking over its specifications I was hard pressed to figure out why it was so much more affordable in the first place. It is made of quality materials and consumers report that it is decently comfortable and stays inflated for an adequate amount of time. When I really get down into comparing the specifications of this and other mattresses the only major difference I can find is that this mattress features a hand pump instead of an electrical pump. It will take much more effort on your part and a considerably longer amount of time to turn this mattress from a heap of vinyl into a puffy place to sleep, but the extra effort and time will definitely be worth it for those people who must adhere to a specific budget.

Best With Stand
Coleman Queen Airbed Cot with Side Tables

If you are sick and tired of sleeping near the ground and waking up with damp creaky bones, this Coleman airbed may be just what you need. The cot stand included with this air mattress turns it into a proper bed, allowing you to sleep up and away from the dampness – in the crisp night air you’ve been searching for.

Do you have a bad back or sore knees which make it difficult to get into and off of a typical air mattress? You won’t need to worry about that struggle with this airbed. You will be able to effortless and easily swing your legs over the side of this bed just as you would with any other.

If you are looking for ultimate versatility, look no further. This airbed isn’t simply an air mattress atop a metal or plastic frame – it is an air mattress atop a cot. If you need to extend the amount of sleeping space to accommodate more people, you can always place the mattress on the floor, opening up space on the cot for more people to sleep.

One of my favorite features of this airbed is that it comes with a battery-operated electric pump. I usually camp at electricity-free campsites to keep the kids off of their electronics and deeply immersed in nature. Unfortunately, lack of access to an electrical outlet has left me with very few quick options for inflating an air mattress. I hate struggling for the better part of an hour to get my mattress blow up with a hand or foot pump. Thankfully, the small motorized pump which comes with this bed runs on four D batteries.

Runners Up

I suppose not everyone can be a winner. Despite not making it into my Top Three section above, the following six air mattresses and airbeds are all top quality products which have proven their worth through excellent consumer ratings and superior sales statistics. I encourage you to continue your reading to see if one of these other options manages to fit your needs best.

Intex PillowRest Air Mattress
with Built-in Pillow and Electric Pump

Intex is quickly becoming a major name in the world of air mattresses and airbeds. Like most of their products, the PillowRest Airbed has received very positive consumer ratings and reviews. I believe that part of the reason the Intex PillowRest has received such rave reviews is its comfortable design.

While many other companies are including pocket coils to maintain even firmness throughout the entire expanse of the bed, Intex has created the mattress with large horizontal ripples. As someone with severe back problems who has tested many air mattresses over time, I can attest that this design distributes air well to give you support where you need it most. As your buttocks and shoulders are heavy enough to push air away from their areas, air is pushed up into the ripples located at the small of your back and the curve or your neck.

A soft, grippy, flocked texture has been added to the top of this mattress to help hold slippery sheets or sleeping bags in place throughout the night. The flocking also adds to a tiny layer of extra insulation to keep you warm all night long.

Unfortunately, you will be requiring an electrical outlet or special car outlet converter in order to inflate this mattress. However, it is important to note that it measures 18 inches in height and all tall air mattresses require the assistance of some sort of electrical device to get them fully inflated. If you are looking for a mattress which offers extra support and insulation from the damp ground, something of this height will be necessary.

Serta EZ Bed Queen Sized Airbed with Frame

You must have a rather tall tent if you are considering this Serta airbed. Once fully inflated, this mattress sits tall up on its sturdy frame. Let me tell you something, inflating this bed is actually the most fun thing about it. Whereas other beds are quite a hassle to inflate and set up, this one does all the work for you in what is, in my opinion, quite an entertaining show. All you do is open up the tall, wheeled bag it comes with, turn on the pump and wait. Okay, I suppose that somewhere in there you should take a moment to actually plug the pump in as well.

Once the pump has been plugged in and turned on, step back as you watch the EZ Bed do its magic. As the air inflates the mattress it will push the frame forward so that it grows to the full length of a queen sized bed. Then the air will force the mattress to flip its sides open and lower the side panels of the bed frame. It’s almost like watching a flower bloom in high speed.

“But wait, that’s not all!” Honestly, this mattress’s specifications read like an infomercial. In addition to its self-opening abilities, the EZ Bed has been equipped with a “Never Flat” secondary air pump which, if left plugged in, will run quietly and continually throughout the night to ensure that your bed never goes flat as a result of its material stretching.

Honestly, it was a tough call for me to not include this bed in the Top Three section. Ultimately, I had to leave it out, because it hadn’t yet met the sales levels of the others I included up there. If this bed is as great as it seems to be, however, I believe it will make its way into the Top Three section for next year’s list.

Fox Airbeds Plush HighRise Air Mattress

Fox Airbeds appears to be an up and coming company in the world of air mattresses. Their humble roots shine through in their marketing efforts, but their ambitions are what show in their products. For a small company, such as this one, to compete with big names such as Coleman and Serta and receive enough sales and positive consumer ratings to make their way onto a list such as this one says a lot about the quality of their product.

The Plush HighRise is available in an extra-long twin, a full, a queen or a king size. My favorite thing about this mattress is that you have the choice between using the built-in electric air pump or a handheld/foot press external pump. Only the internal pump actually comes with the bed, but purchasing a manual pump for certain occasions shouldn’t set you back much in your budget. I never camp anywhere with electricity, so a mattress with a manual pump is best for me during camping trips. However, setting up a mattress on my living room floor when friends come to visit would be much easier if it had a built-in electric pump as well. I am comforted to know that, if I were to purchase the Fox HighRise, it would meet my needs in either situation.

These mattresses are also incredibly strong. For example, the queen mattress boasts a 750 lbs weight limit, whereas most other queen sized air mattresses can only handle 500 to 600 lbs. The mattress top features a unique wave-like design which the company claims will stop you from rolling into the middle as you sleep. Many other designs inevitably sag over time, but Fox Airbeds claim that this one will not.

Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

Unlike the other Serta mattress on this page, this one does not come with a bed stand nor will it unfold like a beautiful flower to expose an entire bed with the touch of only a single button. It will, however, stay firm throughout the entire night thanks to its wonderful Never Flat dual pump system. Never flat pumps are all the rage among air mattress enthusiasts. They are one of the latest innovations designed to tackle a longstanding problem. Over time, often overnight, air mattresses lose their firmness. Sometimes, this is due to poor seals along the seams. Most often, however, it is due simply to the stretching of the materials used to create the mattress. As the materials stretch, the space inside them grows larger which means more air is needed to fill that space. The Never Flat pump system installed into this bed allows you to keep your mattress firm throughout the entire night by continually adding extra air until the desired air pressure has been reached.

Yes, you read that correctly. I said “desired air pressure”. Not only will the pump ensure that the pressure is kept uniform in the bed throughout the entire night, it can also be set to one of three different settings (soft, medium, or firm) depending on your personal preferences. Use the electric pump to inflate this mattress, keep it inflated, and even to deflate it by reversing the air direction.

SimplySleeper SS-47T
Ultra Tough Premium Twin Air Bed

Three layers of material, including PVC, adhesive, and polyester, make up the body of this sturdy air mattress. Though it is thicker than many of the others on this list, SimplySleeper decided to throw in a couple of repair patches at no additional charge. When I first read that, alarm bells went off in my head. “Why would they include patches if this is a durable mattress?” I thought to myself. After taking the time to read consumer reviews I came to the conclusion that they simply included the patches because accidents happen. In all that I have read, it appears that this truly is a sturdy, durable mattress.

Its thick surfaces not only make this mattress durable and strong, they also stop it from stretching out as quickly as many others, which means that it can easily hold its air pressure all night without the aid of a Never Flat dual air pump.

I am happy to report that this bed features large horizontal ripples which, in my extremely experienced opinion, are much better for those of us with neck and back problems. Pocket coils, such as those used in other air mattresses, keep the bed nearly flat and do not offer much in the way of support for specific areas of the body. Vertical ripples help to stop you from rolling into the person beside you but also provide little support. Horizontal ripples, on the other hand, allow air to be pushed from one ripple and into another where it can provide support to the lumbar and cervical spine.

Coleman Quickbed Twin, Full, or Queen

This mattress’s universal pump attachment makes me smile. It is so nice to know that I could choose to use any pump I want. I could use a hand pump or a foot pump. I could use an electric pump with a plug attached or one with batteries. While many people don’t like having to purchase a pump separately from their air mattress, I am quite the opposite. As convenient as built-in pumps can be, they can break. When they eventually do break, they are very difficult to replace and, sometimes, render the entire mattress useless trash. Purchasing your own external pump not only allows you to purchase your preferred type, but also allows you to replace it easily when it inevitably breaks.

The low price of the Coleman Quickbed makes it much easier to afford the price of an external pump, since it costs less than one quarter of what many of the other mattresses on this list are worth. That being said, this mattress is also much shallower than many of the others on this list and, therefore, will not pull you as far up off of the ground. If you are looking for something to really pull you away from the damp ground, you may want to continue looking. However, if you are looking for an affordable, versatile mattress which can fold up small enough to slip inside a backpack, this may be the one for you.

Making Your Choice, Or Not

The time has come for you to make your decision as to which air mattress or airbed will be the newest addition to your camping gear – or not. Perhaps you need a little more time and a little more information. Perhaps you need to compare a little bit more. If that’s the case, take some time to check out our reviews of other popular gear for sleeping while camping. We have reviews of cots, hammocks and mattress pads.

If you are ready to take the plunge into a better night’s sleep and have selected one of the air mattresses or airbeds on this page, I would like to take a moment to thank you for including me and my reviews in your decision-making process.

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