ALPS Mountaineering Extreme
2 Person Tent

Selecting the Best Overall tent in the two to three person size category was much simpler than I’d originally expected. For any category on this website, I plan to spend considerable time researching and comparing tents before selecting one for the top position. While I did still spend that amount of time to ensure that my first instincts were correct, I quickly circled back around to the very first tent that jumped out at me as I began my research – the Alps Mountaineering Extreme 2 tent.

The one main thing which made this particular tent stand out among the rest was its incredible consumer reviews. None of the other tents I found came close to comparing with this tent in terms of how satisfied consumers appeared to be with it. Of course, consumer ratings are one of the most important factors in the equation I use to select tents for the title of Best Overall, but some other very important factors also make their way into the equation.

You may have already read a little bit about this tent on the main Two to Three Person Tents page, but I would like to take a few minutes here to go into a little bit more detail about this tent and why I feel it deserves this title.

Polyester and Taffeta

Most of this tent is made up of polyester fabric. Polyester is an extremely durable, relatively lightweight material. Though this tent may not be as easy to transport as lighter nylon options, it will withstand the elements much better. Rain, sun, wind and the occasion scrape of a tree limb shouldn’t be a problem for the Extreme 2.

The taffeta floor will provide extra protection from water and will keep the cold dampness at bay on cool evenings. I do suggest using a footprint tarp with this tent if you place it on rocky terrain, but expect that it should easily handle grassy and barren landscapes.

All Clips, No Sleeves

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to clips and sleeves. Personally, I prefer a mixture of the two, but I understand the popularity of clip-style setups. You can easily assemble this tent in a matter of minutes by simply unfolding it, putting its shock-corded poles together, clipping the poles into place and pegging the structure into the ground. You can quickly throw the fly over the structure and secure it in place for extra protection.

Large Vestibules

The rain fly not only acts as a guard against rain, it also creates two large vestibules for storage. Whether you would like to keep your items out of the rain or sun or simply keep them out of sight, the two 30-inch deep vestibules are the perfect places to do so. Each vestibule is located outside of an oversized D-shaped door and features its own oversized D-shaped door. Unlike some other vestibule doors that must be unpegged each time you open them, these large zippered doors make it easy to move yourself and your things in and out of your tent while simultaneously aiding in the passage of fresh air.

Great Ventilation

Multiple windows add to the ventilation offered by the two oversized doors. Windows along the top of the tent allow you to watch the sky on clear nights. Even with the fly pulled over this tent you will receive fresh air through the ventilation slots located over each window. To protect you from having rain come in these vents, Alps Mountaineering opted to create small awnings over of each of them.

Strong Structure

Most dome-style tents are made of two poles which simply cross at one point on the top to pull the tent into shape. While this type of dome is quick and easy to assemble, it isn’t nearly as strong as the three pole design used in the creation of this tent. Instead of one crossing point, these poles have been fitted in such a way as to allow four crossing points. These points help the tent to maintain its form even in some of the most difficult weather.

A Great Find

I stand by this choice for the title of Best Overall Two to Three Person Tent. I hope that you also see the beauty in its structure and design. I believe that this tent will satisfy most basic camping needs and some not-so-basic needs as well. Of course, if you have special needs or wants where your tent is concerned, you may need to continue your search. Head over to our main Two to Three Person Tents page for more impressive tents of this size.

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