The Best Two to Three Person Tent of 2023

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I know from experience that there is nothing worse than purchasing the wrong tent or purchasing a substandard tent based on a company’s incredible ability to advertise. I have made that mistake once on my own and have watched countless others do the same.

To bring you this list of popular, top-selling two to three person camping tents, I began by locating hundreds of two to three person tents. I then narrowed down that list by focusing in on the most popular ones based on sales statistics.

Of the popular, top-selling tents I located, I narrowed this list even further by considering the needs of the majority of campers as well as some special considerations for people with specific needs and preferences.

I was also very careful to ensure that each of these tents had received rave reviews from the majority of consumers (people who have actually used the tents).

What is the Best 2-3 Persons Camping Tent

While all of the tents on this list are clear winners in my book, five of them rose above the rest. One is exceptional and has been given the title “Overall Best”. The others are outstanding in their categories and are sure to impress people looking for a specific type of two to three person tent.

If these five tents aren’t quite what you are looking for, continue reading toward the end of this page for an overview of our five Runners Up. Each of them is impressive in own right and is worth your attention as well.

1. Alps Mountaineering Extreme 2 Tent: Overall Best

Alps Mountaineering Extreme 2 Tent

This polyester Alps Mountaineering tent was a quick pick for the Best Overall Two to Three Person Tent. In selecting a tent for this Best Overall pick, my first concern was consumer experiences. If the consumers weren’t happy with a tent, there was no way it was going to be included here.

Of all the tents on this list, this one received the absolute best consumer ratings by a landslide. It appears that, of all these tents, this Alps tent was the best able to meet the needs of an extremely diverse group of people. From those using the Alps for their children on a short summer camping trip to those lugging it across multiple states on long two or three person backpacking journeys into the unknown, this tent appears to have been able to satisfy almost everyone.

Although the Mountaineering Extreme 2 has been constructed mostly of polyester, it features a heavy-duty taffeta floor designed to keep moisture and cold at bay. A full rain fly extends from the ground on one side of the tent to the ground on the other, covering every space in between.

Small ventilation slits in the fly allow the breeze to make its way through the interior mesh windows to keep the air in the tent fresh at all times. Though it is not the lightest of all these tents in terms of weight, it is plenty light enough to be shared by two to three backpackers intermittently, if necessary.

From its zippers to its vestibule and everything in between, this is a very impressive tent.

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2. Stansport McKinley 2 Pole Dome Tent: Best Value

Stansport McKinley 2 Pole Dome Tent

Perhaps the most affordable tent on this entire list, the Stansport McKinley 2 Pole Dome Tent packs a lot of punch for such a small price. Consumers have stated that this tent is ideal for stationary camping trips.

Its two-pole design is very easy to set up and its seven by seven foot interior floor space allows plenty of room for three people to sleep snugly side by side or for two people to sleep quite comfortably.

What I found most impressive, considering this tent’s low price, is that consumers have reported it to be extremely waterproof. According to multiple verified accounts, it has withstood not just simple rain showers, but also rainstorms. The durable and extremely waterproof polyethylene floor can probably be at least partially thanked for this tent’s ability to stand up to strong rainstorms.

I have no doubt that, if you are trying to work within a very strict budget, this tent should be able to meet most, if not all, of your stationary camping needs. To read more about some of the impressive features of this low-priced tent, I will have to suggest that you head over to the review I have devoted solely to this tent.

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3. Mountainsmith Morrison: Best Dome

Mountainsmith Morrison

Although many tents are being created in cabin and barn styles, the dome tent has remained the popular and most frequently sought after type of tent on today’s market.

Its unique design allows a dome tent to maximize head space without compromising the tent’s ability to stay waterproof, handle a light load of snow, or allow winds to whip around it without compromising its structure.

The popularity of dome-style tents, especially the small ones, made me realize that I could not complete this Top Five Choices section without including a special title for the Best Dome tent.

My choice to award this title to the Mountainsmith Morrison was based mostly on three things. Of course, the first criterion it had to meet was to actually be a domed tent, but that should go without saying, so we will leave it out of this particular equation.

The first, and most important, reason I included this as the Best Dome tent are the incredible consumer ratings it has received. You should have guessed that, though. Every tent featured in this top five section has received impressive consumer ratings.

The second factor which pushed this tent ahead of the other dome-style tents on this list was its two vestibules. I find vestibules to be rather important in small tents, because they give you a place to store the things which will not fit inside the tent with you. In fact, I find them so important that I even included a title for the Best with Vestibule below.

The third thing which caused me to choose this Mountainsmith as the best dome tent is its excellent ventilation. To go into more detail on this and many other impressive factors, I will have to continue writing on a separate page.

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4. Alps Taurus 2 Person: Best with Vestibule

Alps Taurus 2 Person

The Alps Taurus 2 Person Tent features two large doors, each with their own oversized vestibule. In fact, the vestibules, when combined, have almost the same square footage as the tent’s entire interior which, in my opinion, is extremely impressive.

Despite the fact that vestibules are not completely safe from the elements, they are usually safe enough to house shoes, boots, and bags. This means that you can easily sleep two people inside the tent without worrying about making space for gear. You can also fit just yourself inside with plenty of room to roll around.

Of course, the size of the vestibules couldn’t be the only reason I selected this particular tent as being the Best with Vestibule. Many other two person tents also have double vestibules. What pushed this tent into this top position are its full rain fly, affordability, and impressive ventilation.

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5. Kelty TN 2 Person Tent: Best Backpacking

Kelty TN 2 Person Tent

To qualify as something suitable for backpacking, I believe that a two person tent should weigh in somewhere below the six pound mark.

I figure that if a one person tent should be less than three pounds, a two person tent should be less than double that. This all makes sense if you do the math and, trust me, I will explain all my logic in the full review about this particular tent.

Weighing in at an astoundingly light 4 pounds 9 ounces, this tent is perfect for carrying with you as you backpack. Its weight can easily be offset by offering a couple of small items to whomever you plan to share it with, allowing him or her to take some of the weight from your pack and place it in his or her own. In fact, I would even consider carrying it with me for a short solo backpacking adventure.

Aside from its positive consumer reviews, other impressive features of this particular tent include its two large D-shaped doors, its full rain fly that creates two vestibules, its incredible amount of head room, and its ability to stand up well to rainstorms.

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Runners Up 2 & 3 Lightweight Tents

The inclusion of this “Runners Up” category is based on the fact that there are just too many great two to three person tents for me to choose only five; I like to feel that I have done full and proper justice in bringing you the best of the best.

Despite not making it into our Top Five Choices, the following five tents are all impressive in their own ways. If you found that one of the Top Five Choices didn’t quite meet your personal needs, you may find that one of these suits them better.

6. Suisse Sport 3 Person Dome Tent

Suisse Sport 3 Person Dome Tent

This dome tent measures seven feet by seven feet. Once the curved walls are taken into account it offers approximately six feet by six feet of usable floor space, making it perfect for a squishy night’s sleep among three people or a relatively comfortable night’s sleep for two.

The 48 inches of headroom at the center point of this tent means that you will have ample space to sit up while dressing or playing a game of cards.

Assembling this basic tent will be quite easy, as it utilizes only poles, clips, and pegs. There is no need to fuss over pole sleeves or guy lines. Simply assemble the shock-corded poles, clip them into place, and peg the tent to the ground wherever you like.

Unclip the coverlet rain fly from the roof to allow the breeze to descend upon you as you look up at the stars. Open the built-in fly on the oversized T-shaped door to allow even more air into your tent on warm days or leave it down to cover the mesh door during rainstorms.

Weighing in at only 5.5 pounds, this tent would actually be well-suited to backpacking trips, so long as two or three people share it and offset its weight in one pack by adding weight to another.

7. High Peak Outdoors Maxxlite 2-Person by Camping Maxx

High Peak Outdoors Maxxlite 2-Person

As the only triangular tent on this list, the High Peak Maxxlite by Camping Maxx fits the traditional mold of what we all picture when we think of a tent.

A large triangular door at one end of this tent allows you to easily move yourself and your gear inside for a good night’s sleep.

At six and a half feet long and just over three feet wide, this tent will be ideal for one person, but two people would be able to squish inside for a decent night’s sleep.

The triangular design of this tent maximizes headroom without adding extra material or poles. In fact, it only weighs 2.2 pounds, making it ideal for backpacking. Consumers report that this tent stands up well to rain when the door is fully zipped shut, and that it even provides relatively good protection from light snowfalls. You will never need to worry about water or snow pooling on any sort of a roof surface, thanks to this tent’s triangular shape.

8. Weanas Waterproof Double Layer 2, 3, 4 Person Tent

Weanas Waterproof Double Layer

Constructed almost completely of mesh, this tent’s basic dome-shaped shell offers some of the best ventilation on this list. Staring at the stars and having easy conversations with people in other tents will be no problem in bug-infested areas as you hide out in your mesh fortress.

If the winds pick up, it gets too cold, or rain moves in, simply toss the full ground to ground rain fly over and secure it into place. The 4000mm waterproofing on this tent is sure to keep you comfortably dry, even in a heavy rainstorm.

Pegs and guy lines ensure that the tent’s fly stays firmly in place throughout most weather. Two extra poles allow you to lift the flap of the fly that covers the large front door of the tent, creating a roof for a small patio space.

For storage purposes, leave the poles out and pull the flap down to create a rain-free vestibule area in front of the door. A second large rainbow-shaped door is located on the opposite side of the tent so that occupants can easily slip in and out without disturbing anyone else.

Available in four bright colors, this may not be the optimal tent for a hunter or photographer hoping to blend in with his or her surroundings. It will, however, be great for someone who is tired of getting lost in campgrounds and having difficulty locating his or her site.

In addition to four color options, it is also available in three size options – 2 person, 3 person, and 4 person. Remember, if you intend to bring gear inside the tent with you or would like to sleep most comfortably, select a two person tent for one occupant, a three person tent for two occupants or a four person tent for three occupants.

9. Wenzel Ridgeline 3 Person

Wenzel Ridgeline 3 Person

This small dome-shaped tent features a medium-size D-shaped door, large enough to move yourself and your gear in and out without struggle. Opposite its door is a large window which will allow the breeze to move horizontally through the tent as you make yourself comfortable in its 49 square feet of floor space.

Two skylight-type mesh windows have been built into the roof to bring you even more fresh air and a view of the night sky. A mid-sized rain fly can easily be fitted over these windows to protect you if the skies open up and rain begins to fall.

The 50 inches of headroom at the pinnacle of its dome allows you room to sit up while completing tasks or entertaining guests in this tent. A small gear loft has been fitted into the extra space at the top of the tent to provide you with a place to store lightweight items you frequently use, such as your flashlight and cell phone.

Unless you are planning a short backpacking trip and are able to distribute weight among the packs of the two to three people who will be using it, I suggest using this 7.3 pound tent for stationary camping.

Whether you choose to use it for backpacking or stationary camping, you can rest assured that you will maximize your hiking and relaxation time by selecting this easy-to-assemble tent. Two shock-corded poles and a few stakes are all you will need to set it up securely in almost any location.

10. Texsport 3 Person Hide-A-Way Camo Tent

Texsport 3 Person Hide-A-Way Camo Tent

Perhaps the only tent on this list that is actually suitable for trying to avoid notice while hunting or engaging in wildlife photography, this camouflaged tent is large enough to house up to three people or one person and a few bags of equipment.

An impressive feature of this tent is that it is highly waterproof. Whereas most tents feature polyurethane only on their floors, this tent’s entire exterior has been coated with polyurethane for extra protection from the elements. Not only will the polyurethane coating keep you dry, it will also act as an insulator to help keep you warm during cool nights.

The small fly atop this domed tent can be removed to expose a mesh roof on dry nights, allowing you to partake in some stargazing or to simply cool off. Two doors, placed opposite one another, allow more airflow to make its way through this tent. If I am honest, I believe it will be rather warm inside this tent at most times. Since people typically hunt during the autumn months and early winter, it is of no surprise that this tent has not been built for warm summer nights.

If a hunting tent is what you are looking for, or you are simply in search of something that can handle chilly weather, this Texsport Camo tent will meet your needs.