The Best Four to Six Person Tent of 2023

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Technically, a four to six person tent can be used for four to six people. However, if you would like to sleep comfortably, you may want to consider purchasing a tent which is slightly larger than you technically require.

Therefore, while all of these tents will fit four, five, or six people inside of them, some of the smaller four person tents may be better suited for two or three people and some of the smaller five or six person tents may be best used by three to four people.

That being said, if you are planning to use your tent only for sleeping and don’t mind cozying up to the person beside you, you may want to take the names of these tents at face value and simply purchase a four person tent for four people, a five person tent for five people, and so on.

If the above puzzled you and you aren’t sure that a four to six person tent is exactly what you are looking for, take a moment to read our article on selecting the right tent size.

Best Four to Six Person Tent

What is the Best 4-6 Persons Camping Tent

To make this process a little bit easier for you, I have decided to separate five of the absolute best tents I could find. Each tent in this Top Five list is specially designed to meet the needs of select groups of people.

For example, the tent which earned the title Overall Best is designed for those people who place the utmost importance on quality. The Best Value tent, on the other hand, is perfect for those who are looking for quality but are also working within a strict budget.

1. Core 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent: Overall Best

Core 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

To be considered the overall best of any tent category, a tent must be built with exceptional quality and be designed to make your camping experience as enjoyable as possible. Since somewhere between four and six people are likely to call this tent home for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, I knew that selecting the Overall Best was a serious endeavor.

After carefully making my way through dozens of possible candidates, I found that this Core tent not only met the two basic qualifications mentioned above, but also exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t expecting to find a tent which was as user-friendly as this one.

From its nearly 100 square feet of living space to its incredible six feet of height, this tent is guaranteed to offer the space necessary to accommodate four to six people. You will be able to use this tent for much more than just sleeping. It will be a perfect hideaway during rainstorms and a spacious refuge from pesky insects.

The list of this tent’s impressive features is much too long to include on this page without making this page one of the longest I have ever written.

I have included a review devoted solely to this tent, which will explore some of its best selling features including its size, its large windows and oversized door, and its superior ventilation, as well as an overview of just how easy it is to assemble.

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2. Sundome 4 Person: Best Value

Sundome 4 Person

Obviously, I tried to find one of the lowest-priced four to six person tents for this Best Value title. However, I did not want to select only an affordable tent, I also wanted to select a tent with noticeably positive consumer reviews.

The purpose of this Best Value title is not to simply find the cheapest four to six person tent on the market. The purpose is to find the most affordable one built with the quality you deserve as a paying consumer.

Since this tent will act as your home while you are camping, I wanted to be sure to select one which will protect you from outdoor elements as much as possible without breaking your budget. I feel confident that this Sundome tent will do both of those things.

Although it is not nearly as spacious or luxurious as some of the other tents on this page, this tent will keep up to four people sheltered from rain, wind, and pests throughout the night. It features 63 square feet of living space and a nearly five foot tall ceiling.

Its domed roof will allow rain and light snow to fall down along its sides instead of pooling on its roof. It features a window in its door, a window on the wall opposite its door, and two large mesh panels on the top half of each side wall for excellent ventilation. Awnings over the large window and door and a partial rainfly will keep you protected from the elements.

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3. Wenzel Blue Ridge with 2 Rooms: Best with Multiple Rooms

Wenzel Blue Ridge with 2 Rooms

Although this tent is advertised as being suitable for up to seven people, I have to admit that it would be very awkward to actually try to stuff seven people inside of this tent. Therefore, I have chosen to include it here.

It is rare to find a tent of this size which features multiple rooms. Sometimes, you will find a four or six person tent with a vestibule or, at best, a screened-in, floorless porch. Finding one with two completely separate living spaces is rare.

This Wenzel is one of those rare tents. Adding to how impressive it is, it features a total of 126 square feet of living space. This space is divided into one large room (which incorporates the tent’s main access door) and a second, smaller space which is separated by a removable wall with its own zippered doorway.

Of course, I couldn’t select just any multi-room tent. The one featured in this Top Five Choices section also had to be remarkable in a number of other ways.

In addition to being a two-room tent, this Wenzel also boasts a slew of other impressive features. From its incredible ventilation to its oversized door and six feet of headspace, this is truly an impressive tent.

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4. 5 to 6 Person Sportz SUV Tent with Screen Room: Best Vehicle Extension

5 to 6 Person Sportz SUV Tent with Screen Room

As soon as I saw this tent I knew it was going to make its way into this Top Five Choices section. What’s better than a tent? A tent you can attach to your SUV or van for more square feet of space.

Don’t worry about trying to find space for all of your belongings or trying to carry them back and forth between your vehicle and your tent. Instead, connect the two with this uniquely designed extension tent.

The Sportz SUV Tent is already impressively large. With 100 square feet of living space it won’t be difficult to fit five or six people comfortably inside this tent, especially if they don’t have to try to share that space with suitcases.

In addition to the 100 square feet of floored living space, thie Sportz also features a screened-in mudroom. If you would prefer not to attach your tent to your vehicle sometimes, do not worry – you can also use this as a regular tent.

Of course, I couldn’t select this tent based solely on the fact that it can be attached to a vehicle – it isn’t the only one of its kind. Other important considerations factored into this decision as well. A list of this tent’s other remarkable features and explanations as to what makes each of those features so wonderful will require a space of its own.

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5. Sundome 6 Person Tent: Best Dome

Sundome 6 Person Tent

What is a Top Five Choices section on a tents website if it doesn’t include a Best Dome title? Dome tents are one of the most popular types of tents on today’s market.

Despite the many new, flashy, fancy types of tents many companies have dreamed up over the years, the dome tent remains the most sought-after and searched-for tent of all.

Perhaps it is something about how fast and easy it is to set up a dome tent. Maybe it has something to do with the excellent protection and strength offered by the shape of a domed roof.

I am not sure exactly what it is that has made this type of tent so popular, but I am certain of two things – I could not create a Top Five Choices section for two to three person tents without including a Best Dome title and I am confident in my selection of the Sundome 6 Person Tent for that title.

It is not surprising that two Sundome tents have graced the Top Five Choices section of this page. The company itself has a long history of excellence in the camping and outdoors world. This particular tent earned its place based on much more than its dome shape and well-respected name, however. Excellent consumer reviews and a bunch of noteworthy features in addition to excellent construction brought the Sundome forward as a clear winner.

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Runners Up

Although I truly believe that one of the Top Five Choices for four to six person tents will likely meet your family and group camping needs, I also felt that it was important to include a section for some other very impressive tents which I believe are worthy of your time and consideration.

I made certain that every tent on this list has received rather positive consumer reviews when compared with similar tents on today’s market.

Whether you have a unique need not met by one of the tents listed above or simply want to compare them with other popular tents, take some time to read the following six reviews to assist you in making your final decision.

6. Coleman 4 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Coleman 4 Person Instant Cabin Tent

This four person cabin style tent’s 56 square feet of floor space is capable of housing one queen-sized air mattress or four people in sleeping bags.

If you prefer to be up off of the floor, the nearly five foot tall roof will make you happy, as it will easily accommodate the height of a mattress on a stand. If you prefer, you can even use this as a two person tent and set up two single cots inside, leaving plenty of room to get dressed or store your belongings.

If you are looking for a large, tall tent which optimizes space and doesn’t take long to assemble, this may be the one for you. Although dome tents are much easier to assemble than this type of tent, they do not allow you the same quality of floor space. With this cabin-style tent, you can make the most of every square inch by stuffing things into corners or stacking things against its tall, nearly flat walls.

One part of what makes the Coleman Instant so easy to erect is the fact that it has no fly for you to be concerned about. You won’t need to fuss with securing a rainfly. What makes it even easier to erect is that it is fully collapsible. This means that, instead of breaking down individual poles each time you take it down, you simply collapse the poles while they are still attached to the tent and fold everything up. Setting up is just as simple – unfold it, clip everything in place, and peg it down.

Other impressive features of this tent include its reflective guy lines that stop you from tripping in the night, its three large zip-up windows for excellent ventilation and rain protection, and its large D-shaped door.

7. Eureka Copper Canyon 4 Person

Eureka Copper Canyon 4 Person

This square tent boasts 64 square feet of living space and an incredibly tall seven foot ceiling. Even abnormally tall people will not have to worry about having to crouch down to avoid accidentally bashing their foreheads off of hanging lanterns in a tent as tall as this one.

You can set up cots or an air mattress on a stand without worrying about having enough space to sit up once you are on them.

The mesh roof allows heat to rise up and out while the large, zippered windows on each wall pull in fresh, cool air on stale nights. A quarter-fly covers this tent’s mesh roof when threatening weather approaches, but sits a few inches above the roof’s mesh so that it can continue to vent out hot, stale air. The fly attaches to the bottom of the tent’s main poles, holding it in place much more securely than similar tents whose flies only clip about one foot below the top of each side.

The long wings and guy lines attached to the fly also make it much easier for you to throw the fly over this tall tent and have someone catch it on the other side to secure it. Some similarly tall tents do not offer you this luxury and force you to choose between attaching the fly before fully erecting the tent or taking your chances with possible rain showers while leaving the mesh roof exposed at all times.

8. Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Screen Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Screen Tent

This large tent features oversized doors, a huge, screened-in mudroom, and incredible air ventilation. Two large doors allow you to move yourself, your luggage, and even a pre-inflated air mattress or cot in and out of the tent with ease.

The tent’s large mudroom does not feature a floor and, therefore, cannot be counted as extra sleeping space. It can, however, be used as a place to store shoes or anything in waterproof and bug-proof containers. It can also be used as a nice place to relax when it’s raining or as a perfect hideaway from mosquitoes.

In case you haven’t realized, almost every tent on this list features outstanding ventilation. As a summertime camper, I know the importance of good airflow. Assuming that most of you will also be using your tents during the warmest months of the year, I wanted to be sure to bring a wide selection of tents designed to keep you cool and comfortable.

This particular tent features a full-mesh roof as well as four windows and a window on the tent’s main door. A quarter-rainfly keeps the rain from spilling in through the mesh roof and can be pulled tautly with guy lines to encourage water to flow away from the tent.

9. Coleman Steel Creek: 6 Person Fast Pitch Dome with Screenroom

One of many Coleman tents to make its way onto this website, the Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome was quite close to making it into the Top Five Choices section of this page as the Best Dome Tent.

Unfortunately, despite many positive reviews of its own, it just couldn’t stand up to those received by the Sundome tent which was ultimately selected for that position. Still, this is a very impressive tent which I believe is quite worthy of your consideration.

I have already discussed how wonderful domes are in terms of strength and durability, so I will skip over a long discussion on that topic and move forward to the specific features that I find most noteworthy. Let’s begin with its size. Not only does this tent boast 90 square feet of interior living space with a 5 foot 8 inch ceiling, it also features a large, screened mudroom with a floor. Many similar tents do not actually feature floors in their mudrooms, making this one rather unique.

The Coleman Steel Creek can comfortably sleep four people in sleeping bags, two twin mattresses, or one queen-sized mattress with room to spare. It would be a little difficult to fit six people into this tent for a decent night’s sleep, but it can be done, especially if you utilize the mudroom as a sleeping space. Since the mudroom has a floor and is partially covered by the rainfly, this shouldn’t be a problem unless it begins to rain sideways.

If you were wondering why the word “fast” is in the name of this tent, allow me to both enlighten and impress you. This tent’s poles collapse down into themselves. Then, with the poles still attached, it can be folded up into a square for storage purposes. On the flip side of this equation, you can see that setup will be very simple.

You will remove the tent from its carrying bag, open it up, clip the fabric onto the poles and erect it into a standing position. You will not have to struggle to fit pieces of poles together, get them through sleeves or figure out which poles go where. Setup should be quick and painless and within mere minutes you will be relaxing around your campfire.

10. Slumberjack 4 Person Trail Tent

Slumberjack 4 Person Trail Tent

Despite being a contender for the Best Dome position on this page, I chose not to award that title to this tent on account of the fact that it hasn’t received as positive of consumer reviews as the one which ultimately snagged the position.

I must admit, however, that something about this tent keeps calling my name. Maybe I’m simply drawn to its style – it is a rather attractive tent – but I believe it has more to do with its somewhat unique design.

This unique dome tent features four poles, instead of two, to create an extra-strong roof. Domes are already rather strong structures, allowing wind and rain to whip around and drip right off of them, but the added reinforcement leaves me with much more confidence in the roof of this tent than in the roof of many others.

What I also find unique about this tent is that, although it features 56 square feet of living space, it has been designed much like that of a small one or two person tent. Much like a smaller tent, without its fly, it is constructed almost entirely of mesh. Only the doors and deep, bathtub-style floor are made of solid fabric. This allows fresh air to float all around you as you sleep and affords you a beautiful view of the stars.

The rainfly has also been designed similar to that of a smaller tent. It reaches to the ground of every side of this tent, effectively securing it safely away from the wind and the rain. It also pulls forward in front of the two doors to create large vestibules, each with their own oversized, D-shaped door. Not only do you have two exits for extra convenience, you also have two places to store you shoes and gear out of the rain and out of your tent.

11. Coleman 4 Person Evanston Tent with Screened Porch

Coleman 4 Person Evanston Tent with Screened Porch

The Coleman Evanston is a basic four person dome tent with the extra addition of a screened-in mudroom. The mudroom does not have a floor or any covering over its mesh, which means that you may want to store your shoes (or anything else you keep in there) inside of waterproof bags or containers.

If you would really like to use this area as a shelter, however, Coleman does carry a variety of flies and tarps available to be purchased separately from their tents. If you can find one you believe will fit this tent, the added protection will give you more living space.

Speaking of living space, this tent offers 49 square feet of fully covered, floored living area. The mudroom offers an additional 14 square feet of space. The main living area of the tent features multiple mesh windows, all of which can be zipped up to keep the rain and cold out during stormy nights.

The Coleman Evanston boasts inverted seams to keep water from coming into the tent. Large tents such as this one often feature floors with seams running right across them, so this information about the inverted seams is actually rather reassuring. It is rather common for puddles to make their way beneath a tent. What you want is a tent which will stop those puddles from coming inside the tent.