The Best One Person Tent of 2023

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Whether you are looking to go on a backpacking adventure or simply prefer to sleep in the comfort and privacy of your own personal tent, this page has been designed to assist you in locating the perfect one person tent for your needs.

I am assuming that you have already established that a one person tent is what will best suit your needs in terms of size. That’s great! You’ve already narrowed down your possible choices by a huge percentage.

All tents, no matter what size, are created with different conglomerations of features. The trick to finding the perfect tent is not to simply choose the most popular one or the most expensive one, it is to choose the tent which best suits your needs.

Selecting your perfect tent will require considering such things as where you intend to camp, what time of year you intend to camp, how much gear you will want in your tent, and whether you will be a stationary or traveling camper.

I have searched far and wide across the web to find you to the best, top-selling one person tents on today’s market. I have taken my own camping experience and coupled it with hours of research to bring you reviews of these top-selling one person tents. I hope to help you select your next tent, based on its quality and how you intend to use it.

Best One Person Tent

What is the best 1 person tent?

If you have already taken a look at some of this website’s pages about gear, you may have noticed that I usually incorporate a Top Three Choices section. When I began reviewing and writing about tents, however, I realized that three choices simply weren’t enough.

While one or two tents will always come out as clear winners in any category, it is difficult to choose only three overall, since everyone comes to this website with a different set of needs.

This Top Five Choices for one person tents is a collection of what I believe are the best ones available on today’s market. I tried to cover as many bases as possible to bring you different types of tents for different types of needs and uses.

Still, you may find that the perfect tent for you is not in this list of five. If you look a little further down the page, you will see that I have also included a list of five runners up which you may find better suit your unique needs.

1. Overall Best: Big Agnes Fly Creek UL

Big Agnes Fly Creek UL

I have to tell you, I was so impressed with this tent that I actually awarded it two different positions in this Top Five.

As the Overall Best One Person Tent, this somewhat tall pearlescent and yellow Big Agnes Fly Creek managed to check off everything on my personal list of what it takes to be a top of the line single person tent.

It can easily stand up to the elements of all three major camping and hiking seasons. It is lightweight and easy to transport without being so tiny that you haven’t any room to store yourself, let alone your belongings. It features strong poles and an easy-to-assemble design. It is made to keep you warm during cool nights and to optimize airflow on warm nights.

What impressed me most about this tent is that it is one which could easily satisfy the needs of multiple types of individuals looking for multiple types of camping or hiking experiences. I had originally planned this page around the idea that different tents will meet different needs. While that proved correct for most of the tents on this list, this Big Agnes tent blew that entire theory out of the water.

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2. Best Value: Alps Mountaineering Lynx

Alps Mountaineering Lynx

Half of the price of similar products, this Alps Mountaineering single occupant tent is easy to assemble, contains considerable space for your belongings, and has been designed for both comfort and convenience.

Lightweight, compact and durable, the Alps Mountaineering Lynx is perfect for hiking and stationary camping. It packs up quickly and easily into a small 6-inch by 17.5-inch carrying bag which can be secured to a hiking pack in mere seconds.

With over three feet of headspace at its tallest point, you will never have to worry about struggling to change your clothes or pack your other gear in unfavorable weather conditions. A full fly has been added to this tent’s two-thirds mesh shell for extra protection on cool and stormy nights.

Though it cannot boast the incredible features of our the Big Agnes Fly Creek, this one gives you much more than you would expect for its price point and will provide you with a comfortable camping experience.

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3. Best Popup: Quechua Decathlon 1 Person Popup Tent

Quechua Decathlon 1 Person Popup Tent

Who doesn’t love a popup tent? I am sure that there is someone out there somewhere who isn’t a fan of the popup tent, but I have yet to stumble across that person.

I understand that it can be nice to have a tent with extra rooms and I definitely see the positives in having a detachable fly, but I have to say that the popup tent has stolen itself a special place in my heart. If you are like me and have an affinity for these overly easy-to-assemble tents, you are lucky because I have found just the tent for you.

The Quechua Decathlon one person popup tent is perfect for all your quick camping needs. Whether popping it up in the backyard for your children to enjoy on a sleepover and popping it up on a quick, action-filled camping trip, the Quechua is bound to impress.

As I am sure you have realized by now, I cannot give any of these Top Five tents the attention they deserve with a quick description here. If I am to fully explain all that this tent has to offer and how it will impact your life and your camping experience, I will have to write a longer review.

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4. Best Waterproof: Aqua Quest Hooped Bivy Tent

Aqua Quest Hooped Bivy Tent

How could I possibly have a one person tent section without including a category for Best Waterproof?

In fact, I think I just may have to include a Best Waterproof category for every size of tent on this website. When I think back to the amount of times I have experienced both expected and unexpected torrential rainfalls while camping, I realize how incredibly important this category is.

I could not, however, select a tent for “Best Waterproof” based solely on its ability to repel water. I had to take a few other things into consideration as well. To be labeled as best anything, a tent must create a comfortable, enjoyable camping experience. When we are talking about one person tents, things such as weight and compactness also come into play, as people often choose to carry these tents with them on backpacking trips.

Not only is this Aqua Quest the most waterproof tent on this list, it is also the most impressive of all the similarly waterproof tents I found in my search. Of course, to give you a full understanding of why I selected this tent and what it has to offer other than extreme waterproofing, I will need a little more space than I have available here.

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Runners Up Solo Tents

The options available on today’s market for one person camping and backpacking tents are too numerous to squeeze into a Top Five Choices section. Despite wholeheartedly believing that those five tents are most likely to bring you both comfort and convenience in your camping or backpacking experience, I understand that you may have a slightly different set of needs than I assume the “average” camper or backpacker would have.

If you’ve read the “Selecting a Tent Size” article, you already know how I feel about the idea that people are all created equal in terms of their size, their needs, and their preferences. If you do not find that any of the tents in the Top Five section are exactly what you are looking for, I invite you to check out the following five tents.

Though I find that these would be a little less appealing to the masses, I believe each and every one of them is a quality tent capable of pleasing its own select group of campers.

5. Snugpak Ionosphere

Designed in a nearly camouflaged olive green color, this small, one person tent easily fades into the background of most outdoor settings, making it perfect for hunting or wildlife watching. Two curved poles pull the top of this tent up and away from its base, quickly forming the cocoon you will call home for the evening.

Its snug bivouac design will help you capture a substantial amount of body heat on cool spring or autumn nights. Despite fitting snugly around the circumference of your body, this tent is plenty large enough to house both you and some of your gear. Since it measures an astounding seven feet, 8 inches you can easily slide a backpack into the toe of this long tent. In fact, I think this may be the longest bivouac-style tent we have on this list.

Convenience is key where this tent is concerned. Unlike most tents of this particular style, this one features a small vestibule beneath the fly near the tent’s entrance, allowing you to tuck your muddy boots or shoes outside of your tent so that you don’t wake up covered with everything they’ve been carrying on their soles. The Snugpak Ionosphere also comes with its own mini repair kit so that you can patch any holes, tears, or rips which may happen over the course of your journey.

With a packed size of 5.5-inches by 18-inches and a total weight of 3 pounds, the Snugpak is not the most compact or lightest tent on this list, but is still plenty portable enough to make a great addition to your camping or backpacking adventure.

6. Alps Mountaineering Zephyr

Alps Mountaineering Zephyr

This rectangular, single occupant tent boasts an astounding three feet of headroom. If space is what you are looking for, this may be just the tent for you. Built to withstand the conditions of spring, summer, and autumn, this tent can surely handle a rainstorm or two. Having the extra headspace inside means that you will be able to effortlessly change your clothes, unpack your pack, entertain yourself, and even eat a meal.

The tent’s roof tapers toward one end, leaving less space above your feet. This reduces the amount of material needed to construct the tent which thereby reduces its weight and its overall size when packed. You can get all the headroom you need without compromising greatly in terms of weight or packed size.

In fact, when packed, this tent measures only 6-inches by 18-inches and weighs only 3 pounds, 10 ounces. It is an inch or two wider and longer, as well as a few ounces to a pound heavier that some competitors, but that is hardly a price to pay if you are anticipating camping in the rain and needing the extra space.

The full rainfly allows you to keep the elements out of your tent. It pulls out far from the tent’s entrance, affording you a good-sized vestibule to store belongings and remove shoes. Removing the rainfly exposes the entirely mesh shell so that cool breezes can blow through on warm summer nights.

7. Teton Sports Outfitter One Person XXL Quick Tent

Teton Sports Outfitter One Person XXL Quick Tent

Weighing in at 4.5 pounds, this Teton tent is one of the heaviest on our list. Though it may be too heavy for many people to take with them on extended backpacking trips, it shouldn’t be a problem for short trips and will definitely make stationary camping more comfortable.

The most unique feature of this tent is that is actually built to not only sit on the ground but also to sit atop a cot. No more worrying that the cold or dampness will creep into your joints and muscles at night. In fact, this tent would be great for someone with arthritis or anyone who experiences a lot of aches and pains on a regular basis.

Of course, you will want to purchase an oversized cot, because this tent boasts an impressive three foot width. Both Velcro and knobbed loops allow you to secure this tent to the top of a cot without any worry that it may slide off and leave you all bruised-up on the ground.

An additional bonus feature of the Teton is that it has been designed as a popup. You will not need to worry about struggling with poles and loops or clips and sleeves. Erecting this tent will take less than two minutes, leaving you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the wilderness.

8. Alps Mountaineering Mystique

Alps Mountaineering Mystique

This is the third Alps Mountaineering tent to grace our list of popular, top-selling one person tents. Of course, that is of little surprise to me since I have always been well aware of Alps’ dominance in the world of backpacking.

The Mountaineering Mystique features a slightly different design than many of the others we have seen so far on this list. Usually, those which are taller at one end than the other feature an entrance along the tall end wall.

Those which are taller toward the middle of the tent often feature side entrances on a long wall. This tent is slightly different. Though its entrance is near the tall end of the tent, it has been placed on the long wall, allowing the fly to come down and create a much large vestibule than we usually see on this shape of tent.

The snug-fitting rainfly pins outward around the vestibule but reaches around the entire tent to the ground. Little airflow can move through when the fly is attached, but neither can any rain or light snow. On cold nights, the fly helps to trap body heat inside the tent while keeping elements outside. If you remove the fly, a great amount of mesh brings the air through on clear, warm nights.

Once packed, this Alps measures 6-inches by 16-inches and weighs about three pounds, four ounces. It is near the top end of the scale in terms of single person sizes and weights, but that is to be expected by a single person tent as large as this one.

9. Winterial Single Person Tent

Winterial Single Person Tent

This slightly taller-than-normal bivouac-style one person tent would make a great addition to any spring, summer, or autumn backpacking trip. The fully waterproof fly will keep you protected from the rain, light snow, and cold breeze.

The entirely mesh top and sides make this tent perfect for stargazing on hot, sultry nights. Air will flow in and out freely as you live inside your mosquito net cocoon. Waterproof material has been used for the base as well as a few inches on the bottom of each side, keeping dampness and moisture out even when the fly is off.

Two poles and a few stakes are all that are necessary for assembling and anchoring this simple tent. A complete absence of pole sleeves makes assembly quick and easy. Simply assemble the poles, clip them into place, and anchor the tent to the ground.

Most other bivy tents allow you only enough space to sleep and, if you are lucky, to roll over in your sleep. Once assembled, this tent sits much taller than most bivouac-style tents, allowing you the space to read a book or check your cellphone before sleep.