10 Best Camping Tents Under $100

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Campers need to carry a lot of camping gear to support their backpacking trips. One of the indispensable items in the trip is a camping tent. A good quality tent will shelter you and protect you from annoying environmental elements.

Choosing a budget backpacking tent is vital to have camping gear that fits your requirements and saves you money. The following post will give you some product reviews of the best tent under 100 to give you some idea in finding an ideal one for you.

10 Best Camping Tents Under $100

What Makes Tents Important While Camping

We need a place that helps us shelter from the rain, sun and strong enough to rest for the night during camping. The camping tent is what you need to keep you safe because of the following reasons.

It Provides A Safe Roof For Your Camping Trip.

The most prominent and vital role of camping tents is to protect you from the weather outside. A camping tent allows you to enjoy your trip without being hindered by weather conditions entirely.

While inside the tent, you can rest assured that it is not affected by wind, rain, or snow. It provides complete protection from all sides.

Camping tents are now made of waterproof materials to help you feel secure in the tent even when it rains without fear of getting wet from any side.

A Safe And Sound Place To Sleep.

A peaceful sleep while camping is one of the most enjoyable activities when camping. With a camping tent, a quiet and calm sleep in nature is no longer a distant thing.

Sleeping inside the camping tent helps you feel the cool air under the starry sky and is safe and peaceful. Imagine the feeling of lying in a cozy tent, feeling the sound of the wind, listening to a piece of melodic music without worrying about noise pollution.

Get Rid Of Bug Bites.

One of the most frustrating things about camping outdoors is being bothered by mosquitoes and other insects. None of us want to lose our mood or lose sleep because of their interference.

Camping tents create an insect-free space and help you sleep peacefully without worrying about being disturbed by annoying insects. By locking the windows and doors of the tent, it prevents insects from bothering you.

Some tents are equipped with additional insect nets to prevent them from entering.

What To Look For When Picking A Tent?

What To Look For When Picking A Tent?


Usually, camping tents have a specific capacity. You can rely on the number of members accompanying you to choose the right tent. For example:

  • Single tent: for one person
  • Double tent: for two people
  • 4-person tent: for four or less four people
  • Tent for eight people: for eight or fewer people
  • Tent for ten people: for ten or fewer people

Dimensions And Weight

Please choose a tent with a length of about 2m for people with a height of 1m7. Choosing the right size camping tent will make you more comfortable lying down and walking inside the tent more easily.


The outer fabric of the tent should be a thick fabric with a waterproof PU layer. In addition, you can also choose tent fabric made from nylon or polyester. It will bring breathability and comfort to you when lying inside the tent.

The material of the tent frame is also a significant part. It would be better to choose a tent frame made of aluminum or alloy. These are sturdy materials that help the tent stand firmly in all weather conditions.

Other Features

Ventilation: You should choose a camping tent with ventilation holes to minimize water or moisture condensation inside the tent.

Doors/windows: The tent should have 1-2 doors and two windows. Then you will feel more comfortable traveling. The air inside the tent will also be more breathable and comfortable.

Tent floor: A tent with an extra floor will help you avoid mud and water seeping in.

Zippers: You should try to see if the zipper is smooth or not caught in the fabric. Because most of the cheap and poor-quality tents often have these disadvantages.

What Are The Best Camping Tents Under $100?

The list of the best tents under 100 below will recommend the ideal products for your backpacking trips. The following tents are selected based on certain outstanding factors that set them apart from similar products on the market.

Best Tent Under 100WeightDimensionsOccupancyPoles
Coleman Sundome Tent – Best Overall6.38 Pounds82.68 x 59.06 x 47.24 inches2-PersonFiberglass
Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent – Best for professional4.9 Pounds85 x 45.3 x 50 inches4-personAluminum
Bessport 2-3 Person Camping Tent – Best 2-person tent5.2 Pounds17.2 x 8.74 x 6.61 inches2-PersonAluminum
MOON LENCE Camping Tent – Best price5.86 Pounds17.24 x 6.54 x 5.67 inches6-PersonFiberglass
Clostnature Season Backpacking Tent – Best season tent5 Pounds17.99 x 7.52 x 7.01 inches2-PersonAluminium
Wakeman 2 Person Tent – Best lightweight tent3.13 Pounds76 x 60 x 42 inches2-PersonFiberglass
ALPHA CAMP Camping Tent – Best portable tentNot AvailableNot Available2-PersonFiberglass
Night Cat Backpacking Tent – Best waterproof tent2 Kilograms86.61 x 47.24 x 47.24 inches1-PersonFiberglass
Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent – Best 4-person tent7.07 PoundsNot Available4-PersonFiberglass
ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent – Best backpacking tent1.8 KilogramsNot Available1-PersonAluminum
Coleman Cabin Tent18 Pounds48 x 12.5 x 11.5 inches4-PersonSteel
Coleman Skydome Camping TentNot AvailableNot Available4-PersonNot Available
NTK Indy GT Camping Tent18 Pounds170.4 x 74.4 x 96 inches6-PersonMetal
Vango Nevis Backpacking Tent999 Grams29 x 39 x 29 cm2-PersonAluminium
Vango Cairngorm 100 1 Person Tent4.41 PoundsNot Available1-PersonNot Available

1. Best Overall: Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent


  • The design supports quick and easy setup.
  • E-port helps campers store electric power inside.
  • Large windows provide proper air circulation.
  • Large D-door for better access.
  • Good resistance to weather.


  • Mesh is a bit loose

The Coleman Sundome Tent is the ideal camping tent for every camper from car campers, backpacking solo campers, or beginners.

This budget-friendly tent will keep you dry and cozy throughout while enjoying peaceful and memorable moments during your camping trip.

This solid basic dome camping tent uses an exclusive Weathertec system to help protect you entirely from the effects of the weather.

Welded corners along with covered seams help seal the tent perfectly and prevent water from entering the camp so you can stay completely dry no matter how rainy or windy it is outside.

A superb feature that adds strength to the weatherproofing of the Coleman Sundome Tent is the sturdy frame that can withstand winds of up to 35 mph. As a result, you will be completely safe and cozy inside the tent.

This two-person camping tent features enhanced ventilation helps you thoroughly enjoy your weekend camping in nature. Large windows with the support of ground vents help circulate the air inside the tent to keep you warm and comfortable all night.

The thick rainfly layer comprises polyester taffeta fabric combined with the mesh upper to allow fresh air to flow in easily.

This ideal tent is designed with E-port to help campers bring power into the camp quickly and conveniently.

Integrated storage pockets give you gear storage which saves a lot of space in your tent and makes your tent look neater. They are attached to the tent wall for easy storage and reach when needed.

Product Specs

Weight6.38 Pounds
Dimensions82.68 x 59.06 x 47.24 inches

Key features:

  • WeatherTec System
  • Vented Cool-Air port
  • Storage Pockets
  • E-Port
  • Privacy vent window

2. Best for Professional: Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent

Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent


  • Super lightweight makes it easy to carry.
  • The tent structure is strong enough to withstand weather conditions.
  • Good ventilation.
  • Two entrances make it easy to get in and out of the tent.
  • Easy to install and disassemble.


  • Zipper sometimes gets stuck in tents.

The Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent is an ultralight tent perfect for experienced campers to carry for backpacking camping trips.

This great tent is fully equipped with the basic features for camping and backpacking while remaining super light.

The innovative design allows campers to set up camp easily and quickly in less than 10 minutes.

The poles use aluminum material to increase rigidity and strength so that the tent can withstand high winds.

The inner layer uses suitable waterproof materials to help prevent rain and fog from penetrating the tent. In addition, this tent integrates two doors to make it easy for you to get in and out without worrying about disturbing others or convenient for many people to enter the camp.

The sturdy and waterproof tent footprint is made of 150D Oxford cloth with high tear resistance to help you sleep peacefully inside the tent. 2 decent vestibules support gear and camping gear for easy reach and save space inside.

Product Specs

Weight4.9 Pounds
Dimensions85 x 45.3 x 50 inches
Occupancy2 to 4-person

Key features:

  • 201T Polyester with PU Coating
  • 201T Polyester and Nylon Breathable Mesh
  • 150D Anti-Tear Oxford Cloth
  • 7001 Aerospace Durable Aluminum Alloy

3. Best 2-person Tent: Bessport 2-3 Person Camping Tent

Bessport 2-3 Person Camping Tent


  • Two doors for better access.
  • Freestanding set-ups
  • 2 vestibules for more fresh air.
  • Withstands rain and wind well.
  • The floor is waterproof and tear resistant.


  • No gear lofts.

Our next entry is a fantastic choice for weekend camping for couples or backpacking camp with your best friend. Bessport 2-3 Person Camping Tent is an ideal tent with a comfortable and cozy space for you to enjoy memorable camping moments with your loved one or your favorite campmate.

This ultra-light, solid and breathable tent is an excellent choice for your weekend camping in the wild. You can effortlessly carry this tent around with your backpacking.

The tent wall is made of 68D polyester, which is highly water-resistant and hard to tear, along with the heat-sealed seam structure, making it perfectly capable of preventing water leakage. As a result, you can have a good night’s sleep without worrying about rainwater, or a wet floor will affect your sleep.

Breathability is guaranteed even when using a full-coverage rainfly, thanks to the numerous micro-mesh for better air circulation than many other cheap tents.

Zippers are weather-resistant, so they do not rust or deteriorate after a long period of direct exposure to the weather outside. In addition, zippers are designed to be 2-way to conveniently access your tent whether you are inside or outside the tent.

This freestanding tent has two spacious storage pockets containing necessary items and camping gear for two people to help you have more space in the camp.

Product Specs

Weight5.2 Pounds
Dimensions17.2 x 8.74 x 6.61 inches

Key features:

  • Interior floor
  • Seam taped construction.
  • Welded floor design
  • Full-coverage rainfly
  • 7001 series aluminum alloy

4. Best Price: MOON LENCE Camping Tent

MOON LENCE Camping Tent


  • This tent offers a great price.
  • Very compact and light after packing.
  • Full protection from UV rays, rain, and wind.
  • Save setup time.
  • Roomy for up to 6 adults.


  • It can not withstand heavy rain.

A highly budget-friendly price with consistent quality is what the Moon Lens Camping Tent will bring to you. In addition, this cheap family tent uses a freestanding design that saves you time and effort to set it up.

Two windows are on both sides of the tent for better ventilation allowing more air to circulate inside the tent, making you breathable.

Multiple meshes are integrated to minimize nighttime condensation. As a result, your tent will stay dry all night without moisture from condensing dew.

The pole is made of fiberglass for added durability while ensuring super lightweight for easy portability.

The tent fabric is durable 190T polyester yarn and with PU coating for maximum water resistance.

Product Specs

Weight5.86 Pounds
Dimensions17.24 x 6.54 x 5.67 inches

Key features:

  • Waterproof Rainfly
  • 63D 190T 1000mm
  • B3 Mesh
  • SBS zipper with waterproof brand
  • Glass Fiber Tent Poles
  • Iron Pegs

5. Best Season Tent: Clostnature Season Backpacking Tent

Clostnature Season Backpacking Tent


  • Only take 2 minutes set up
  • The roof is removable for stargazing.
  • Compact and lightweight for backpacking trip.
  • Enduring for all seasons.
  • The fabric of the tent wall is super waterproof.


  • No tent footprint

The Clostnature Season Backpacking Tent is an excellent candidate for campers who love four-season camping.

The tent walls are made of 210T polyester with a PU 5000 coating, making them more durable than many tents in the same price range.

The manufacturer firmly seals this premium water-resistant material to help your tent ultimately protect you from all external factors of the climate and is suitable for all seasons.

A big plus point of this product is that even though the product is better than the competition, the price is more affordable.

The design of the tent maximizes the interior space making it more spacious than other inexpensive tents. Therefore, even though it is a tent for two people, campers feel more comfortable and have more room for gear storage.

This affordable tent is excellent for warm nights thanks to the mesh providing more fresh air to circulate for air conditioning and ventilation.

Product Specs

Weight5 Pounds
Dimensions17.99 x 7.52 x 7.01 inches

Key features:

  • 210T Polyester+PU5000
  • 150D oxford+PU5000
  • Anti-inspect Mesh
  • Polyester Carry Bag:
  • 7001 Series Aluminium

6. Best Lightweight Tent: Wakeman 2 Person Tent

Wakeman 2 Person Tent


  • The internal mesh pockets for gear storage.
  • Can be folded into compact size for better carrying.
  • Ideal for backpacking trips.


  • A bit small for tall campers.

A Wakeman 2-person tent is an ideal choice for hiking trips because it’s super lightweight and will minimize the load on your back.

With occupancy up to 2 people, this super lightweight tent is a good candidate for backpacking trips. The tent uses fiberglass poles to ensure both strengths for the structure and lightness.

The tent design is quick to set up, and especially after use, it can be folded into a small size and stored in the included carry bag. Thanks to that, transporting and storing it becomes extremely easy and convenient.

A notable feature of this camping tent is the double-layer door design. An inner screen layer gives the tent plenty of air to flow in and out and prevents insects from entering the tent. The outer zippered fabric class is used when you need privacy.

The polyurethane-coated fabric gives this inexpensive tent perfect protection from water leaks in wet conditions.

Product Specs

Weight3.13 Pounds
Dimensions76 x 60 x 42 inches

Key features:

  • D-style door
  • Inner screen layer
  • Outer zippered fabric layer
  • Fiberglass poles

7. Best Portable Tent: ALPHA CAMP Camping Tent

ALPHA CAMP Camping Tent


  • Nice wind resistance.
  • Mud mat keeps the tent floor clean.
  • Electrical port for convenient device charging.
  • Ring & pin system for quick installation.


  • The zipper is fragile

Our following candidates stand out from other portable camping tents on the market. ALPHA CAMP Camping Tent is a good value option when you are looking for a portable cheap camping tent.

The ring & pin system effectively supports campers in installing tents. So enjoy your pleasant and memorable camping trip with this portable tent. The poles use high-grade fiberglass with good shock resistance, creating a sturdy frame for you to rest assured inside.

The polyester fabric with PU coating protects you from UV rays. In addition, the combination of sealed fly and floor seam creates a safe camping tent in all weather conditions.

The gear loft helps you neatly organize small items on top to save space on the tent floor. The mud mat ensures you stay dry and clean in all wet weather situations.

In particular, this fantastic tent comes with a power access port that makes it convenient to charge your electrical devices.

Product Specs

WeightNot Available
DimensionsNot Available

Key features:

  • Electrical Port Access
  • High grade fiberglass pole
  • Shock corded fiberglass frame
  • Ring & pin system

8. Best Waterproof Tent: Night Cat Backpacking Tent

Night Cat Backpacking Tent


  • Super-fast setup in less than 1 minute.
  • Super waterproof material even in storms.
  • Perfect for solo travelers.
  • Integrated single air mattress.


  • No window

The Night Cat Backpacking tent is a perfect candidate to accompany solo travelers because of its top-notch water resistance.

210D waterproof PED fabric PU 3000 used for the tent wall creates a perfect waterproof layer. It withstands all weather conditions, even storms.

Oxford bottom fabric PU 3000 is used as the tent flow material, making the base of the camping tent sturdy, hard to tear. It prevents water leakage, making you stay dry all night.

In particular, every seam is sealed with waterproof tape to prevent any water drops from entering your cozy tent.

Fiberglass provides strength and increases the lifespan of sturdy frames. Tent stakes with the support of pegs and ropes makes your sturdy tent stand up to the storm.

The amazing waterproof tent elevates your comfort by integrating a single air mattress to help you sleep better and more comfortably.

Product Specs

Weight2 Kilograms
Dimensions86.61 x 47.24 x 47.24 inches

Key features:

  • 210D Oxford fabric
  • 210D waterproof PED fabric PU 3000
  • Oxford bottom fabric PU 3000

9. Best 4-person Tent: Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent


  • Balance perfectly between protection and ventilation.
  • Only 10 seconds for setting up.
  • Keeping you dry all night with taped floor seams.
  • Packs up flat to save more storage.


  • Heavier waterproof material in the bottom.

Another Coleman contender appears on our list of the best tents under 100. Coleman proudly presents the best 4-person tent on the market- Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent- a perfect choice for group camping sessions.

Unlike counterparts, Coleman seams are sewn inward. This is a clever detail of the manufacturer that prevents water from penetrating the needle holes and improves the waterproofing ability of the seams to the maximum.

The sturdy frame is tested to withstand strong winds without shaking or knocking your tent down. In addition, the improved fiberglass helps increase reflectivity against strong winds.

This three-season tent features a pop-up design with pre-connected poles for instant setup within 10 seconds. When not in use, simply pack up flat and stash it in your backpack or the back of your car – great for saving space.

Product Specs

Weight7.07 Pounds
DimensionsNot Available

Key features:

  • Protected Seams
  • Wind-Strong Frame
  • Zipper Protection
  • Waterproof Floors

10. Best Backpacking Tent: ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent


  • Unique design.
  • Easy to set up and pack up.
  • Excellent ventilation system.
  • Withstands harsh weather.


  • Not suitable for tall campers.

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent is a three-season camping tent ideal for single campers to bring along on their backpacking trips.

Finding the best budget-friendly possible tent for your backpacking trips is essential. No need to look anywhere else. The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent is for you. The quality of this camping tent is uncountable.

This best single backpacking tent under $100 will help you have pleasant and unforgettable camping moments. It offers a lot of features to give you a safe and cozy stay at an unbelievable price.

Thanks to the free-standing design with two aluminum poles that make the assembly complete in no time, it is a breeze for setup.

The tent fly uses polyester with good waterproof and UV properties to help you enjoy the space inside the tent without being affected by the weather elements.

A gear loft with a mesh storage pocket creates perfect space for gear storage within reach and saves more space in the floor tent.

Product Specs

Weight1.8 Kilograms
DimensionsNot Available

Key features:

  • UV-Resistant Fly
  • Factory Sealed Seams
  • 75D 185T poly taffeta floor
  • 75D 185T polyester fly

Watch video: ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent

11. Coleman Cabin Tent

Coleman Cabin Tent


  • Instant set-up in 1 minute.
  • The darkroom technology reduces 90% of sunlight.
  • Pre-attached poles for simple unfolding.


  • Zippers can be snag.

Coleman is a well-known brand that provides camping tools and equipment. So it’s no wonder that another Coleman representative is on our list.

Coleman Cabin Tent is a great candidate for campers who love cabin tents. This instant tent has all the framework put together, saving you time and effort in assembling and disassembling.

The Coleman tent provides you with a spacious enough space for up to 4 airbeds. Tent corners are welded with seams perfectly sealed to ensure 100% water resistance from openings.

The 6.7 ft tall center and the cabin shape maximizes the living space inside the tent with the room divider if you need your privacy. Three large windows for better air circulation make the tent breathable even for up to 4 people.

One outstanding feature of this excellent tent is the darkroom technology applied to minimize the heat and sunlight. As a result, you won’t have to worry about being affected by UV rays or feeling hot from the heat while inside the tent.

Product Specs

Weight18 Pounds
Dimensions48 x 12.5 x 11.5 inches

Key features:

  • WeatherTec System
  • Dark Room Technology
  • Double-thick fabric
  • Integrated rainfly

Watch video: Coleman Cabin Tent

12. Coleman Skydome Camping Tent

Coleman Skydome Camping Tent


  • Space is improved with a nearly vertical wall.
  • Tube-like tent floor helps increase the area at the base.
  • Multiple mesh around the tent for great ventilation.


  • No window.

Coleman Skydome Camping Tent is the last Coleman representative to appear in the list of best tents under 100. This Coleman owns a unique design.

The improvement of the tent wall orientation in a nearly vertical direction provides 20% more headroom than other Coleman tents.

The 5-minute setup system eliminates frustration from struggling to assemble the tent so that you have more time with your loved ones and family.

The wide door design makes moving in and out of the camping tent more accessible than ever. In addition, welded edges and innovative reverse seams create the perfect extra protection for your tent against any change of weather.

Product Specs

WeightNot Available
DimensionsNot Available
MaterialNot Available

Key features:

  • Pre-attached poles
  • WeatherTec system’s tub-like floor
  • Roomy Interior

Watch video: Coleman Sundome Tent

13. NTK Indy GT Camping Tent

NTK Indy GT Camping Tent


  • Space is improved with a nearly vertical wall.
  • Tube-like tent floor helps increase the area at the base.
  • Multiple mesh around the tent for great ventilation.


  • The manual is confusing.

Our next candidate on the list is Designer Indy GT Camping Tent. This affordable camping tent features an enhanced pin and ring system that helps you not spend too much time and effort on setting up your tent. You will have more time to enjoy the peaceful moments of the trip and say goodbye to the frustration of setting up.

The sturdy metal frame is made more potent thanks to extra-thick Nano flex technology, which increases the durability and durability of the tent against all kinds of weather.

The dual layers of the tent wall both ensure perfect water resistance thanks to anti-fungus seamless polyethylene and keep the interior dry and secure thanks to the silver-coated layer.

The tent can accommodate up to 6 people allowing campers to enjoy the activities inside comfortably and be utterly worry-free about water flowing under your tent with the bathtub construction.

Micro mosquito mesh is a huge plus for the product. That way, you won’t have to worry about annoying insects or mosquito bites at night.

Product Specs

Weight18 Pounds
Dimensions170.4 x 74.4 x 96 inches

Key features:

  • Innovative pin-and-ring system
  • Extra-thick Nano-Flex technology
  • Anti-fungus seamless polyethylene
  • Inner silver-coated layer
  • Micro Mosquito Mesh

14. Vango Nevis Backpacking Tent

Vango Nevis Backpacking Tent


  • Tunnel style to maximize sleeping space.
  • Very good waterproof tent fabric.
  • Vango’s exclusive tensioning system increases the performance of the tent.


  • Only one zipper on each door.

Vango Nevis Backpacking Tent is no longer a strange name for campers who love backpacking trips.

The tent is designed in a tunnel shape that maximizes sleeping space without increasing the size or weight of the tent.

Vango Protex 70 polyester flysheet enhances all-weather waterproofing while significantly improving the tent’s ability to withstand high winds.

In particular, the Patented Vango TBS II Tension Band System, an intelligent feature created to take tent performance to the next level. In extreme weather conditions, the bands will stretch the column at three points to not shock or collapse.

Two entrances with an O-shape design provide more entry options for campers.

Product Specs

Weight999 Grams
Dimensions29 x 39 x 29 cm

Key features:

  • Vango Protex 70 denier polyester flysheet
  • Patented Vango TBS II Tension Band System
  • 3000mm Hydrostatic head
  • O-shaped inner doors

15. Vango Cairngorm 100 1 Person Tent

Vango Cairngorm 100 1 Person Tent


  • Lightweight and portable for recreational activities.
  • Exclusive tension band system increases performance.
  • Acid-free alloy poles.


  • Small headroom

The last name on the best tent under 100 list is none other than Vango Cairngorm 100 1 Person Tent. This single tent is a good choice for campers who like to picnic or hike alone.

The lightweight and sturdy single hooped design makes this exceptional tent ideal for trekking or backpacking trips.

Exclusive Patented Vango TBS II Tension Band System secures the pole at 3 points to help your tent stand up to inclement weather. As a result, you will safely enjoy pleasant moments inside your shelter without worrying about it shaking or collapsing.

Yunan Eco Alloy Poles use special alloys that are durable and acid-free due to the influence of the weather. In addition, they have good reflectivity to strong winds and are incredibly super light.

Product Specs

Weight4.41 Pounds
DimensionsNot Available
MaterialNot Available

Key features:

  • Patented Vango TBS II Tension Band System
  • Protex RS
  • Yunan Eco Alloy Poles
  • Hydrostatic head

How Do I Choose the Right Tent?

How to Choose the Best Tent for Camping


First, when choosing to buy a tent, you also need to find out if the tent is waterproof or not. Because when we have selected the form of outdoor travel, what the weather is like is something we cannot predict.

At that time, if it rains, we will encounter many problems that seriously affect the picnic. So, you need to choose to buy a camping tent with effective waterproof material.

Tent Doors

When choosing a camping tent, consider the number of doors you want and their orientation and shape. If you are camping in groups or with family, choose a tent with multiple entries to enter and get out quickly without having to step over or get in each other’s way.

Besides, you should also consider whether the door zipper makes a noise or not because you will not want its sound to disturb other members when you go to the bathroom at night.


Two types of zippers widely used for camping tents are coil zip and tooth zip. The choice of lock depends on whether your requirements are versatile or certain.

1. Coil zip

Coil zip, also known as spiral zip, usually has a continuous coil running along both sides of the zip. Its most significant advantage is its versatility, as it can slide over curved tent doors.

However, when buying a coil zip tent, you should check carefully. The coil zipper easily gets stuck due to folding, making it impossible to open and close the tent.

2. Tooth zip

Tooth zip, also known as chunky zip, is a type of zipper whose teeth are molded directly onto the tape. This is a challenging and robust zipper, but when using it, be careful not to damage or chip the teeth so that they can move smoothly.

Tent height and shape

Camping tents come in a variety of styles and sizes. Here are some types of tents from classic to modern that you can refer to.

3. Dome type

This is a traditional tent style and is most commonly used because of its budget-friendly nature. Tent capacity usually holds from 2 to 4 campers. They can stand on their own and are equipped with a cross pole to provide better stability.

This type of tent is capable of handling snow and wind well. A minor drawback of this type of tent is that the dome shape makes it high in the center, but the surrounding walls are gradually tilted, limiting the space.

4. Cabin type

This type of tent is built with vertical walls to maximize tent height for campers to stand up conveniently. Cabin tents are often preferred in family camping trips or groups of 4 people because of the ample space and comfort they provide. However, they are usually quite heavy and are recommended for car or truck camping trips.

5. Tunnel type

This type is favored for its flexible assembly and disassembly. Designing a uniform arch requires guidance to get the most out of it. The tunnel shape has a larger space than the dome type, giving campers more space to store gear and equipment.

Space and Weight

The weight of the backpacking tent significantly affects the load of your trip. This is a trade-off. If you choose a camping tent with weight, it means sacrificing space and features and vice versa. However, now some manufacturers have paid attention to balancing the weight and ensuring enough space for you to feel comfortable to live in.


Rainfly is a waterproof sheet that is included to cover the roof of your tent. Its effect is to resist water when it rains or dew or when you need to keep the warmth inside the camping tent.

Currently, camping tents use two main types of rainfly: roof-only rainfly and full-coverage rainfly.

The Roof-only type allows more light to enter your camp, providing you with more visibility while protecting you from rain or dew.

The full-cover style creates all-around protection for your tent in all weather conditions, from rain to wind.


What is the best cheap tent?

MOON LENCE Camping Tent is rated by many campers as the best-priced camping tent. It offers many wonderful features and a significant occupancy of up to 6 people with an incredible price tag.

What are the best quality tents?

Coleman Sundome Tent and Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent are two names that cannot be ignored for the best quality tents. Both are top picks for the best tent, thanks to their weather resistance, ruggedness, and durability.

How much does a good tent cost?

Most good tents range in price from $35 to $1000 depending on the size, shape, and features to suit your needs.

Should I buy an expensive tent?

Spending money on an expensive tent is unnecessary unless you are a very frequent camper. A camping tent with decent quality and reasonable price is enough for you to enjoy your camping.

What is a good weight for a backpacking tent?

To estimate the appropriate weight for a camping tent, we averaged 2.5 pounds per person. So, for example, a tent for two people should weigh 5 pounds.

What is the main difference between a backpacking tent and camping tent?

The biggest difference between a camping tent and a backpacking tent is weight. Backpack campers need a much lighter tent so that they can reduce the total load on their back.

Should I have a tent footprint with a tent?

A footprint is a useful tool if you intend to camp in areas with rough, rocky surfaces and sharp edges. In contrast, adding a footprint can be quite cumbersome.

Is a four-season backpacking tent better than others?

A four-season camping tent reaches its full potential on winter days when the snow is heavy and windy. It is designed to help campers withstand the extremes of cold weather.

Is it easy to bring a tent while camping?

These days, most camping tents feature a folding ability after use that makes it easy for campers to carry on their camping trip.


Personally, Coleman Sundome Tent is my top pick among the best tents under 100 on the list. The features of this camping tent resonate with me. Especially, WeatherTec’s excellent water resistance and E-port are the two features that draw my impression most.

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