The Best Tropical Honeymoon Destinations in the World

If there’s one type of destination that goes hand in hand with honeymooners it’s being in a tropical paradise.

The beaches, white sand, and warm weather are exactly what you need to celebrate your new love, but with so many to choose from, where does one go?

What are the best tropical honeymoon destinations?

Maldives, Seychelles, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Turks and Caicos, Bali, Fiji, and the British Virgin Islands are just a handful of tropical spots worth visiting.

Depending on your budget and what you hope to do while you’re there, there’s likely to be one that suits you best.

These destinations vary in distance, price, and available activities, so we’re here to help you narrow them down.

With our guide to the best tropical honeymoon destinations, you’ll know exactly what you and your love can expect, so you can enjoy the moment completely.

The Best Tropical Honeymoon Destinations on Earth

There’s nothing like a tropical getaway to give you a sense of romance and relaxation, which is exactly what a honeymoon destination should be.

If you’re looking for inspiration on where to head with your dearly beloved, check out our picks for the best tropical sports on earth and what to do when you get there.

#1 Maldives


If there’s one place that springs to mind when thinking about honeymoon destinations, it has to be the Maldives.

The Maldives is a nation in South Asia that consists of many coral atolls and there’s plenty of reefs, beaches, and pristine waters to explore and enjoy.

While there, you can snorkel, swim, meet the local sea life, dive for pearls, and be pampered with countless spas and resorts to choose from.

To stay at the Maldives is pretty expensive as it’s an exclusive location, physically hard to import food into, and the resorts charge a pretty penny to be there.

However, not much comes close to beating it in terms of tropical beauty and serenity.

If you want to stay there cheaply, visit between May and November for their wet season, but there’s no guarantee about the weather.

#2 Taha’a, French Polynesia

Taha’a, French Polynesia

Taha’a is the vanilla island of French Polynesia, and year-round, you’ll smell the spice in the air.

What makes Taha’a a honeymooner’s dream is that in addition to the romantic beaches and long stretches of aqua water, you can do cool stuff like visit rum distilleries and check out the impressive collections of black pearls.

French Polynesia is another expensive location because of how remote it is, which means all of the food and materials that the resorts use cost even more.

According to the experts, you can expect to pay around $130 there per person per day, and that’s not including the accommodation costs.

However, one glimpse at what at Taha’a and you’ll be more than happy to pay for the pleasure of visiting, especially if you’re staying at one of the water top bungalows.

#3 Seychelles


Seychelles is another expensive and expansive destination for a honeymoon, situated off the east coast of Africa and consisting of 115 different islands.

Honeymooners can take their pick of just one or visit a few, with some of the more popular names Praslin Island, La Digue Island, and Eden Island, all of which have the pristine white sand and turquoise waters that this region is famous for.

A trip to the Seychelles islands gives you plenty of accommodation options, and it’s not just overwater bungalows, but lots of luxe treetop villas as well.

While there, you can island-hop, snorkel, dine in one of the many open-air restaurants, try the local delicacies, and shop for unique items like black pearl jewelry.

November through January is their off-season, giving you a chance to save up to 80% on travel costs, but be prepared for poor weather.

#4 Fiji


Fiji is the ultimate tropical destination and one that honeymooners have been visiting for decades.

Both a country and an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, it takes at least 12 hours to get to from the US, but once you’re there, you’ll see why so many people go.

The beaches are sprawling and pristine, the locals are welcoming, and there’s no shortage of fun to be had.

Once there, your daily costs will be pretty low, so you can live like a king and queen without breaking the bank.

This is what makes Fiji such an ideal honeymoon destination, even if it is a little longer to reach by plane.

There’s an abundance of local foods, markets, restaurants, and five-star resorts to enjoy, and every day will feel like a luxurious tropical dream that you never want to wake up from.

#5 Bali


Bali might be further away from the US than some of the other places on our list, but what it has going for it is luxury for a bargain price.

Staying in the Indonesian city is affordable and you can stretch out your average week-long holiday somewhere else to two or three if you want to.

In Bali, you’ll get to experience a lot that the local villages have to offer, visit rice paddies, try the local delicacies, and see some monks at the Buddhist temples.

This place is ideal for honeymooners who want a touch of spirituality on their travels and you can do a lot of health and wellness-centered activities, or live it up at their huge selection of bars and nightclubs.

There are plenty of five-star resorts that line the beaches or you can trek further back to the jungle, giving you a taste of true tropical living.

#6 Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos Islands are found halfway between the Bahamans and Hispaniola in the Atlantic Ocean, and it consists of eight islands with smaller cays scattered throughout.

Known as a honeymooner’s paradise, Turks and Caicos is a tropical dream that boasts the most prestigious spas, long stretches of white sand, all-inclusive resorts on the beach, and plenty of underwater activities to try.

Travel time is around six hours which is another bonus, and the huge selling point of Turks and Caicos besides its beauty is that it’s one of the cheaper English-speaking countries in this tropical region.

However, you can expect to pay a higher price for groceries and everyday items, so make sure you factor this into your budget.

Once there, most people spend at least a week to see it all, and to save costs you can try one of the many all-inclusive tropical resorts or visit from June to November during their low season.

#7 British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is a great tropical escape that provides both pristine water and deep rainforest, and no shortage of places to stay and experience them.

This destination is particularly popular among honeymooners who want to go yachting thanks to the ideal location, but you’ll have plenty to do if you stay onshore as well with world-class spas, five-star dining, and the opportunity to get pampered at every turn.

A standard weeklong honeymoon in the British Virgin Islands will cost just under $2,000 per person and this includes your accommodation, so it’s not the worst of them all.

You’ll be able to choose where you stay, including the super-luxe Valley Trunk resort with cinema and infinity-edge pool, or the Anegada Beach Club that’s home to the famous elevated tents that scatter the beach.

#8 Lanai


Lanai is considered the most popular part of Hawaii for honeymooners, and we can’t argue with that.

Although the whole island of Hawaii is amazing, something about Lanai feels different, and it’s the adventurer’s dream if you want a honeymoon that’s not all centered on relaxation.

While at Lanai, you can hire a 4×4 jeep, go swimming with dolphins, and treat your body and mind at one of the all-inclusive wellness resorts.

Of course, it’s not cheap, but reasonably priced when you compare it to other overseas destinations.

You’ll pay around $2,000 per person for a week there, so double that for honeymooners, but there’s plenty of free fun to be had just by exploring the island.

#9 Madagascar


It might not be the first place you think of when looking for a honeymoon destination, but if you’re a couple who likes to do things differently, the African island is the place to be.

Although underrated, there’s nothing minimalistic about its beauty, and the bonus is you can stay there for a good price once you’ve traveled the 30+ hours to arrive at your destination.

The long flight might deter some people, but it shouldn’t, because Madagascar has a bit of everything including tropical beaches, green rainforests, deserts, highlands, and open savannah, and there’s no shortage of ways to explore.

The famous Madagascar mascot, the lemur, is pretty easy to spot as well, and you can live like they do in treetop cabins or try an ultra-luxe villa on the beach.

There’s plenty of sightseeing and lots of activities, like zip-lining and snorkeling, so if you’re someone who prefers to be up and moving when you’re on vacation, you’ll want to check out Madagascar.

#10 Far North Queensland

Far North Queensland

If Australia has always been on your bucket list, what better time to check it out than on your honeymoon.

To see the best tropical parts that Australia has to offer though, you’ll want to head to Far North Queensland and experience the Great Barrier Reef in all of its wonders.

As well as being home to these wondrous waters, the region has an expansive rainforest backdrop, and plenty of humidity even during winter.

There are lots of islands to stay on including Fitzroy Island, Hamilton Island, and Daydream Island, or check out one of the many quaint coastal towns.

Flights to Australia can be expensive but when you’re there, the accommodation is fairly reasonable.

Considering the long flight, you might want to stay a couple of weeks and explore the rest of the sights that the country has to offer.

In Far North Queensland though, you’ll be able to ride horses on the beach, snorkel with Nemo, and take a cable car through the rainforest to check out the local flora and fauna.

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To find out more, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions that others have had about tropical holidays, so read on to get a push in the right direction.

What Are the Safest Caribbean Islands?

To stick to the safer island destinations in the Caribbean, choose locations like The Virgin Islands, Anguilla, St Barts, and The Dominican Republic.

When in doubt, check the official government website for travel advice to make sure that recent developments haven’t altered their safe to travel status.

Do I Need a Malaria Shot to Travel?

Most places close to the US don’t require a malaria vaccine before you can travel to them, including tropical destinations.

However, you should consult a health professional before planning any overseas travel to ensure you’re covered with the required immunization for a healthy vacation.

What Islands Are Closest to America?

Depending on where you live in the United States, you can visit one of the closer islands like the Bahamas, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico without having to travel very far.

Off most of the coasts of the US, there are a number of destinations that are just a few hundred miles away so you can save money on travel costs by visiting one of them.