Big Agnes Fly Creek UL: 1 Person Tent Review

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Choosing the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL as the Best Overall One Person Tent was a no-brainer. The decision took all of three seconds. The moment I read over the specifications for this tent I knew it would be a strong contender for this spot.

After thoroughly researching the rest of the tents on the “One Person Tents” list, I came to the quick conclusion that not a single one could even begin to compete with this impressive tent.

Selecting this tent as the best backpacking tent was also a no-brainer. Its lightweight, compact design and many other great features pushed it far beyond any of the other potential backpacking tents on this website.

Whether you are looking for a single person tent for your backyard or for the backcountry, this one will cover all the necessary bases to give you a homerun camping experience.

Big Agnes Fly Creek UL Review

The Specifications

Though I fully intend to give you a clear picture of what it will be like to camp with this particular tent, I want to begin by laying out all the important specifications for you.

If you are unsure of what all of these specs mean, worry not. I will explain them all in further detail as we move through this article. You can also head over to our Tent Buying Guide for more information on various tent specifications.

The Big Agnes Fly Creek UL features half-mesh sides and a full rainfly cover. It is suitable for three seasons of camping and has been built with an extra-durable bottom. It weighs a total of 2lbs 1oz and measures 4-inches by 18.5-inches when fully packed.

Once assembled, it measures seven feet in length, and features 3 feet of headroom. The rainfly creates a large vestibule outside the three-quarter semicircular zip door and the entire tent is quick and easy to assemble.

Half Mesh and Full Rainfly

The half mesh design of this domed tent’s walls allows air to flow through freely when the rainfly is not attached. The hot, sultry nights of summer will not end in a sweaty pool since the breeze will flow freely through this tent’s walls, keeping you cool as you gaze up at the stars.

When threatening weather approaches, simply throw the rainfly over the entire tent and tie it down a few inches away from the tent’s shell. Although some people prefer flies which buckle themselves onto the tent’s own footing, pegging it a few inches away will help water flow away from your tent, keeping you dry throughout the rainy night.

The fly covers the entire tent and even comes down to cover its entrance, giving you full privacy and protecting your entire tent from outdoor elements.

Three Seasons of Camping

The rainfly also serves to keep heat in on cool nights. The very fact that it reaches all the way around the shell and pegs into the ground for a rather tight seal means that your own body heat will be trapped inside with you.

This protection from the cool night air as well as rain and even light snow is what makes this tent perfect for camping in spring or fall. The half mesh sides of the tent and easy airflow they allow when the fly is removed is what makes it perfect for summer nights as well.

Durable Bottom

Designed with hiking in mind, this tent features an extra durable base which is built to withstand rocky terrain without the aid of a footprint tarp. Anyone who has experienced overnight hiking trips is well aware of the implications of even the tiniest bit of extra weight in their pack.

Not having to purchase and carry a footprint tarp in addition to your tent means that you will not only save yourself a little bit of money but that you will also save yourself a lot of backache thanks to your lighter pack.

Lightweight and Compact

This entire tent weighs only 2lbs 1oz. That measurement includes the tent shell, the rainfly, the extra light aluminum poles, the carrying bag and the lightweight, heavy duty aluminum stakes you will need to secure it to the ground.

Many other single person tents which claim to be designed for hiking weigh upwards of three and four pounds. If may not seem like much, but that extra one or two pounds can make a huge difference to your hiking experience as you carry it around on your back with the rest of your belongings.

When fully packed, with all pieces and parts included, this tent measures a mere 4-inches by 18.5-inches, making it very easy to slide inside or attach to the outer portion of any hiking pack.

For You and Your Gear

This tent can easily accommodate you and your gear, provided that your gear consists of a single pack. If you are backpacking, this is a perfect size for you. Although it is only three feet wide, you can easily stuff your pack into the foot or head section of the tent, because it is a grand total of seven feet long.

If you are enjoying a more stationary camping experience and have somewhere else to store your clothing and food, you can choose to use that extra space for other purposes. For example it would be very helping in housing a flashlight and some nighttime reading material or maybe a place to enjoy a snack during a rainstorm.

You will easily be able to sit up inside this three-foot tall tent. Gone are the days of struggling to get an arm out of a sleeve as you huddle beneath a one-foot tall roof in a rainstorm. You can easily sit up and get changed or even play a game of cards with a fellow camper.

Large Vestibule

If you asked me what my favorite feature of this tent is, I would have to say it’s the vestibule. Not only is this vestibule large, it is also fully enclosed. Some single person tents feature partial vestibules, with only one or two walls, which simply offer you a somewhat-out-of-the-way place to store your shoes in a rainstorm.

These aren’t so bad if the rain is coming down in a perfectly vertical pattern. If, on the other hand, the rain happens to be blowing sideways, you will probably find yourself with a pair of soggy shoes in the morning.

The Fly Creek’s rainfly comes out about two feet in front of the tent’s door, creating three more walls of its own. Essentially, it creates a tiny two-foot by three-foot floorless room in which you can store you shoes and any other soggy belongings you do not wish to bring inside with you. The vestibule even features its own semicircular door for your convenience.

Everything You Need

There was once a day when backpacking meant carrying the world’s tiniest Bivy tent and cocooning yourself into your own personal sleeping hole in order to maintain a lightweight pack on your trip.

This lightweight yet incredibly specious Big Agnes Fly Creek tent has changed that and allows you to enjoy comfort while you are hiking and while you are camping.