Browning Camping Big Horn
Family/Hunting Tent

I selected the Browning Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent as the eight to ten person tent with the best value based on two main characteristics – price and quality. Its price was fairly easy to determine. Once I knew its price and the price of other impressive eight to ten person tents it was also fairly easy to determine that this tent was quite affordable.

Of course, there are much cheaper tents available for purchase on today’s market – a few of those tents are even featured on this website. I couldn’t simply select a tent based on its price, though. Value isn’t about getting something for cheap; value is about getting something of rather good quality at a somewhat bargain price. Finding decent quality at a very low price is nearly impossible.

This particular tent is affordable in comparison to the absolute top quality tents available on today’s market, which put it in the running for this position. What tipped it over the edge and made me decide to give it the title of “Best Value” was the fact that it has received much better reviews than any other similarly priced tent I was able to find in my research. Additionally, and most impressively, this tent also received better reviews than some other, much more expensive, eight to ten person tents.

Now that you understand my rationale for selecting this tent as the “Best Value” tent, this article will focus on some of the key factors which I believe led to its positive consumer reviews. We will discuss its large interior living space, its impressive ventilation, and its special construction design.

Large Living Space

With a floor space of 150 square feet, measuring 10 feet in depth and 15 feet in length, this tent can easily accommodate two queen-sized mattresses, 3 to 4 single cots, or 8 to 10 sleeping bags. Over 7 feet of height beneath its domed roof means that this tent will allow almost anyone to stand up, straight and tall, as they move about inside this tent. It also means that you can easily set up cots or mattresses on stands without worrying about bumping your head off a roof pole in the middle of the night.

Well Ventilated

The entire roof of this tent has been constructed of mesh to allow hot air to rise up and out of the tent, keeping you cool at night as colder air is drawn in through the six windows spread around its walls. Each window can be zipped shut when threatening weather approaches, but the mesh roof will continue to allow air to flow freely in and out of the tent as it vents a full two to four inches below the rainfly.

Specially Constructed

The entire tent is held up by only three poles, which means that it will be much easier to set up than many other tents of a similar size. Other tents of this size utilize anywhere from four to eight poles, depending upon the design. This tent does its best to bring a dome-like structure to a larger tent by creating a cross between two very long poles which each extend from one corner to the opposite corner. Dome shapes are not typically used for tents this large, because the poles would have to be so long that the entire structure would lose the strength for which the dome shape has come to be known. To reinforce what would be an unstable structure, Browning added a third pole to the design, extending it from the middle of one long side to the middle of the other.

Best Basic

I believe that the biggest reason this tent received such overwhelmingly positive consumer reviews is that it was been created as one of the best basic eight to ten person tents on today’s market. You may have noticed that the description I provided above really isn’t the ideal picture of pizzazz. There doesn’t really appear to be much that holds this tent apart from others in terms of its design.

The only thing that holds it apart are its positive consumer reviews. This tells me that Browning not only created a basic tent, they created the best basic tent. They decided that, instead of offering a bunch of cool extra features for a low price, they would focus their energy on creating a strong, sturdy, reliable tent which is built to last.

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