Camp Chef Tahoe
3 Burner Stove

Perhaps the most popular and well-known type of camping stove is the tailgate-style stove. If you are wondering why I refer to this as a tailgate-style stove, I supposed I should explain to you that this type of stove is often used on tailgates of pickup trucks in campgrounds as well as the parking lots of football stadiums across North America. These days, it is getting easier to find camping stoves which come with stands or collapsible legs. In the absence of this option in the past, people had to improvise whenever a tabletop was not around. So they decided to sit their stoves on the open tailgates of their pickup trucks.

As I explained on the main camping stoves page, the Camp Chef Tahoe stove snagged this position in our Top Three Choices of camping stoves and grills based on the exceptional consumer reviews and ratings it has received. Not only is this a very popular stove, it has also proven itself to be one which satisfies the needs of the vast majority of the people who’ve purchased it. I also chose to include this stove on the basis of its many other wonderful qualities, each of which undeniably contributed to the positive reviews and ratings it has received from consumers.

Three Burners

Well, if two burners are better than one, three burners must be better than two, right? Generally speaking, I believe that the answer is, “Yes”. Since most people who purchase a tailgate-style camp stove use that stove to cook for anywhere from two to twelve (or maybe more) people, it can be quite helpful to have multiple burners. I know that I like to eat a few proper meals when I am camping. For example, instead of the typical hamburgers and hotdogs, I like to enjoy meat, vegetables, and potatoes for at least one dinner on a week-long trip. A three burner stove would allow me the space necessary to use a different pan for each of those foods. Since each burner also features its own individual control, I would also be able to adjust the heat levels for each burner so that nothing became overcooked or undercooked. Since this particular stove is long, I could easily spread out a long griddle pan across it to cook bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast as well.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Are you worried about trying to cook a massive amount of pasta for a large group of people? What about that big batch of chili you promised everyone or the fresh corn you were planning to contribute to your group meal? You will never have to worry about these sorts of things with this Camp Chef stove.

Whereas most camp stoves boast about their 10,000 BTU burners, this stove can boast that each of its three burners puts out 30,000 BTU. Boiling an oversized pot of water will be no match for the heating power of this stove.

For the Serious Camp Chef

Do not purchase this stove if you aren’t a serious camp chef. This stove has been built for the king or queen of the campsite who is prepared to lug around the 5 or 25 pound propane tank necessary to fuel this beast of a camp stove.

If you are the king or queen of the camp kitchen, you will be happy to know that, in addition to all of the wonderful qualities and features this stove has to brag about, it is also compatible with an entire series of accessories. You can purchase a grill or griddle that fits the dimensions of this stove, transforming it into an entirely different cooking surface. You can even purchase a smoker box for the perfect, fresh-caught, smoked salmon.

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