Top Rated Camp Cookware Reviews

Unless you are planning to live on a nearly endless and mostly stale supply of prepackaged sandwiches and potato chips, you will need some quality, reliable cookware pieces for your camping trip. The options on the market today are plenty. Though most of those options are two to twelve piece cookware sets, you can also purchase individual pieces.

Many options are at your fingertips as you begin this search. In fact, the number of options can be quite staggering. Fret not, fellow camper, because I have taken the time to create a list of the best options currently available on the open market. Whether you are in search of a set or a single piece; whether you prefer aluminum, cast-iron or stainless steel – I bet there is something on this page which will satisfy your camp culinary needs.

A quick word of caution: As you read through this page and compare the various camp cookware sets I have included here, I encourage you to ignore the number of pieces listed in their names. It wouldn’t be fair for me to change the name each company gave to each product, so I have reported their names with the number of pieces included. However, different companies label their products in different ways. For example, a set with three pots, three lids and two spoons may be considered an eight piece set, a six piece set or a three piece set depending upon who is selling it.

Of course, the way you cook, how much you plan to cook and a number of other variables will all impact which piece or set is best for you. If you aren’t quite sure what it is you are looking for, check out our camp cookware buying guide for some information which will likely be helpful in narrowing your search. If you are confident that you know what you are looking for, go ahead and continue reading for my Top Three Camp Cookware Pieces and Sets and six Runners Up.

Top Three Camp Cookware Pieces and Sets

To make it into this top three section, a piece or set must have impressive sales records and must have also received considerably positive consumer feedback. Above all else, it must have surpassed all other comparable products in terms of its quality. I determined quality by carefully analyzing the specifications of each of the options as well as their sales statistics and consumer ratings (since both are excellent predictors of quality).

While I believe that each and every piece of cookware as well as each cookware set on this website (including those listed in the ‘Runners Up’ section) is of very high quality, these three options have risen above the rest.

Best Set
Mallome 10 Piece
Camping Campfire Cookware Mess Kit

This set includes one 1-liter pot, one pot cover, one frying pan, two BPA-free plastic bowls, one nylon bag with a drawstring, one foldable plastic soup ladle, one wooden rice spatula, a foldable spork, a loofah sponge and a recipe e-book. The large number of accessories included in this set, along with its two actual cookware pieces make this the ideal all-in-one set for one to two people.

Made of thick anodized aluminum, this set is very sturdy and durable. It should stand up well to a rugged camping or hiking environment. Personally, I would have no concern strapping this lightweight set to the outside of my backpack and allowing it to bang off branches as I made my way down a backpacking trail.

The compact and lightweight nature of this set makes it perfect for stationary car camping and backpacking. The pot and pan’s aluminum structures will make heating food quick and easy. The non-toxic, non-stick coating will make cleanup just as fast.

Best Value
Forfar Camping Cookware 15 Piece Set

How does one determine value? I think that a lot of different people have a lot of different ideas of exactly what value is. Personally, I believe that value is something a person or thing offers which enhances something else. When I am discussing the value of a product I think of three things. 1 – Does it do what it is supposed to do? 2 – Does it offer anything extra? 3 – Is it affordable?

Notice that I don’t believe value is determined simply by how cheap something is. Value is both quality and affordability. If you are very lucky, you will find a product with both of those characteristics which also offers a few extras. Usually, because of that marriage between quality and affordability, the product I believe has the best value is priced somewhere in the mid-range. Imagine my surprise, then, when I realized that the affordable cookware set with the best quality and a few extras was actually one which was priced closer to the lower end of the spectrum.

The Forfar Camping Cookware Set may not be the absolute best cookware set I was able to find, but it is the highest quality set in the lower price range and is likely to satisfy anyone trying to work within a budget.

Best Single Piece
Lodge L3SK3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet

You may realize, as you scroll down this page, that I haven’t included very many single pieces of camp cookware. If I am honest, that is because there simply aren’t very many individual camp cookware pieces available. Of the available pieces, most haven’t received the sales records and consumer ratings shared by the sets featured on this page.

Of the single pieces, this Lodge cast-iron skillet has received the best consumer ratings. Furthermore, it has an extremely high sales volume when compared with any of the other pieces or sets on this page. Personally, I believe this is because one simply cannot go wrong when purchasing cast-iron for cooking – especially if they plan to cook over an open fire. This particular cast-iron skillet has been constructed by a company which is very well-known for its quality items and lifetime guarantee.

The quality, pre-seasoned cast-iron from which this piece has been built will stand the test of time and the elements. A complete absence of plastic and silicone pieces means that you can easily use this skillet over an open flame without any concerns.

Runners Up

Despite being what I believe are the best three options on today’s market, one of the Top Three Cookware Pieces and Sets listed above may not be exactly what you are looking for. Perhaps you need a specific number of dishes. Maybe you have a preference in terms of companies and would like to know which of their items is best. Rest assured that, if one of my Top Three Choices didn’t suit your needs, one of these six options is likely to work out in your benefit.

G4Free Outdoor Camping Cookware Set

The G4Free Outdoor Camping Cookware set is available in three different sizes – a two piece set, a four piece set, and a ten piece set. Each set includes pots and pans built from durable, lightweight anodized aluminum. Each pot and pan features foldaway handles for easy storage. The handles are coated in silicone to help you maintain a cool, solid grip when working atop the burner.

Due to the flammable nature of the silicone on the handles, I suggest that you use the burner which comes with the 10 piece set instead of using it over a harder-to-control fire. The burner itself works with a typical 16-ounce fuel canister and features both an ignition switch and an adjustable flow valve.

The two-piece set comes complete with a large pot, a medium-sized pot, and a mesh carrying bag. The four piece set features a large pot, a small pot, a large pan, a small pan, and a mesh carrying bag. The ten piece set includes a medium-sized pot, a small pot, a spoon, three bowls, a portable burner, and a hard plastic carrying case for the burner.

Unigear Hard Anodized Aluminum Camping Pot Set

This Unigear set is rather unique among camp cookware sets. I say this because it includes one very strange accessory – a stainless steel wire saw. Do not misunderstand me, I do believe that this is a useful tool for camping in general and for cooking while camping; I simply didn’t expect to see it included with a camp cookware set. You can easily use this wire to remove small branches from trees and break down twigs for kindling.

This set also includes one pot, one pan, one lid, one wooden rice spatula, one sponge, two bowls, and two foldable sporks. If you were guessing that this is just the right size for two people, you are correct.

Though this set only features one lid, it is nice to know that the lid will fit atop either the pot or the pan and can double as a plate if necessary.

Foldable handles on both the pot and the pan allow you to condense the size of this set for easy transportation. You can also condense its size by nesting each of the items inside the pot, then storing them in the mesh stuff sack which comes with the set. Drawstrings which hold the stuff sack closed can also be used to tie the cookware set to the outside of your backpack for even easier transportation.

Outop 4 Piece Outdoor Camping Cookware Set

It truly is incredible how much most of the cookware sets featured here look alike. For the most part, many of them function in nearly the same way as well. They differ mostly in terms of the pieces they include. This Outop set, one of the most inexpensive sets on this list, includes two pots and a mesh bag. I am not quite sure why it has been named a four piece set – do not be deceived, this is a three piece set.

The large pot in this set measures 4.53 inches in diameter and 4.13 inches in height. The smaller pot is 4.33 inches wide and 2.36 inches tall. Neither the large pot nor the small includes a lid, but the small pot can be flipped upside down and used as a lid for the large pot. If you are planning to only use the large pot for cooking, the small pot can also double as a bowl.

Sit the small pot on top of the large pot (like a lid) to easily store the two pieces inside the included mesh stuff sack. The stuff sack features drawstrings so you can close it tightly and ensure that nothing falls out. Store a small fuel canister and/or personal stove inside the pots before placing them in the bag to save even more space and to protect the canister and stove. If you plan to cook over an open fire, you can use this extra space to store spoons or small bowls.

Gas One Anodized Aluminum Cook Set

This Gas One set comes complete with two frying pans, two pots, four bowls, and two spoons. This is the perfect size for anywhere from two to six people, depending upon the food you plan to cook and the dishes you intend to use.

The hard anodized aluminum from which it has been constructed is very strong and durable; it heats incredibly fast and is very lightweight. All of these qualities, plus the fact that this set can be nested and stored in its mesh stuff sack, makes it very suitable for use on a backpacking trip.

Though this set does not include lids, the fry pans can easily be used as lids for the pots, as they are the same circumference as the pots. In a pinch, they can even be used as plates.

Cleaning these pots and pans will be much simpler than you think, thanks to their non-stick coatings. You won’t need to concern yourself with carrying extra soap and a scouring pad on your backpacking journey, as a simple sponge will do the trick.

Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set

I realize that most of the sets on this page are made from anodized aluminum. Most people prefer this option because aluminum is so lightweight and heats so quickly. If, however, you are a fan of stainless steel this may be the right set for you. If you aren’t sure about stainless steel but are concerned about the possible health implications of non-stick coatings, you should know that untreated stainless steel can become relatively stick resistant if you allow it to preheat before placing food on it.

This set includes only one pot, one lid, and two 10 ounce insulated mugs. Though this may not sound like much, this is all many people need for their camping and backpacking trips. The one pot holds 24 ounces and is perfect for making beverages, heating soup or canned goods, and boiling water for dehydrated food or rice.

The cups stack nicely atop one another and fit inside the pot for simple storage inside your backpack. Ounce and milliliter markings are stamped into the outside of the pot so that you never have to guess the ratio of water to food again.

Built completely of stainless steel and featuring absolutely no silicone or plastic, this pot is perfect for use over an open fire.

Black Elk Premium 9 Piece Outdoor Camping Pot Set

If you are interested in stainless steel but need something larger than the one pot option listed above, this large set may be what you are looking for. An absence of a non-stick coating means that you will have to preheat your pots and pans before using them to create a stick resistant surface.

This set includes one 4.9 inch pot, one 5.7 inch pot, one lid, one 6.3 inch skillet, two stainless steel mugs, two stainless steel bowls, one mesh bag, and a cutlery set. The cutlery set consists of a spoon, fork, and butter knife – all of which come in an adorable carrying case.

They handles of this set are coated in silicone so that they remain cool to the touch and to provide you with a more solid grip than you would receive with stainless steel handles. Be careful using these handles over an open flame, as they may melt if they are placed directly above heat.

Which Set is For You?

Are you more of a stainless steel person, a cast iron person or an anodized aluminum person? Do you need a large set, a small set, or only a single piece? Is price a concern for you? These are only a few of the questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a cookware set. Hopefully our buying guide and these reviews have helped you determine the answers to those questions and select the perfect camp cookware set or piece for your next outdoor adventure.

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