How to Stay Cool While Camping

How to Stay Cool While Camping

Camping in the summer is probably an activity that is not too strange for most people. But how to stay cool while camping is a problem that worries many of them.

If this issue also makes you worried, this post will help you to solve it! So, let’s go through the post to learn some valuable tips to stay cool during your camping trip!

Why Is Staying Cool While Camping Important?

In some countries like the UK or Nordic countries, the summer temperature is not high, and the sun is not very hot. That’s when people can go out and enjoy the cool feeling without wearing life jackets or thick sweaters.

Nevertheless, in some other countries, the temperature in the summer can be boiling and can be over 30 degrees Celsius. If you do not know how to keep your body cool, it is tough to have a fun and comfortable camping trip in such a hot summer.

More importantly, if you don’t know how to keep cool, your body will easily sweat and lose a lot of water. This can lead to heatstroke and other potentially fatal complications.

Overall, keeping the body cool when camping in the summer is not simply a matter of making the body more comfortable. Still, it is also a matter of health and even life. So please take note of this.

Tips for Staying Cool On Summer Camping Trips

Tips for Staying Cool On Summer Camping Trips

After learning the importance of staying cool in summer camping, we are sure that you are very interested in knowing tips to keep cool during your camping trip. Then keep reading this part to learn more!

Take Apart The Tent During The Daytime

During the day, the weather is scorching. That time, your tent will be like a greenhouse. It will absorb the sun and contain a lot of heat. If you stay in a tent, you will feel like sitting in a sauna.

In addition, intense sunlight can damage your tent no matter what material it is made of (polyester or nylon). So you will increase its lifespan if you take it down during the day.

Accordingly, it is advisable to take apart your tent after waking up. Then, you can reassemble it after sunset. This can be time-consuming and quite tiring for you. However, it is worth helping you keep cool when camping on hot summer days.

Set Up Your Tent In A Shady Place

Set Up Your Tent In A Shady Place

We suggest finding a shaded place to pitch your tent. That way, the trees will absorb the sun for your tent. In addition, you will be able to stay in the tent with peace of mind and not need to disassemble the tent during the day.

However, making sure that shade will last all day is not easy. First, you need to understand how to determine the path that the sun will pass during the day.

The US, for instance, has an average altitude of about 39 degrees north of the equator. Therefore the sun will rise in the southeast and set in the southwest. Accordingly, the sun will pass through positions between 2 and 25 degrees.

If you cannot locate the coordinates as above, you can use the compass on your smartphone. It will help you figure out where the sun will pass in the sky. If the shade you choose can cover all these places, then you can safely set up your tent there.

Equip A Reflective Sunshade

Suppose you are camping in a place with no shade, such as a beach; keeping your tent cool can actually become a lot more complicated. Not only that, but the sun also shines directly on these places, making them even hotter.

To escape this rigor, bring a reflective sunshade when camping. Please put it on top around your tent so it will reflect the sunlight. As a result, your tent will not have to receive direct sunlight from the sun, limiting heat absorption, making the inside of the tent cooler.

However, you also need to know how to cover the reflector so that it works most effectively. Specifically, you need to leave a space of about 12 inches between the top of the tent and the sunshade. Otherwise, the air will not circulate inside the tent, making all your tents into a steam room.

About the type of reflective sunshade, we recommend the mylar one since it works very well. But if you don’t have one, you can use a tarp instead.

Set Up The Tent Towards The Direction Of The Wind

Set Up The Tent Towards The Direction Of The Wind

The wind is something that can regulate the air to make everything cooler and more comfortable. If you can find the direction of the wind and set up the tent in that direction, the inside of the tent will be cool throughout the day and night. You will be able to enjoy exciting activities during the day and have a good night’s sleep.

You can ask the campsite manager on staff or residents there for the wind direction. Or you can also use the weather app on your smartphone to find it.

To make sure you’ve found the right direction, wet your finger and hold it high. If you feel that the side of your finger is cool, that side is the direction the wind is blowing.

Bring Bags Of Frozen Water

This is supposed to be a very easy and effective  way to cool down. Freeze lots of bottled water and take them with you. If you’re traveling by car, bring as much frozen water as possible.

They’ll be of excellent help to you because:

  • You can put them in the cooler to keep things cool and refreshing.
  • You can use them to keep food fresh.
  • You can drink this cool drinking water as needed.

At night, if you find it difficult to sleep, drop a bottle of frozen water in your sleeping bag. It will cool your feet and help you sleep better.

Camp Near A Water Source

Camp Near A Water Source

You can’t always choose to camp near a water source, but if possible, take advantage of this favorable location. When camping near a lake, river, or springs, it will significantly lower the temperature, making you feel cooler and more comfortable.

Moreover, you can swim or soak in the water. Cool water helps lower your body temperature. That way, you won’t feel the heat anymore. When you come out of the water, your body is wet; the air will dry out your skin. This process is similar to evaporative cooling when you sweat.

If the source of water you find is not swimmable, you can pour water over your body to create the same cooling effect as above or use a spray bottle to spray water on the skin. All of these ways help you keep your body cool.

Put The Cooler Behind The Fan

If your campsite has electricity or solar power, you can plug in a camping fan to generate cooling wind. The best way is to have the cooler and the fan working together. The outside air will then try to balance the air around your cooler to reduce the air temperature.

Also, you can put the cooler on the other side of the fan. So when the fan works, it will blow cool air into you. This way is the primary operating principle of the air conditioner.

So if you want the fan to provide a lower temperature, put it next to the cooler. Everything will be so much cooler. You will have a good night’s sleep on a hot summer day.

Pick A Breathable Tent

Another essential thing to keep cool that few people notice is to choose a breathable tent. Otherwise, your tent is like a steam room because the air can’t get through.

We encourage you to choose a two-season tent so it will easily fit your different camping trips. A breathable tent will be designed with a window made of lightweight material with a mesh to make ventilation easier.

Material is the major element in choosing a camping tent. Cotton tents will help keep cool more effectively than polyester and nylon. Cotton is an excellent material that is both breathable and an effective insulator that restricts hot air from entering the interior of your tent.

In addition, you should choose to buy a tent with at least two windows to increase air circulation; everything will become more airy and cool.

Using large and light tents is also an effective way of cooling. It provides a large amount of space above your head, so it is easier to circulate air and maintain a better flow of cool air.

Here is a video instructing you how to select a tent:

How Do You Stay Cool in a Tent Without Power?

Staying cool in hot summer weather is difficult when camping. Still, it is even more challenging when you camp without electricity. Fortunately, we still have some tricks to survive in such weather. Let’s find out now!

Choose The Right Time To Set Up The Tent

A clever trick to cool the tent and cool the body is choosing the right time to set up the tent.

Indeed you will not plan to sleep immediately after arriving at the campsite, right? Then there is no need to rush to set up the tent, find a more suitable time. Instead, spend time on other activities such as exploring the campground.

Wait until the sun is about to set or at sunset to start setting up the tent. This is the most suitable time for the sun to be no longer harsh and not make your body sweat too much, causing discomfort. Other jobs such as preparing wood, clearing the tent, and clearing the tenting area should be done before pitching.

In short, you should not rush to set up your tent when the sun is still hot. The time around sunset is the best.

However, it would help if you did not prolong the time of setting up the tent for too long; otherwise, the night will come, and you still have not had a place to rest. And the important thing is that you don’t have electricity to continue setting up the tent. So please take note of this!

Learn more about how to set up a tent here:

Unlock The Tent

When there is no electricity, and you can’t plug in a fan or air conditioning, leaving your tent unlocked is the most effective way to cool the inside of the tent.

When the tent is unlocked, the outside air will flow inside the tent. That way, it will regulate the airflow and bring a slight wind (if any) to keep the inside cool.

Usually, you will unlock the tent during the day. However, the sun’s harsh light is gone at night, and the temperature may also drop a bit. You may not need to unlock the tent then, or if you still feel hot, then do so.

Bring Battery-powered Fans

This tip applies when you have enough budget because battery-powered fans can’t be used for a long time. Therefore, you will need to equip many backup batteries or many fans. Thus, it will be very costly.

A fact is that this type of portable fan cannot produce a natural cool breeze. So you can put some ice in a bucket and place it in front of the fan. The perfect combination of wind and ice will bring a cool feeling inside your tent.

Stay Cool while Camping in the Summer

Stay Cool while Camping in the Summer

Keeping cool on summer camping trips is not easy unless you get these following notes. Keep reading to explore more!

Avoid Sunlight From 11:00 A.M To 2:00 P.M

This is the period when sunlight is most intense. Unfortunately, it is also the time when sunburn on the skin is most likely to occur.

Therefore, you should limit going out of the tent during this time frame. If you really need to go out, ensure you dress appropriately to avoid overheating and heat stroke.

Choose The Right Outfit

At a hot time like this, choosing clothes like cotton T-shirts that absorb sweat will no longer be compelling. On the contrary, it is counterproductive. Soaking perspiration will prevent sweat from evaporating, and your body won’t be able to cool down. You will feel more hot and uncomfortable.

Choose clothes that are light and airy, like T-shirts and shorts. Loose clothes are better than tight clothes. Open designs or something breathable will primarily work to allow air to flow in and cool your skin.

Let’s learn how to wear properly at summer camp:

Drink Enough Water

The simplest and most significant way to keep your body cool is to stay hydrated. As your body heats up, your circulatory system transfers heat from your internal organs to your skin. At this point you amy start to sweat. Then, it will evaporate causing the body to lose heat.

Therefore, if you do not provide the necessary amount of water for the body, the sweating process will no longer be effective. If you are dehydrated, the surrounding temperature may also be higher to stimulate the body’s cooling process so you will feel hotter in the long run.

Freeze Your Bed Sheets

Maybe you’ve never thought of it this way before. However, it is very effective.

Before going to bed, put the bedsheet in the freezer for half an hour. It will bring a cool feeling to you when you sleep, eliminating the uncomfortable hot temperatures. Or you can also use chilled soft gel packs under your bed sheets or your feet.

Eat Spicy Food

This sounds strange, but it is one of the right ways to help cool down the body. That’s because spicy foods make it easier to circulate blood, which in turn enables you to sweat. As a result, body temperature will drop.

Eat Popsicles Or Smoothies

This is a way to fight the heat on hot summer days that probably everyone knows and applies. The sweet and cool ice cream sticks with different flavors stimulate the taste buds and help you stay cool and refreshing.

Especially if you go camping with kids, they will be highly interested in these ice cream sticks.

If you are not a fan of popsicles, you can switch to smoothies. Fantastic smoothies made from your favorite fruits will beat the summer heat. At the same time, it provides vitamins and keeps you hydrated.

Stay Cool while Camping in the Winter

Stay Cool while Camping in the Winter

Unlike summer, winter’s weather is very different. Hence, how to stay cool in winter camping is also different. Please note the tips below and apply them when necessary to have a successful camping trip!

Stay Dry

In winter, it will be freezing outside. So you need to keep your body dry if you don’t want a cold to ruin your camping trip.

Sweating in the summer will lower the body temperature and cool down, but it’s the exact opposite in the winter. Cooling down will cause your body temperature to drop too low, and you’ll be in danger.

In general, you should minimize exposure to water or sweat as much as possible. When going through snowy places, you need to wear waterproof boots or snow boots.

Drink Coffee

A hot cup of coffee on a winter morning will make your camping trip much better. We are sure it’ll make you more awake because it’s hard to wake up on winter mornings to step out of the warm blanket.

You can bring instant coffee or pure coffee to make your own. Instant coffee will shorten the processing time, but the taste will not be as great as the coffee made by your own hands and waiting. So wouldn’t it be better to stay and enjoy the results?

Use An Insulated Inflatable Sleeping Pad

On cold winter days, sleeping pads not only play a role in helping you sleep comfortably, but they need to be able to keep your body warm. The best option is to use an inflatable sleeping pad that is soft and insulated from the ground. It might be a bit pricey, but it’s worth it.

Let’s watch this video to better understand how to select a sleeping pad:

Signs Of Heat Exhaustion And Heat Stroke

Exhaustion and heat stroke are not uncommon if you’re camping in the summer. However, the problem will not be too serious if you can cool down your body temperature within 30 minutes of getting sick. If it turns to heatstroke, you need to take the patient to the emergency room immediately.

Common signs include dizziness, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, feeling confused, feeling tired like being sick, pale skin, cramps, or sweating a lot. In addition, the victim may have rapid breathing and thirst, and the body temperature may rise to 38 degrees or more.

These signs will be the same in both children and adults. For children, they may be exhausted or weaker. If you or someone camping with you has the above signs, they need to be cooled down quickly and promptly taken to the hospital if necessary.

Here are some first aid tips for people suffering from heat exhaustion, taking notes and applying when needed.

  • Find a cool place and move them there
  • Let them lie down and raise their bodies slightly
  • Let them drink a lot of water, preferably water with rehydration ingredients and minerals for the body.
  • Cool them down by spraying water on their skin with a spray bottle or applying cold compresses to their armpits and neck

And stay with them until they come to their senses. If within 30 minutes they do not show any signs of cooling down and feel better, call 911 or take them to the hospital immediately.


To sum up, how to stay cool while camping is a significant thing everyone should understand clearly before taking a summer camping trip. That way, your friends, family, and you will have a successful camping trip in such hot weather.

We hope you will like this post. Please feel free to leave any comments below to share with us whether the tips mentioned above are helpful for you. Or, if you have any questions, we are willing to answer you. Thanks so much for reading!


How hot is too hot while camping?

Usually, the maximum temperatures for feeling comfortable during summer camping are around 95 degrees Fahrenheit; thus, if any higher temperatures are supposed to be too hot for camping.

How cold is too cold while camping?

Suppose the temperatures are around 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In that case, they will be so challenging and demanding for campers with no or less experience.

What temperature range can be considered as ‘cool’ while camping?

Around 95 Fahrenheit degrees will be perfect for camping and relevant activities.

How hot can my tent get?

Generally, the inside temperature of your tent may be about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the outside one if it receives direct sunlight.

How long to reduce the temperature of a tent while camping?

It depends on the method you apply to reduce your tent’s temperature. Usually, it takes about 30 minutes.