10 Useful Tips for Camping in the Rain

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Many of you plan for the camping before the season of rain in clear weather. But nobody is assured that whether rain will spoil their camping or not. And do you also fear camping in the rain?

Rain must not stop anybody from enjoying any outdoor activity. If you do additional planning in advance before the camping in the rain, then you can enjoy your camping experience more comfortably irrespective of any weather condition. The below are few tips for camping in the rain that can make you enjoy your adventure more..

Tips for Camping in the Rain

Check out the weather prediction

You should check the weather prediction for the area where you are going to do the camping before departing. Check the current weather of the place which might have changed from the last time you checked it.

The weather in the mountains usually gets changed, and you can’t predict the climate there. Even if you see the dry weather forecast, still take your necessary gears for probable rain with you.

Carry the big size plastic bags

The airtight bags or the big size garbage bags are not only inexpensive but also easy to pack. During the sudden rain, they act as the lifesavers for the campers.

In the big size garbage bags, you can keep your essentials in the dry state. You can also store the wet gear like drenched clothes or soaking shoes in them that stop these things from getting wet more.

One of the significant uses of such bags is that you can keep the dry firewood and fire starting tools in them so that they do not get wet and later on you can use them for lighting up the fire.

Carry the newspapers

It is one more prudent and useful thing that you should bring along with you on the camping in the rainy season.

You can place the dry newspaper in your wet shoes to accelerate the process of drying as the newspaper will benefit in extracting out its entire moisture. It also helps a lot in starting a fire when you have no dry firewood left under the rain.

Keep your camping tent dry and high

Usually while setting up your camping tent, most of you opt for the low lying region, for example, small hill’s bottom. It might be a relatively flat and clear area for the tent but this can’t keep your tent safe during the heavy rain.

As an alternative, you should set your camping tent on the top part of a small hill where there is no chance of water accumulation.

Place a strong tarp below your tent

While camping in the rain, there are high chances that tents might flow in flood from the bottom. The best method to stop that from occurring is to put a durable tarp below your tent.

You should keep in mind that no tarp’s part spreads out from below the tent. If any tarp ’s piece moves out from below the tent then, the rain shall affect the roll and tarp below the tent that makes the tent ’s floor to absorb the water.

Add additional lining in the tent

Even if you have a tarp below your tent, there is no assurance that moisture will not come inside during the long lasting and heavy rain period. Thus, to overcome this problem, you should add a lining layer to the tent’s inside area.

You also might use a thick sheet of plastic which the construction employees use. Place it inside the tent and it will stop the moistness from seeping in.

Use one more tarp over the tent

The setting up of a significant size tarp on any angle over the tent is one of the best things to make your tent additional-dry when you are camping in the rain for numerous days.

The drooping tarp provides you an area to swing an outdoor clothesline for drying your wet gear. You also get a “front porch” for taking out your wet clothes and shoes without moving inside of the tent mucky and wet.

You can also make a cooking area in that region in the rain time.

Don’t carry cotton clothes

The cotton clothes get moist easily and do not get dry easily in the normal day. It fetches the moisture quickly.

During the rain, cotton clothing gets worse. Thus, you should carry lightweight clothing, particularly nylon fabric or other synthetics which are intended to draw off the moisture.

Get ready the rain pants and rain jacket

If you are not carrying the right clothes along with you at the time of camping then, you might start feeling sorry and miserable for yourself soon.

The normal clothes gets wet quickly in the rain but if you have a rain pants and rain jacket then, it’s easy to enjoy your camping more happily in the rainy season too.

The moment you feel the storm is about to come, pull on the rain clothes as soon as you can. It will keep you dry for the whole day without the issue of soaking.

Have waterproof shoes

Have waterproof shoes

Wet feet quickly make you feel unhappy under the rain. Even though waterproof boots and shoes might be costly, but if you have ever trekked with soaked feet, you will surely apprehend that the additional expenditure is certainly worth if you are deliberately planning for the camping in the rain.


If you follow all the above-discussed tips for camping in the rain, you will surely remain comfortable and dry at the time of rain storm.

These tips will make you construct a campfire in the rain, relish the musical pattern of the rain and relax stress-free in the tent. Showers might be beautiful, thus sit down and see as it trundles over your camping zone.

The above list is not a conclusive one. Is there any tip for camping in the rain you want to share with us? If yes, please share it in the below comment box.

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