Tahoe Gear 12 Person

As I explained on the main 12+ Person Tents page, I believe that value is the place where quality and price meet. As an intersection of these two things, a tent with the best value cannot be the tent with the best quality or the best price. It is extremely rare to find a top quality product which is extremely budget-friendly. Similarly, it very difficult to find the cheapest version of a product which is actually decent quality.

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Ozark Trail 20 by 10

I will be completely honest with you here and tell you that I really had never even thought about placing an air conditioner inside a tent. The thought never crossed my mind. It didn’t appear very plausible and didn’t really seem like something I would want to do. Being slightly self-centered, I suppose that I subconsciously assumed that no one else would want an air conditioner in their tent, either. This notion stuck with me for a long time, until I began researching tents for this website.

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Ozark Base Camp 14-Person

My decision to name this tent the most versatile 12+ person tent was based on its incredibly large size, interesting layout, and positive consumer ratings and reviews. I will get into more about its large size and interesting layout in just a little bit. For now, I just want to make it clear that, although there are many other versatile 12+ person tents on today’s market, my choice of this particular Ozark Trail tent was heavily influenced by the fact that it received many more positive reviews and ratings from actual consumers than most of the others.

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Ozark Trail 12-Person

If you have already visited our main 12+ Person Tents page, you will have read a synopsis about this tent which focused mostly on its porch and what that porch can offer your camping experience. I will quickly recap that information here, for those of you who haven’t visited the main page, then I will focus on some of this tent’s other impressive features.

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CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin

As with the selection of “Best Overall” for tents in any size category, this selection for the 12+ person size category was based mostly on consumer reviews and ratings. Don’t take the wrong way – this tent has many impressive qualities. Each of those qualities and the combination of those qualities also affected my decision. However, if you really look at this deeply, you will see that it is very likely that these other great qualities are what led to such positive consumer reviews.

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