Ozark Trail 10-Person Tent

Tents with multiple rooms are quickly overtaking the popularity of smaller, personal-sized tents when it comes to family and group camping. Instead of having to spend an hour or so assembling multiple tents on one campsite, family and friends sharing a campsite can come together and build a shared tent in a matter of minutes. Pooling their energy and intelligence allows groups of people to accomplish a task much faster.

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Kodiak Canvas 8-Person

As you may know from the main Eight to Ten Person Tents page, I was quite shocked that this canvas tent earned itself the absolute top position in our Top Five Choices list. Though I am, myself, quite a fan of canvas tents, I had never expected one to be so popular among consumers that it actually had the highest average consumer ratings and received the best consumer reviews of all popular, top-selling eight to ten person tents on today’s market.

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CORE 9 Person Tent

Who doesn’t love an instant tent? I know that I love an instant tent. I also know that I am currently having a very difficult time imagining a person who would not love an instant tent. Of course, I am quite picky when it comes to my tents. I quite literally have multiple tents for multiple purposes. I own a one person backpacking tent, a two person backpacking tent, a four person dome and a large 12 person family tent. One thing I do not yet own, however, is an instant tent. When I do purchase an instant tent, I plan to get one which is in the eight to ten person size range, because I believe that it will best accommodate my family.

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Coleman Octagon Tent

Ventilation is extremely important for those who enjoy camping during warm summer months, especially in humid environments. I cannot tell you how many times I have woken up in a poorly ventilated tent to find myself sticking to the inside of my sleeping bag and breathing air so stale it barely seemed to tickle my lungs.

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Browning Camping Big Horn

I selected the Browning Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent as the eight to ten person tent with the best value based on two main characteristics – price and quality. Its price was fairly easy to determine. Once I knew its price and the price of other impressive eight to ten person tents it was also fairly easy to determine that this tent was quite affordable.

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