Decathlon Quechua Popup

I am a huge fan of popup tents. I find it highly amusing to watch people’s reactions when I say that, because many of my serious backpacking and camping friends look at me as if I have multiple heads growing out of a single neck. Whether they choose to laugh at me or not, I will always maintain my love affair with this type of tent.

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Big Agnes 1 Person Fly Tent

Choosing the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL as the Best Overall One Person Tent was a no-brainer. The decision took all of three seconds. The moment I read over the specifications for this tent I knew it would be a strong contender for this spot. After thoroughly researching the rest of the tents on the “One Person Tents” list, I came to the quick conclusion that not a single one could even begin to compete with this impressive tent.

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Aqua Quest One Person Tent

If you have ever been camping in the rain you know how extremely important it is to find a tent which is fully waterproof. I believe that anyone purposely planning to camp in the rain should, obviously, choose a waterproof tent. That being said, anyone who chooses to camp for longer than a few days at a time should also consider a fully waterproof tent. Even if you aren’t expecting rain, it may come.

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ALPS Mountaineering 1-Person Tent

Whenever I select something as a “Best Value” top choice, I try to keep both quality and price in mind. It wouldn’t do to simply bring you the least expensive tent I can find. If I were to suggest that you purchase an extremely inexpensive tent I would be condemning you to a terrible camping experience filled with rain puddles and shivers.

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