Stansport McKinley Dome Tent

Something has value when it is both useful and reliable. Something you purchase is of great value if it useful, reliable, and affordable. It was those criteria which I used to select the Best Value pick for two to three person tents. To measure different tents in terms of those criteria, I compared their specifications against what leading industry professionals believe constitute useful and reliable tents. I then narrowed down my choices by comparing the consumer ratings and reviews among them. Upon the completion of this lengthy process, I found myself staring at the Stansport Black Granite Series McKinley 2 Pole Dome Tent.

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Mountainsmith 2 Person Tent

Dome tents are very popular and have been for decades. Since the dome is actually the strongest type of roof a structure can have, the popularity of domed tents is not surprising. Many other types of tents have graced the market over the years; some quite extravagant in what they offer to campers, such as multiple rooms and division screens. Many of them have been marketed as being superior to the domed tent because they offer more usable floor space.

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Kelty TN 2 Person Tent

People often choose two person tents as backpacking tents because they plan to share their tent with another person or simply enjoy the amount of space that a two person tent can afford them. As an individual, I enjoy using a two person tent for myself on short backpacking trips when I know that it will rain during my trip. After a long hike in the rain there is nothing like cozying up in a warm tent for the evening. Small, one person tents do not afford me enough space to really do much of anything on these rainy evenings, so I prefer a two person tent where I can stretch out to read or write in my travel journal.

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ALPS Taurus 2-Person Tent

I believe that vestibules are a very important part of camping whenever one is using a small tent. Any tent built to house only one to four people usually requires a little extra space for storing important items such as backpacks and boots. Whether you are camping in a stationary location or you are backpacking across many miles, a small tent with a large vestibule can add to your ability to enjoy your camping experience.

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ALPS 2 Person Tent

Selecting the Best Overall tent in the two to three person size category was much simpler than I’d originally expected. For any category on this website, I plan to spend considerable time researching and comparing tents before selecting one for the top position. While I did still spend that amount of time to ensure that my first instincts were correct, I quickly circled back around to the very first tent that jumped out at me as I began my research – the Alps Mountaineering Extreme 2 tent.

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