Coleman Airbed Cot
with Side Tables and Pump

If you are looking for luxury while you are camping you need not look any further than the Coleman Airbed Cot. This bed boasts so many awesome features it is truly difficult to know where to begin when discussing it. I suppose I should begin by explaining how it was awarded the title of Best Air Mattress with Stand.

Surely, you have guessed that having a stand was part of what earned it this title, but I bet that you would be surprised to hear that I didn’t choose it based on all its luxurious features. In fact, I chose it based solely on the fact that, of all the popular air mattresses which featured stands, this one had received the best consumer ratings and reports. Of course, the incredible ratings that this mattress received were probably at least partially related to all of its wonderful features, but I made sure not to factor them into my actual decision-making process.

This article will explain those special features as well as some other basic specifications which earned this mattress such rave reviews and which, ultimately, led to its inclusion in this list.

Battery Operated Pump

Some people may think that a battery-operated pump is actually a bad thing where air mattresses are concerned. They may worry that they will have to carry around packages of batteries with them as they camp and that they may run out of batteries just when they need them most. I am here to tell you that this simply isn’t the case. If you put fresh batteries in this pack before you leave for your trip it will serve you just fine the whole way through. That is, of course, unless you are planning a trip which lasts many months.

I find battery-operated pumps to actually be the most preferable of all the options available on today’s market. They work much faster than any manual pump I have ever seen and do not require access to an electrical outlet like corded pumps. This means that they can be used to quickly and effortlessly inflate a bed in any area.

Two Beds in One

Perhaps my favorite feature of the Coleman Airbed is that it is actually two beds in one. If you prefer to sleep up off of the ground, you can make yourself at home by placing the air mattress on top of the cot stand. This will offer the utmost of support and comfort throughout the night. However, if you find yourself in need of more sleeping areas, you can slide the mattress off of the cot base and use the base the same way you would use any other queen sized cot.

If you are only going camping for a night or two, do not have the room in your car for the entire ensemble, or will be using a tent without proper headroom to allow the entire ensemble, you can choose to bring and use only the air mattress.

Comes with Luxuries

Not only will you receive an air mattress, a steel-framed cot and a battery operated air pump, you will also receive two side tables and a mattress cover. Store your most important belongings close by on the convenient side tables or use the tables to hold a drink in their handy cup holders. Keep your mattress clean and give it an extra layer of protection by slipping it inside the zippered cover which also comes with this set.

Having received very favorable consumer reviews and featuring many luxurious extras while still maintaining a competitive price, it truly is no wonder that this Coleman Airbed made its way into our Top Three Air Mattresses list.

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