Coleman Comfortsmart
Deluxe Cot

In order to understand why I selected the Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe as the camping cot with the best value, you must first understand how I define “value”. Other websites may also feature a “best value” cot but, as you’ve probably noticed, if you’ve visited those websites, they often choose the most inexpensive cot they can find.

To me, value is about more than price. For something to have a good value to me in my life it must be of good quality. Extremely cheap prices often mean cheap construction, which is why I often steer clear of the most inexpensive product on the market. Instead, I usually select one which is budget-friendly and affordable while also being of decent to high quality.

I was very happy to find that this Coleman cot was not only rather inexpensive, it also meets my standards of quality. The best indication of that quality is the fact that this cot has received many positive reviews from actual consumers who have slept on it for multiple nights.

To get a better understanding of why consumers have given this cot such a great rating, let’s take a closer look at some of its most important specifications.

More Than Your Typical Canvas Cot

In researching cots you have probably looked upon many different options. It is also likely that you have seen the same type of cot over and over again – a steel, aluminum, or plastic frame with some sort of fabric stretched over top. Though traditional cots were made of canvas, many other options have swept through the market as more durable and water-resistant materials have been created. Still, they have, for the most part, kept the tradition of stretching the fabric across the frame. While this can offer a very easily-collapsible sleep surface, it can stretch and tear over time, which can render a cot gravely uncomfortable or even completely unusable.

To maintain comfort for a much longer period of time, Coleman chose to incorporate a wire grate across the area of space between frame poles, creating a never-sag sleep surface which will offer support for many years to come. To increase the comfort level of this cot they included a two-inch thick foam mattress pad which is made to fit directly on top of the wire grate. Let’s be honest, no one wants to wake up looking like a checker board and few people find wire grates comfortable, so this mattress pad should be a welcomed addition for most people.

Extra Back Support

People usually scoff at the idea of including a metal bar across the mid-back area of a cot’s sleeping surface. This is because they worry that they will feel it across their backs as the canvas (or other similar material) begins to sag over time. Cots which do not feature this support bar, however, are more susceptible to frame warping over time.

The ComfortSmart features a support bar which runs between the sides of the frame, across the mid to lower back region. Thanks to the unique design of the ComfortSmart, this bar can serve its special duty of holding the cot steady without interfering with your comfort level. In fact, this bar is likely to add to your comfort level by supporting the wire grate and, thus, your back.

High Weight Capacity

Though there are some cots with very high weight capacities (I have seen some hovering around the 500 lb mark), this cot’s 300 pound weight capacity is very impressive, given its price. As I discuss this cot in this article, I encourage you to always keep in mind that it is about one-quarter to one-third the price of most of the other cots included on this website. That incredible price difference hasn’t detracted much from this cot’s specifications.

Most options in this price range feature a very low weight threshold hovering somewhere around 200 pounds. This kind of a weight capacity greatly limits the number of people who could use it. Though I am petite enough to use a cot with 150 pound weight capacity threshold, I would want to feel safe allowing someone else to sit beside me on my cot for a casual conversation or a game of cards. This Coleman cot would definitely allow me that privilege.

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