Coleman RoadTrip LXX Grill Review

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The major difference between a camp stove and a camp grill is that a stove features focused heat designed to heat the bottom of a pot or a pan, whereas a grill features dispersed heat designed to heat the metal grill plate and to cook food as the flames and heat gently lick the bottom of it as it sits atop the grill.

Choosing a camping grill for the position of Best Camping Grill wasn’t a very difficult task. It was hard to beat all of the wonderful qualities of the Coleman Road Trip LXX. You may have read a little bit about this grill on the main Camp Stoves and Grills page.

If so, you probably know that a downgraded version of this grill was featured in our “Runners Up” section on that page. This article will focus on explaining all of the wonderful qualities which earned the LXX a spot on this Top Three Choices list, including those which it shares in common with the downgraded version, the LXE.

Coleman RoadTrip LXX Grill Review

Built-in Stand and Dolly

This grill has its own built-in stand that holds it up off the ground as you cook. This is extremely helpful to people who do not have a tailgate upon which they can sit their grill and do not camp in places that provide picnic tables. Even those people who do have tailgates and do have picnic tables nearby will be happy to know that the space this grill would have utilized on either of those surfaces will now be open for other uses.

You may notice when looking at a picture of this grill that each of the feet on its stand’s legs look different. One has two wheels on it and the other has a looped piece of plastic. You could easily use the wheels transport this grill by tipping it slightly and pushing from one end or another.

While that would be the best means of transportation over very short distances while this grill is in use, it may not be the easiest to way to maneuver this grill over longer distances of difficult terrain. An easier method of transportation would be to collapse the grill onto the stand, swing the leg with the looped bottom up toward yourself, leave the wheels on the ground and pull the grill behind you as if it were a suitcase.

Temperature Gauge

Although both the LXX and LXE feature the collapsible stand, only this upgraded version features an easy-to-read temperature gauge. Located on the lid of grill, this gauge tells you the internal cooking temperature of the grill with a needle that points to the correct temperature.

I find temperature gauges to be very important on grills, because they allow you to trap the heat inside instead of constantly opening the lid to see if it has been properly preheated. Warm air escapes when you open the lid, meaning that opening it over and over again is bound to make it take much longer to actually reach the temperature you are looking for.

Also, cooking without a temperature gauge requires guesswork – you will never be completely sure whether or not you have reached the preheated temperature you need.

Additional Upgrades

Who doesn’t love accessories? When convenience and upgrades are added to a product via various accessories and functions, its value is increased. In addition to the temperature gauge, Coleman chose to include three other important upgrades to this grill.

Let’s begin with what I believe is the most important – this grill features 1000 more BTU per burner than its downgraded version. 11,000 BTU per burner should be sufficient in helping you grill hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts, steak, fish, and whatever else you may bring with you or catch on your trip.

Both the downgraded version and this Road Trip LXX feature side tables which slide out from underneath the grill to offer a place for you to set plates, condiments, and spices. They both also have hooks on the front of the unit which allow you to hang cooking utensils.

Whereas the downgraded version of this grill features plastic side tables and plastic hooks, the LXX features tables and hooks made from stainless steel. This upgrade not only looks more appealing, it is also much more durable to the wear and tear bound to happen to your grill over years of camping.