White Water Sleeping Bag

I want to begin this brief article by explaining that this sleeping bag received the title of Best Three-Season Sleeping Bag based mostly on three factors. First, it is a three-season sleeping bag. That may seem obvious, but it was a very important factor in narrowing down the choices. Second, the Cool-Weather Scoop has an outstanding sales record. Finally, it has received a considerably high number of very positive consumer reviews and ratings. If you have visited our main Sleeping Bags page, you know how important consumer ratings are to my selection process.

Let’s take some time in this article to explore the many reasons why this sleeping bag has received such wonderful consumer ratings and why it is so popular.

Three Seasons of Comfort

Rated for temperatures between -1 degree Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius, or 30 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, this sleeping bag is best used on cool spring and autumn nights. If you are wondering how this is possibly a three-season sleeping bag if it is rated only up to 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit, worry not.

Though you will be optimally warm when fully enveloped by this sleeping bag at those kinds of temperatures, you can also choose to open up this sleeping bag entirely, forming a blanket. This will allow you to sleep directly on top of your air mattress, mattress pad, hammock, or cot for extreme ventilation.

If the temperature is slightly cool but not quite cool enough to warrant the use of an fully enclosed sleeping bag, you can also choose to partially open the zippers from the top or the bottom to create ventilation holes for airflow purposes.

Keep it in Place with Fiberlock

One thing I always found annoying about sleeping bags with synthetic filler, like the insulation featured in this sleeping bag, is that over time the insulation somehow finds a mysterious way to clump itself into tiny balls. This would not only leave the bag lumpy and uncomfortable, it would also mean that I only had insulation covering certain areas of my body, allowing a lot of air to flow through the weave of the fabric.

Coleman’s patented Fiberlock method helps to keep the internal insulation in place as you move around and prevents it from clumping up. This is mostly done by sewing the insulation and the exterior of the sleeping bag together to hold everything in place. Though I cannot say for certain that this will make the Cool-Weather Scoop machine washable, it definitely makes it seem as though it would easily manage a gentle cycle. I would be willing to test my theory, but encourage you to contact the company before trying it yourself.

Roll Control

Though it isn’t a ridiculously advanced system, the roll control system built into this sleeping bag offers incredible convenience and is bound to reduce frustration by a considerable degree. If you have ever tried to roll a silky sleeping bag you probably know the frustration of trying to roll it snugly and having the center of your roll fling itself out, leaving behind what looks more like a misshapen croissant than a sleeping bag.

To help you roll your sleeping bag with ease, Coleman added a very simple system to this bag. Once folded in half, one half of the sleeping bag can be secured to the other by fitting small loops around small knobs which have been sewn into the seam of the fabric. This helps to hold all parts of the bag in place as you roll it from one end to the other.

Added Comfort

As if Fiberlock and Roll Control weren’t enough, Coleman decided to also make this an incredibly comfortable sleeping bag. You may have noticed in its name that this sleeping bag features a scoop. No, you will not be receiving a free ice cream cone with your purchase of this sleeping bag. Instead, as you can see in almost any picture of this bag, it features an extra bit of insulated fabric which protrudes upward, offering extreme comfort.

I suppose they called it a scoop because of its shape. What may be more important than its name, however, is its purpose. To stay warm, many people often struggle to find a way to get their entire bodies – head and all – inside their sleeping bags. This can make breathing difficult and can actually lead to overheating on somewhat warm evenings because it entraps too much body heat. Having this extra bit of insulated fabric (the scoop) keeps the coldness and dampness from penetrating your neck, head, and pillow.

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