CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent 11′ x 9′ Review

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As I noted on the main Four to Six Person Tents page, selecting the Best Overall tent for this size category was not a task which I took lightly. In fact, I took it quite seriously. I understand that you will be using your tent as your home away from home for anywhere from one night to a week or even longer. It is important that you are comfortable inside of your tent and that it is able to meet all of your requirements.

I understand that many people purchase a tent of this size because they plan to use it for their family camping trips. As someone with small children of my own, I also understand the importance of purchasing a hassle-free tent built of the finest quality to make the assembly process speedy and to ensure that your family is as protected as possible.

The Core 6 Person Instant Cabin boasts both ease of assembly and exceptional quality. Additionally, it has been constructed to offer you significant living space and has many other great features to help make your camping trip as enjoyable as possible.

Though I touched on some of the key selling points of this Core tent on the main Four to Six Person Tents page, this article will explore some of this tent’s other impressive features.

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Easy to Assemble

Since assembling this tent will be the first thing you do with it, I think it is important to cover this point first. This tent’s all clip setup means that you will not have to fuss with pole sleeves. I can speak first-hand about the annoyance of pole sleeves.

More often than not, a pole will get stuck halfway through a sleeve and just out of my reach. It significantly increases the amount of time it takes me to build a tent when I find myself having to put everything down to fix the snag, only to find that it snags itself again three seconds later. The fabric of this tent will attach to the poles with clips so that you will never have to experience similar frustration.

If the easy-to-assemble clip design isn’t enough to get you excited allow me to mention that this tent also features built-in collapsible poles. Instead of finding your poles, figuring out where they go, attaching them to the tent, erecting the tent then pegging it in place, you will simply flip open the tent, clip everything into place, lift it into a standing position, and peg it into the ground.

Plenty of Space

With just under 100 square feet of living space, this tent can easily accommodate up to six people. Four people will fit very comfortable in this tent with room to spare for storage. You can easily fit two queen-sized air mattresses on the floor of this tent with room to walk between them. If you prefer to be up off the floor, you can rest assured that the six foot tall ceiling will offer plenty of headroom if you choose to place your mattresses atop stands or bring in a few small cots.

Adding to how easy it is to move about this tent is its oversized D-shaped door. This door will allow you to move yourself and your belongings in and out of the tent with ease. I’m not sure about you, but my air mattress is best inflated when I use a powered air compressor.

Since I often choose non-electrical camping sites, it is usually my car which powers my air compressor. It’s difficult to find a compressor with a cord long enough to reach from my car to the inside of my tent, so it is very important that the door to my tent will allow me to move an already-inflated mattress into the tent from outside. This tent would cause me no hassle in that regard.

Superior Ventilation

Not only will the large door allow you to bring oversized items in and out with ease, it will also allow for a lot of air to pass through this tent, keeping it well-ventilated, even on warm days. Adding to the superior ventilation offered by this tent is its mesh roof. Pull the fly down on dry days to let the air in; pull it down on dry nights for a beautiful stargazing experience.

Large windows on every side of this tent offer more ventilation. A cross-breeze will be created between opposite facing windows, pulling fresh air in one window and send stale, hot air out the other. Floor vents have also been added to this tent for extra ventilation.

These small mesh windows are located a few inches off the floor and offer ventilation even when the windows are closed and the fly is secured. Small awnings have been built over these vents for rain protection and even feature their own guy lines to pull water away from the tent.