CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent 14′ x 9′ Review

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Who doesn’t love an instant tent? I know that I love an instant tent. I also know that I am currently having a very difficult time imagining a person who would not love an instant tent. Of course, I am quite picky when it comes to my tents. I quite literally have multiple tents for multiple purposes.

I own a one person backpacking tent, a two person backpacking tent, a four person dome and a large 12 person family tent. One thing I do not yet own, however, is an instant tent. When I do purchase an instant tent, I plan to get one which is in the eight to ten person size range, because I believe that it will best accommodate my family.

The very fact that I am currently on the hunt for my own instant tent in this size range led me to take the task of selecting the best eight to ten person instant tent very seriously. After much research and consideration, I decided that the Core 9 Person Instant Tent was the best tent for the job.

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent 14' x 9' Review

Quick Setup

An obvious requirement for being named the Best Instant Eight to Ten Person Tent is actually being an instant tent. Some tents, while collapsible like this one, actually take quite a long time to set up, because they feature awnings and complicated rainflies. This tent, on the other hand, should be quite simple to set up.

Remove the tent from its carrying bag, unfold it in the desired location, erect the poles, snap the fabric onto the poles and stand it up. The partial rainfly can be attached quickly with buckles and secured with guy lines for extra stability, if you prefer.

Great Airflow

Excellent ventilation is a must in most tents, especially those built to house multiple people. Air gets stale and hot quite quickly when you have to share it – it is important to find a tent with good airflow.

This tent’s multiple windows and mesh roof allow for excellent airflow. It does not feature as many or as large windows as some other tents, which leads me to believe that it is best used on cooler days and nights.

It may not be the ideal tent for a hot sultry night in the dead of summer in a location notorious for humidity. However, it is one of the few tents on this list which will offer you ventilation for fresh air without compromising comfortable temperatures on cool spring and autumn nights.

Plenty of Space

Personally, I prefer long tents to square tents when it comes to tents this size. For example, while a 12 foot by 12 foot tent may offer a wonderfully large 144 square feet of space, that space isn’t as easy to divide as an 18 foot by 8 foot tent which also offers 144 square feet of space.

Two queen sized air mattresses and walking space are all you will find in the 12 by 12 tent. The 18 by 8 foot tent, on the other hand, could manage to fit 3 queen sized air mattresses.

Before we get too carried away dreaming of ridiculously large tents, let me bring things back to the tent we are currently discussing. The Core Instant Cabin features 14 feet by 9 feet of living space, or 126 square feet. This area will allow you to fit in two queen-sized air mattresses as well as your gear, with room left for walking freely around this 6.5 foot tall tent.