12 Must-Visit Croatian Beaches

Set on the Adriatic Sea, it’s no wonder that Croatia is home to some of the world’s most picturesque beaches.

Many people plan their vacation to Croatia based on the oceanside alone, and if you’re hoping to go there, you’ll want to know which spots are the best.

What are the must-see Croatia beaches?

Those heading to Croatia for its beaches will want to check out Spiaza, Queen’s Beach, Bačvice, Lovrečina Bay, and Uvala Dubovica, just to name a few.

There are beaches found all over the European country and in all shapes and sizes, so you have plenty to choose from.

A trip to Croatia is usually focused on its small towns and picturesque beaches, and whether you’re a history buff looking for archeological sites or a party animal wanting to live it up with new friends from around the world, they can deliver.

We’ve counted down some of the finest Croatia beaches worth checking out, with something there for every traveler’s taste.

The Best Croatian Beaches to See

Croatia is located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, and its ideal location gives you access to all kinds of amazing beaches and historical sights to explore.

Our definitive list shows the must-visit beaches of Croatia, so you don’t miss what the best of this country has to offer.

#1 Spiaza

Spiaza beach Susak

Spiaza is found on the island of Susak, which has a reputation for being small, exclusive, and stunning.

There are loads of wholesome activities to be found here including coffee houses, paddleboards, beach chair rentals, and restaurants that let you enjoy the turquoise waters and grey sands that encompass the half-moon crescent bay.

One of the best things about Spiaza is that there are no nightclubs nearby, so if you’re after a quiet retreat, it can deliver.

People like to take their families here due to the shallow seas and cushioned sand, but you can be single here and have just as much fun.

Those wanting to swim will need to travel out a little further, but the views of Susak will make any position as beautiful as the next.

#2 Lovrečina Bay

#2 Lovrečina Bay

Bay Lovrečina is a serene little cove that combines the natural beauties of the Adriatic sea with the historic buildings and archeological sites that make Croatia so unique.

Near this bay, you can spot the St. Lawrence basilica dating as far back as the 5th century, and when you’re done sightseeing, cool off with a dip in its crystal clear waters.

A trip to Lovrečina Bay is made easy by boat and car, and although it can be popular in summer, there’s a lot to do to avoid the crowds.

The pines trees that cover the hills surrounding the cove make it feel like your own private getaway, and you’ll find plenty of vacation homes and hotels in the area to suit every budget.

#3 Grebišće

#3 Grebišće

Grebišće is a must-see beach for families, thanks to the sandy seabed and shallow seas that surround it.

The beach can be found by walking through the Grebišće campsite, which is available to stay at if you want to spend some time exploring the surrounding town or to get a snack and drink from.

As a narrower beach, you won’t fit as many people as the other picks on our list, but the beauty of Grebišće and all of the historic and cultural buildings that surround it make the journey worthwhile.

It can be located around 4km East of Jelsa and with other beaches in the area, you can make it just one of a few stops for the day.

#4 Queen’s Beach

#4 Queen’s Beach

Queen’s Beach’s official Croatian name is Kraljičina plaza, found in Nin which is located around 15km from Zadar.

A trip to Queen’s Beach will allow you to sit and sip a cocktail from one of the beach bars, and check out the views of the Velebit mountains that encompass the entire area.

You can swim in the dazzling blue waters here, and even check out the bathers that emerge covered in sludge.

This comes from the reedy area located behind Kraljičina plaza that’s full of peloid mud, a therapeutic clay that can be rubbed into the skin to treat muscle and joint pain if you’re feeling a little worse for wear after your travels.

#5 Proizd

#5 Proizd

Proizd is a sun bather’s delight and if your idea of a good day at the beach is relaxing and catching some rays, you’ll want to check it out.

The best way to get to Proizd is on a water taxi from Vela Luka, and there are lots of accommodation options there to put you in close proximity to the beach.

What sets Proizd apart is the scenery, with pine and maquis surrounding it, white sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters.

The sloping slabs on either side of the beach help to attract sunlight which makes it ideal for catching some rays, and you’ll be hard-pressed finding views like this anywhere else.

#6 Kupari

#6 Kupari
by Ben Fredericson (xjrlokix)

History buffs will want to check out the beach of Kupari, located in the southern end of Dubrovnik.

This cool little town features a historic holiday resort that was used for the Yugoslav People’s Army, and the juxtaposition of these now-abandoned beaches against a stunning white beach makes it a sight to behold.

To see Kupari safely, stick to the beaches, and avoid checking out the abandoned hotels to stay out of trouble.

With a sand and pebble shoreline, sapphire blue waters, and plenty of shallows for the kids to play in, it should be easy to admire the old hotels and stick to the water when you visit.

#7 Šunj Bay

#7 Šunj Bay

For those who love the journey there just as much as the final destination, a trip to Šunj Bay on Dubrovnik Island is on the cards.

It takes 50 minutes on a ferry to get across the water, and it’s only for passengers and not their cars, which means the rest of the hike to the bay will be by foot.

Once you arrive though, you’ll see that it was all worth it, including the first stop at the beach bar. The beach is large and sandy and it’s encompassed by limestone cliffs.

Just be sure to arrive before 10 am to avoid the crowds, as plenty of people are willing to take the journey to Šunj Bay to see its splendor.

#8 Bačvice

#8 Bačvice
by paularps

The world-famous Split bathing area known as Bačvice had to make it onto our list, and this natural phenomenon is on the top of most visitor’s lists, beach or not.

What makes this beach unique is its location, found right in the middle of the city and next to the port, while still having the beautiful sand, white pebbles, and azure water that Croatia is famous for.

A visit to Bačvice in summer is best and because the bathing area can accommodate up to 10,000 people, you don’t have to worry about being cramped while you swim.  

At night time, it turns into party central and the promenade is the place to be for young folks.

Visiting during summer and winter means you might catch a local game of ‘picigin’ being played, which is a joy to watch in itself.

#9 Uvala Dubovica

#9 Uvala Dubovica
by Falk2

Uvala Dubovica is a beach found at Hvar, with the town being known for its glitz and glamor, and the outskirts renowned for its beautiful swimming spots.

Uvala Dubovica is a pebbly beach that features a historic house, so it’s a must-have for anyone who likes to explore and learn while they’re traveling.

This beach has good shallow spots that make it a hit for anyone with children and you’ll get to spot some luxury yachts on the water during high season, but also a lot of crowds.

The journey there is almost as beautiful as you’ll travel through the winding roads of Hvar Island, and once there, you’ll find ample hotels and restaurants to accommodate your stay.

#10 Zlatni Rat

#10 Zlatni Rat
by Emich 

Brač is home to some of Croatia’s finest beaches and one of its main calling cards is Zlatni Rat.

A quick look on Instagram will show you how often this beach is photographed and shared with the world, and it’s earned its nicknames The Golden Cape or Golden Horn because of the shiny tongue that extends out from it.

Along with some of the most stunning views you’ve ever seen, the water is turquoise and beautiful to swim in, with lots of shallows to enjoy.

If you visit during summer, expect it to be packed, so try to avoid it if possible, and instead check out what else the region of Dalmatia has to offer.

#11 Gornja Vala

#11 Gornja Vala

Hailed as the largest beach on the Adriatic coast, you’d be crazy to leave this off your list when visiting Croatia.

Where most beaches have to deal with port winds that have the potential to cause a bad hair day and blow away your stuff, Gornja Vala is covered by over groves and pine trees that protect it and make it even more beautiful to enjoy.

There are loads of activities for people to enjoy at Gornja Vala, located at the southern end of the Makarska Riviera.

While there, you can play beach sports, hire water toys, and even check out the nearby nudist beach if you’re looking for some freedom while you swim.

The sand is mixed with soft white pebbles and a dream to walk on, so get ready to do some exploring.

#12 Copacabana Beach

#12 Copacabana Beach
by vivipazos

Copacabana Beach is found at Seka Bay in Dubrovnik, where there’s no shortage of other stunning beaches to enjoy.

This beach is good for those with children, couples and singles, and anyone looking to have some fun.

During a day at this beach, you can check out their beachside restaurants and juice bars, play some water sports or hire a paddleboard, treat yourself to a massage, and get cocktails delivered directly to a sun lounger while you soak up the rays.

Although one of the more popular beaches, you won’t mind sharing with the crowd when you see its beautiful views and crystal clear water.

Related Questions

A visit to Croatia wouldn’t be complete without seeing at least a few of their beaches, ranging from picturesque bays to dramatic cliffside havens.

If you’ve been planning a trip to Croatia and still want to learn more before you do, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions that can help.

How Far is a Flight From US to Croatia?

Flying from the US to Croatia takes a little over nine hours, depending on where you’re traveling from.

As a European nation, you will spend less time traveling from one of the Eastern locations in the US, with the distance between the two countries being around 5,000 miles from their center.

Is Croatia Expensive?

Croatia is considered one of the more expensive European countries to visit, but there are ways to see it on a budget if you want a cheaper vacation.

Those who are savvy with money and willing to stay in hostels and budget accommodation will be able to spend around 60 euros a day while there.

What Language Do They Speak in Croatia?

Around 95% of the country’s inhabitants speak Standard Croatian, with other popular languages being Standard Bosnian and Standard Serbian, depending on the location.

English visitors to Croatia should learn some basic phrases that will enable them to communicate with the locals in these languages, and not assume that all tour operators can understand them.