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Convertible Cot

If it wasn’t for the fact that most people are looking for one person cots, this exceptional cot would have made its way to the very prestigious position of Overall Best Cot. Alas, most people are not in search of two person cots, so I had to bump it a little further down to the still-prestigious position of Best Two Person Cot.

I knew the moment that I saw this cot that there was good likelihood it would make its way into our Top Three Camping Cots section. Its incredible versatility and unique design make it stand out among the rest of the popular, top selling camping cots on today’s market. Still, I could not have included it in the Top Three list if it hadn’t received outstanding consumer reviews and did not feature other impressive qualities.

This article will break down some of the Cam-O-Bunk’s most impressive qualities and functions to help you better understand why it has received so many positive consumer reviews. Hopefully, by the end of this article you will be able to decide if this is the right cot for your own camping needs.

Bunk Cots

This is not just one cot; it is two. These are not just two cots; they are two stackable cots. You can choose to use these two cots separately, side by side on the ground, or if you have the height you can choose to stack them like bunk beds. Stacking these cots like bunk beds opens up a considerable amount of floor space inside any tent, allowing you more room to store your various belongings and to maneuver.

Extreme Versatility

If you thought being able to use this cot as two separate cots was the picture of versatility, prepare to be even more impressed as you learn that you can also choose to slide the top bunk downward so that it is vertical instead of horizontal. By doing this you will create a sofa for afternoon lounging and evening relaxation; for curling up with a book or snuggling up to a loved one.

Stellar Storage System

One of my favorite things about the Cam-O-Bunk is its storage system. Though it only comes with a couple of hanging side pockets for the basic storage of cell phones, car keys, and flashlights, add-on items can turn this bunk cot system into a complete sleeping and storage center.

One such additional item is a large canvas storage system with multiple pockets and cubbies which can be attached to the end of the bunk unit and which extends from the foot of the top bunk all the way down to the foot of the bottom bunk. Another add-on is a large, reinforced, zippered, canvas storage box made specifically to slide beneath the bottom bunk for convenient, out-of-the-way storage.

Built Strong

Despite all of the wonderful features listed above, a cot cannot be a great cot if it is not well-built. Quality is much more important than versatility. Even the most versatile cots could leave you sleeping on the ground if they aren’t built with quality in mind.

This Disc-O-Bed dual cot system was most definitely built with quality in mind; I would never have included it in the Top Three list if hadn’t. To best exemplify the quality of this cot, allow me to tell you that it has a 500 pound weight capacity. Actually, to be more specific, you can put up to 500 pounds of weight on each cot – even when they are stacked into bunk beds.

Who Is It For?

Despite the awesomeness of this bunk-cot system, I understand that there are some people in the world who may be intimidated by it. They may be unsure if it is the right fit for their needs. Of course, with its heavy powder-coated steel frame I do not suggest bringing the Cam-O-Bunk along for a backpacking trip.

On the other hand, if you are planning to car camp in a stationary position and would like to make use of some of the many options and features of this unprecedented cot system, I encourage you to give it a try.

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