Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Review

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In order to select a hammock as the “Best Backpacking Hammock” I had to first decide what constituted a great backpacking hammock.

Of course, it had to share many of the same attributes as any great hammock. It had to be strong, durable, and easy to use. It had to have received great reviews from actual consumers who had used it over and over again and determined that it was, in fact, worth the money they spent to purchase it.

However, a great backpacking hammock must also have a couple of qualities which are completely unnecessary in any backyard or car camping hammock – they must be compact and lightweight. It was in searching for a quality compact, lightweight hammock with many great consumer reviews that I came across the Eagles Nest Outfitters Single Nest Hammock.

It checked off every single box on my list of important qualities, leaving no doubt in my mind that it deserved to be assigned this position in our Top Three Camp Hammocks.

Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Review

As Good as The Rest

Like all of the other hammocks featured on this page, this hammock was built with quality in mind. The simple fact that it is a top-selling hammock paired with its high rate of positive consumer reviews lends further proof that it is just as good as any of the others on this list.

Further evidence of its strength is the fact that it is capable of holding a 400-pound load without breaking at the seams.

Great Weight

Any experienced backpacker knows the importance of maintaining a light pack. The more things you carry and the heavier those things are, the more it weighs down on your own muscles and joints.

Whether you are trying to cross difficult terrain or simply meander down a well-defined path, a heavy backpack can lead to pain in almost every part of your body. Weighing in at a mere 16 ounces, this hammock will add very little weight to your pack, allowing you to maintain the lightweight pack necessary for long distance hikes.

Fit For a Backpack

Weight isn’t the only concern where backpacking is concerned. Whether you select lightweight materials or not, it is often very difficult to fit all of your required items inside your pack.

Therefore, it is very good to know that this particular hammock can be folded down to a rather flat 4 inches by 5 inches and slid into almost any compartment of your backpack. If you find yourself without any space inside your pack, the handy strap which comes attached to the hammock’s stuff sack can be used to clip it to the outside of your bag.

An Assortment of Colors

As an added little bonus, these hammocks are available in a very wide selection of colors. Whether you are looking for a color to represent your personality, one that is simply easy to find in the wilderness, or one which camouflages into its surroundings, there is bound to be one which suits your preferences.

Easy to Store with a Storage Solution

This Eagles Nest hammock comes with its very own storage bag so that you can easily transport it inside your backpack without worrying that it will unfold as things move around next to it, or that it will become damaged from rubbing against other items.

While most of the other hangable hammocks on this list also come with storage bags, this one is unique in that the storage bag is attached to the hammock.

There are two major advantages to having the storage bag attached to the hammock. First, you will never lose it. Forget about trying to rummage around in your backpack searching for a small stuff sack – this one will always be where you need it, when you need it. Secondly, it can double as a storage solution for important items such as your cell phone, flashlight, and water bottle as you use your hammock at night.