Forfar 15 Piece Camping Cookware Set Review

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If you read the brief snippet I wrote on our main Camp Cookware page, you already know that I define value as a combination of quality and affordability. Extra features and additional items only increase a product’s value, in my eyes.

First and foremost comes quality. What is the point of purchasing anything that isn’t designed to last? Even at the rock-bottom of the price scale, such a product holds little value because you will have to replace it much more often. I used consumer feedback and basic specifications of this set to determine that it is of excellent quality, especially when compared with others of similar prices.

Next comes affordability. If a product isn’t affordable for the vast majority of consumers, I simply do not feel right claiming that it has the best value. One glance at the price of this Forfar set and the prices of many other popular sets on today’s market can quickly show you just how affordable it is.

Finally, special features and extra items enhance a product’s value. This camp cookware set comes with a few of those. When you look at its quality and its price, these extra items are actually more like free bonus items.

Let’s take a closer look at what has made this set so popular and why I believe it is the set with the best value.

Forfar 15 Piece Camping Cookware Set Review

What’s Included

There really isn’t much sense of delving into the rest of this conversation without first telling you what is included with this set. After all, it’s important for you to know what we’re talking about here. This set comes with three pots, one pan, and three lids. There are many extra items we will talk about a little later on, as well. For now, let’s focus on the actual cookware.

Three pots and one pan offer you plenty of cooking options. Provided that you have a large enough cooking surface, you could easily use all of these pieces at one time to create a meal for anywhere from five to ten people.

Of course, the number of pieces in this set also means that it is a little heavier than some of the smaller sets on this website and, thus, would be best suited for stationary car camping. However, if you like to backpack on occasion, you can always leave some of the less important pieces at home to lighten your load.

Quality Materials

Aluminum is a very lightweight material which is also extremely heat conductive. Once a favorite metal among cookware creators, it was, at one point, abandoned in the search for rust-resistant, warp-resistant metals which do not alter the taste of acidic foods. When anodized aluminum entered the market, things quickly changed again.

This type of aluminum is just as lightweight and heat conductive as regular aluminum but is much stronger. Anodized aluminum is rust-resistant and warp resistant, making it perfect for the camping environment.

If you guessed that this Forfar set is made from anodized aluminum, you guessed correctly. Impressively, this set is also non-stick. Keeping up with the times and understanding consumer concerns about potentially toxic non-stick coatings, Forfar chose to use a non-stick coating which has been deemed non-toxic and safe for use.


Each pot in this set, along with all of the extra pieces to be discussed below, fits inside the largest pot. This nesting ability allows you to easily transport your pot set from one place to another. You can even tuck it away inside of a backpack or tie its carrying bag to the outside of your backpack.

Though I have already stated that this set may be a little large to bring with you on a backpacking journey, you always retain the options of bringing on some pieces or moving something from your bag to a friend’s bag to offset the weight. After all, this set is large enough to be used by multiple campers, so your friend probably won’t need to bring his or her own.

Each pot and pan in this set features a pair of curved handles which you can fold around the body of the piece for compact storage. Each handle is coated with thick plastic, making it easy to grip and cool to the touch. The plastic is near the end of the handles and the handles are long enough so that you can use these pieces over a small, controlled campfire.

All The Extras

I am beginning to run out of space to tell you about this cookware set and, unfortunately, I have barely scratched the surface of its functionality. Allow me to quickly tell you about the extras included with this set.

Not only are the quality pots, lids, and pan an excellent value for this set’s low price, it also comes with ten extra items. Essentially, this is a seventeen piece set which includes five bowls, two plates, a plastic soup ladle, a wooden rice spatula, and a sponge.