How To Shoot Sporting Clays and Where to Shoot?

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Sporting clays is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing games in the world. It is also called “golf with a shotgun”. This game is designed for entertainment and especially simulating field shooting. This is a perfect game that helps you to obtain accuracy on multiple flying targets. In this article, we are going to talk about all the technical and interesting facts about sporting clays.

So, how to shoot sporting clays? Smoothly, fix the target that coming towards you, or crossing you, or going away from you, and shoot. Shooting clays is as simple as that.

You need to follow some technical steps to break more targets such as flexible gripping, and flexibility on your whole body. Let’s know how you can go pro in sporting clays.

How To Shoot Sporting Clays and Where to Shoot

What Is Sporting Clays?

Sporting clays were first played in the 1900s. The idea of this game came from developing the target on the little ground and flying animals. There are lots of professional courses for those who want to be a perfect shooter on moving objects.

So what is sporting clays? Sporting clays is a challenging targeting game on moving objects on the ground or air using shotguns and rounded clays.

How To Shoot Sporting Clays Better?

The Minimum Tools You Need:

  • A Shotgun
  • thrower Machine
  • Buckshot or Birdshot

The Materials You Need:

  • Clay Pigeon
  • Sports Boot
  • Dress

Preparation time:

1 week

Sporting clays is a technical game. You need to improve your target way batter through practice. You need to practice on some pragmatic features to be a master on sporting clays. Here are some much-needed tips on best choke for sporting clays article, also below to break more targets during sporting clays.

Step 1: Proper Shooting Stance

Proper shooting stance is the first and very important step to break more targets. To find a proper shooting stance, figure out how your lower body moves the best. The best stance for all is, neither the wider nor the narrow steps rather choose the medium position between your two steps inside your shoulder.

Step 2: Look at The Target Clearly

The more perfect visual clearance, the more target breaking. You need to focus all the way from the hard focus area to the soft-focus area constantly to break the targets. Move your eyes slowly along with your upper body. Remember, you can’t shoot if you can’t see.

Step 3: Matching Speed Between Gun and Target

The next more important aspect to shoot down more targets is learning how to match the speed of the targets and the speed of your gun. To do this step perfectly, we need to use both our stance and eyes to keep the balance between gun and targets perfectly.

Step 4: Grip The Gun Softly

To heat the target perfectly, you need to grip the gun with a soft hand likely you grip a small bird. Soft gripping allows you to move your gun as needed.

Where To Shoot Sporting Clays

Where To Shoot Sporting Clays?

You need a wide range of areas for sporting clays because the clays need to fly freely in the air or crawling on the ground until you hit the target. Besides, this all about shooting, so you also need a no-man zone or a well-protected area because your bullet might injure someone.

So, Where to Shoot Sporting Clays? A well-protected or no-man zone, wide areas are the perfect place for shooting clays.

How To Aim A Shotgun Sporting Clays?

The shotgun is the key component in sporting clays. The more control over the gun, the more ability to hit the target. There are some key strategies for aiming the gun to the target that helps you more efficiently crash the clays.

How to Aim a Shotgun Sporting Clays? It is very simple. Grip the gun softly, move it by your shoulder as per need tracking the clays from soft area to hard area, lock, and hit the target.

What Type Of Birdshot For Sporting Clays?

When you are in sporting clays, you have to shoot down a thin flying object and of course, your target would be a short distance. So, you have to option to hit your target. First of all buckshot and the second one is birdshot. Generally, buckshot is perfect for long-distance and large objects and birdshot for short distance and small objects.

What type of birdshot for sporting clays? #7.5 is the perfect size for sporting clays. This size is being used worldwide. You should prefer no larger than #7.5.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pattern a shotgun for sporting clays?

Using different types of sporting bullets in your gun to hit the target perfectly is the best way to pattern a shotgun.

What length barrel for sporting clays?

30″ barrel is the most prominent and perfect for sporting clays.

When will highland hideaway open for sporting clays?

Every day at 7:30 AM–4:30 PM.

What ammo should I shoot for sporting clays?

Fastest ammo is perfect for sporting clays than slower ammo.


Sporting clays is not as popular as other games all over the world, but it is one of the fastest growing and very popular in North America, Europe, and Australia. As this is a challenging game, it gives us entertainment with the least excitement. Besides, it helps us to sharp our ground shooting hand.

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