Intex Classic Downy Pillows and Hand Pump Included Review

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Are you in search of an air mattress which will meet all of your basic requirements without breaking your budget and leaving you wondering how on Earth you will afford food during your camping trip?

The Intex Classic Downy may be just the solution to your problem. As someone who often camps on a budget, I know that it isn’t always possible to buy the top of the line version of every single thing you will need to bring with you.

Once you’ve made your initial investment, camping can be a very inexpensive way to spend your vacation, but it takes a while to get to that point. I hope to help you get there just a little bit faster by bringing you this quality air mattress which will not cost you hundreds of dollars.

Of course, some of the more expensive options have special features and may be slightly more durable than this mattress, but this one has been built with quality and will not disappoint. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the specifications which make this mattress compete well with much more expensive mattresses and which likely led to its popularity on today’s market.

Intex Classic Downy Pillows and Hand Pump Included Review

No Slip Top

A lot like top-priced air mattresses, this one features a no slip suede-like flocked top. You won’t have to worry about your sleeping bag slipping around from side to side as you toss and turn throughout the night – the textured top will hold it still.

You can even choose to cover the mattress with fitted sheets which will also stay in place throughout the night.

Heavy Gauge Vinyl

This mattress’s walls are constructed with 15 gauge vinyl; its top is constructed of 14 gauge vinyl with the additional protection of the added suede-like flocked material. Heavy gauge vinyl is important for air mattresses.

You want an air mattress which can withstand the wear and tear of the camping environment and which will not deflate itself over the course of a few hours. Some other models, usually those made for home use, are made with thin walls and, thus, could puncture very easily and will stretch out quickly. It is virtually unheard of to find a tough, thick mattress such as this one at this price point.

A Little Bit of Extras

Not only is this a competitively durable and non-stretchy air mattress, it also comes with a few small bonuses. First and foremost, it comes with a pump.

Of course, at this price point you should have guessed that is doesn’t come with some fancy two-way motorized, electrical air pump and you should definitely realize that it doesn’t come with one of those new, fancy Never Flat dual air pumps. This mattress comes with a good old-fashioned, difficult-to-break hand pump.

In addition to the mattress and the pump, you will also receive two inflatable pillows. I’m not entirely sure about you, but this sounds like a good deal to me. Though an inflatable pillow isn’t quite as nice as the luxurious pillows I have at home, I do prefer them to nothing at all or to lugging my own pillows along with me for every camping trip.

Why Is It So Inexpensive?

I believe that the major reason that this mattress is so inexpensive is that it does not come with an internal air pump like many of the more expensive options. In all honesty, though, that may actually be to your benefit. If you do not choose to camp where electrical outlets are nearby, inflating and deflating the other type of mattresses will be very difficult.

I like that this type of mattress gives you options. You can choose to use the hand pump it comes with or purchase a foot pump or an electric pump.

If you want an electric pump, you can choose between one that plugs in or one which runs on batteries. You can even purchase more than one type and switch them out, depending upon where you are camping.