10 Piece Backpacking & Hiking Cookset

Of all the camp cookware sets I researched when creating this website, I have come to the conclusion that the Mallome Campfire Cookware Mess Kit is the best set of all. Not only did it rise above all the other sets listed on this particular website, it has also proven itself to be superior to all the other hundreds of sets which did not make their way onto this page. Talk about something to be proud of.

I am sure that you are wondering why I selected this particular set. It hardly seems fair for me to simply tell you that it is the best without backing up that opinion with any sort of logical reasoning. If you are looking for proof as well as a general understanding of how this set can impact your camping experience, you have come to just the right place.

As you may know, all of my decisions for Top Three Choices in each and every section of this website are based mostly on popularity, sales statistics, and the opinions and experiences of actual consumers. This decision wasn’t any different. However, instead of focusing on each of those statistics in this article, I would like to show you the many reasons why this set has become so popular and is so beloved by consumers.

Thick Anodized Aluminum

As many people already know, aluminum is a very heat conductive material; that is why it was used to create pots and pans for so many years. However, aluminum has its downfalls. It isn’t nearly as durable as many other types of metal and is prone to rusting and warping. Why, then, would I award this top position to an aluminum set? This particular set isn’t simply an aluminum set. Instead, it has been crafted from anodized aluminum. The anodization process turns flimsy aluminum into strong, durable aluminum. In fact, a piece of anodized aluminum is actually stronger than a piece of stainless steel of the same thickness.

Furthermore, anodized aluminum pots will not alter the flavor of certain foods the way that their regular aluminum counterparts will. You can rest assured that these pots will not only stand the test of time and a difficult camping atmosphere; they will also allow you to quickly heat delectable dishes.

Many Accessories Included

This is truly an all-in-one type of set. Not only will you receive a pot, a pan, and a lid, you will also receive a multitude of helpful accessories. It doesn’t matter if you will even use all of these accessories. If you are planning a backpacking trip, you can simply choose to leave some behind if they take up too much space or add too much extra weight to your backpack.

In addition to the pot, pan, and lid mentioned above, you will also receive two BPA-free plastic bowls. The size of the pot and pan will easily allow you to feed two people. It’s nice to know that each of you will be able to use your own bowl. If you find yourself needing to stretch rations between four people, you can use the pot and the pan as two extra serving dishes. Similarly, if space or weight is a concern to you, you can leave the bowls at home and use the pot and pan as dishes for one to two people.

Additional accessories include a nylon stuff stack with drawstrings, a plastic soup ladle, a wooden rice spatula which can double as a soup spoon, a foldable spork, a loofah sponge for quick cleaning, and a recipe e-book.

Compact and Convenient

Each and every piece included with this set fits inside the large pot with the exception of the lid and the stuff sack. Simply pack everything inside the large pot, slap the lid on and shove it all in the stuff sack. If you are planning to take this ensemble on a backpacking trip, the drawstrings on the outside of the stuff sack may be of interest to you – you can choose to tie the entire set to the outside of your bag with them.

The pot is large enough to house a small fuel canister. If transporting a fuel canister is more important than bringing a pan or any of the other accessories and you are worried about the amount of space you have inside your pack, you can choose to replace the other items inside the pot.

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