The Ultimate Mount Kosciuszko Hike Guide

Summit Australia’s highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko, with everything you need to know in this Mount Kosciuszko hike guide!

As most of you already know, I’m not encouraging travel during this time. We need to stay home. What I am doing is inspiring your wanderlust for future trips after this is all over.

The year is 2019. I’ve just got back from a trip trekking in Nepal with my dad. I’m suffering major post travel depression and dreaming of what mountains I could climb overseas in the future. It hadn’t crossed my mind that I hadn’t even climbed Australia’s very own highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko. Sitting in the Snowy Mountains in Kosciuszko National Park, it stands at just 2,228m. Although it pales in comparison to some of the mountains, I’ve come in to contact with around the world, it’s still beautiful and its cool to check it off the list.

So, I set of one Friday afternoon in January, mere hours after I had decided I was going, and drove the 8 hours from my home to Thredbo, arriving close to midnight at my accommodation. I was exhausted from all the driving, but excited for what the next day would hold. The area is beautiful, and the hike, although easy, I still loved.

It’s so worth conquering and makes for an epic weekend trip. Coming to Australia from overseas? Make sure to head there. Wandering where to go for your next local getaway? It’s the perfect place!

So, this Mount Kosciuszko hike guide aims to cover everything you need to know about conquering Australia’s highest peak! Let’s get into it!

Mount Kosciuszko fast facts

  • Country: Australia
  • Area: Mount Kosciuszko National Park
  • Height: 2,228m
  • Difficulty rating: Easy – Moderate

How To Climb Mount Kosciuszko

How To Climb Mount Kosciuszko

Mount Kosciuszko hike routes and difficulty

There are two main routes that you can take to hike to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko, both which follow the same route for the last part of the hike. They are the Thredbo start and Charlotte’s Pass start.

Thredbo start: A 13km round trip, you can expect this route to take between 4 and 5 hours at an easy pace. Personally, I did this route in about 3 hours. One of the reasons this route is shorter is that you can take the chair lift from Thredbo town to the start of the track.

Charlotte’s Pass start: An 18.6km round trip, you can expect this route to take between 6 to 8 hours depending on your pace.

In regards to difficulty, the Charlottes Pass route is slightly more difficult, mostly due to the fact that it is a lot longer compared to the Thredbo route. Both views offer incredible views throughout Kosciuszko National Park.

When to hike Mount Kosciuszko

The best time of year to hike Mount Kosciuszko is between December and late March, where there is no snow and many wildflowers in season.

How to get to Mount Kosciuszko

Depending on the route you decide to take, you will either need to get to Thredbo or Charlotte’s Pass. There are a wider range of accommodation options at Thredbo.

Generally speaking, driving is the easiest way to get to Kosciuszko National Park, especially in summer when the roads are accessible. From Sydney, you can expect between a 6 and 7-hour drive. From Canberra, it is around a 3-hour drive, and from Melbourne, between 6 and 7 hours’ drive.

In winter, the roads can become closed and unsafe, however hiking Mount Kosciuszko is recommended in summer where there is no snow. If travelling in the winter, it is compulsory to use snow chains.

Permits and passes

Park entry fees apply when entering Kosciuszko National Park. During winter, the cost is currently $29 per vehicle per day, and the rest of the year it is $17 per vehicle per day.

If hiking from the Thredbo start, you will also need to buy a ski life pass to make use of the express ski lift.

Mount Kosciuszko hike safety

I hiked Mount Kosciuszko (the Thredbo start) by myself, and felt safe. With that being said, everyone and every day is different. I’d recommend not hiking solo if you can. Always carry a first aid kit, map and compass. Exercise normal caution that you normally would when hiking and travelling, and always tell someone where you are going, and when you plan and returning.

Where to stay near Mount Kosciuszko

Where to stay near Mount Kosciuszko


For the Thredbo route, you can stay in Thredbo itself, the heart of the action. There’s various accommodation options, restaurants, cafes and shops to explore.

Thredbo Alpine Hotel

A great option near all the action in the centre of Thredbo, you can relax in one of the nice rooms, enjoy a buffet breakfast and even relax by the pool on a warm day.

The River Inn Thredbo

A more budget friendly option, this is a great place to base yourself in Thredbo, and features free Wi-Fi, and onsite restaurant and bar.

Stillwell Hotel

Featuring amazing views over the mountains, you can enjoy a meal at the onsite Kosi Café, or a drink at the bar.

Eating and drinking near Mount Kosciuszko

  • Eagles Nest Restaurant: If you take the Thredbo Route, you can’t miss a meal at Eagles Nest Restaurant after your hike. It’s Australia’s highest restaurant, and you can enjoy breakfast or lunch with amazing views.

  • Schuss Bar: Schuss Bar is the perfect spot for afternoon beers, a meal or a hangout on the spacious balcony.

Mount Kosciuszko hike essentials

  • Good, comfy shoes
  • First Aid Kit
  • Atleast 2L of water
  • Snacks
  • Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen

Trip planning resources

Planning or booking a trip? These are some of my favourite resources for trip planning!

  • My go to for searching and booking hotels
  • Skyscanner: Search for the best deals on flights!
  • Get your Guide: One of my favourites for booking day tours and tickets.
  • Trip Advisor: See reviews of just about anything on Trip Advisor!
  • Tour Radar: If you like group tours, Tour Radar is the place to go!
  • Travel Insurance: Never travel without insurance, you never know when you might need it! I recommend Travelex Insurance.

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I hope you have found this Mount Kosciuszko hike guide helpful! Kosciuszko National Park and the Snowy Mountains are a beautiful worth being explored!

Happy hiking,