Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent Review

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Dome tents are very popular and have been for decades. Since the dome is actually the strongest type of roof a structure can have, the popularity of domed tents is not surprising.

Many other types of tents have graced the market over the years; some quite extravagant in what they offer to campers, such as multiple rooms and division screens. Many of them have been marketed as being superior to the domed tent because they offer more usable floor space.

Still, none have been able to beat out the popularity of the dome tent. Despite the best efforts of supposedly innovative tent companies, the dome tent has remained the most popularly searched for type of tent on today’s market.

The very popularity of dome tents told me that including a dome tent as one of the Top Five Choices of two to three person tents was a must. As we move up into larger tents (if you are interested in larger tents) we will see that the dome becomes less and less popular.

That is mostly because it is difficult to create collapsible poles strong enough to create a long curved line without coming apart at their connection points. At the two to three person size of tent, however, you can rest assured that this shape will be stable and sturdy.

I selected the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person dome tent as the Best Dome based on more than the simple fact that it is a dome shape, though. The rest of this article will lay out all of the other important things I factored into this choice.

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent Review

Great Consumer Reviews

After reading through hundreds of consumer reviews and looking over consumer rating statistics, it was fairly clear that people were happy with the way this tent held up in actual camping situations.

Consumer reports are important because they give an idea of what it is like to actually use the tent. Company-written specifications can only explain so much – they can give you a basic idea of the tent’s quality but cannot tell you for certain what it will be like to actually use it.

I found this tent’s positive consumer reports to be quite reassuring that it is likely to meet the needs of most people.

Dual Vestibules

What could possibly be better than one vestibule? Two vestibules. Since this tent features two large doors, each on opposite sides of the tent, it was easy for Mountainsmith to work in one vestibule for each door.

You can choose to pull both vestibules completely down for ultimate rain and wind protection or you can leave them open for airflow. Pulling the vestibules down completely also adds considerably to the storage space surrounding your tent.

You can even choose to pin up one side of either vestibule to create a small alcove outside your door. Doing this will make it much easier to move freely in and out of your doors while still allowing a place to safely store shoes. Personally, I would completely close one vestibule as a storage center for my gear and leave the other as an alcove for my shoes and boots.

Dual Doors

Dual vestibules mean dual doors. Having two doors in this size of a tent means that you can move in and out of the tent without disturbing other people in the night. Of course, if there are three of you trying to squish in here, the middle person may still need to do some climbing, but the added door is still convenient and is a great way to bring air through on hot days.

That being said, I wouldn’t recommend trying to fit three people in a two person tent. This tent will be snug even if there are only two of you. In fact, it would honestly be most comfortable for one person.

Excellent Ventilation

Despite having a full fly which reaches all the way to the ground on each of its sides, this tent maintains excellent ventilation thanks to its oversized doors and large windows.

Since the doors take up about half (if not more) of each of the tent’s long sides, you will be able to allow air to move freely through those sides. An excellent cross-breeze will be achieved through the doors as well as the other two walls which are each also half mesh.

When the fly is pulled down, you can choose to pin open one or both sides of either vestibule to allow air to flow freely through the doors of the tent. Ventilation slots in the fly itself allow air to pass through each of the windows, even during the strongest of rainstorms. Specially-designed awnings have been built over the ventilation windows to stop water from coming inside your tent during such storms.

A Solid Choice

With two doors, two vestibules, excellent ventilation, and positive consumer reviews, it is easy to see why the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person tent was awarded the title of “Best Dome”.