Warm Weather Ultralight Sleeping Bag

If you regularly camp in summer months or simply find yourself sleeping in a cramped tent with many people producing body-heat and managing to make your tent twenty degrees warmer than the actual outdoor temperature, you may want to consider purchasing a summer sleeping bag. If you have taken the time to read our Sleeping Bag Buying Guide you are probably aware than a summer sleeping bag is one which has been rated for about 35 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are looking for the best, you cannot select just any summer-rated sleeping bag and hope that everything will work out. If you want the best you have to choose the best. After a lot of careful thought, I have selected this OutdoorsmanLab sleeping bag as the best summer sleeping bag. I am sure you are asking yourself, “Why?” That is what I am here to answer.

Why It’s Number One

The most basic reasoning behind this selection is the sales statistics and consumer ratings backing up this sleeping bag’s incredible popularity on today’s market. What I found at the end of my search was that, of all the summer sleeping bags, this one had received the best reviews. Consumers have shown their satisfaction with this OutdoorsmanLab bag through high sales volumes and extremely positive feedback.

A Mid-Level Summer Rating

I must admit that I fully expected the most popular, top selling summer sleeping bag to be rated for 35+ degrees Celsius or 95+ degrees Fahrenheit. Instead, what I found was that the best summer sleeping bag was actually rated for 15+ degrees Celsius or 59+ degrees Fahrenheit. Let’s dig into this a little further to see why that may be the case.

Many consumers reported they were happy with this sleeping bag’s ability to keep them comfortably warm on slightly cool nights. They were happy to have found a sleeping bag which existed somewhere between the nearly paper-thin typical summer sleeping bag and the stiflingly hot three-season bags.

Three-season bags, though rated for summer use, are made for use in cooler environments, making them far too warm for places with occasionally hot nights. That being said, typical paper-thin summer sleeping bags aren’t good for places with occasionally damp or cool nights.

This sleeping bag is, reportedly, perfect for those in-between nights. Though it may be slightly warm on hotter nights, you can easily unzip one side fully or partially to allow for ventilation. You can also choose to unzip both sides and use it as a light blanket as you sleep directly atop your air mattress, mattress pad, hammock, or cot.

No-Snag Zipper

Although I truly believe that this sleeping bag’s unique temperature rating is a big part of why is has received such wonderful consumer reviews, I cannot deny its many other great attributes. In fact, I believe that each of these attributes played its own role in bumping this sleeping bag out of obscurity and into our Top Three section as the Best Summer Sleeping Bag.

This OutdoorsmanLab sleeping bag features a no-snag zipper which is bound to make your camping experience more enjoyable than many of those which I have experienced in the past. If you have ever woke up in the middle of the night, intent on making it to the bathroom in a decent amount of time, but found yourself nearly locked inside your sleeping bag as you tried to unzip it and it got stuck – you know what I am talking about. This no-snag zipper will save you the agony of fighting with your sleeping bag in the dark of night while trying to convince yourself that your bladder isn’t as full as it surely is.

Machine Washable

Perhaps one of my favorite features of this sleeping bag is that it’s fully machine washable. As someone who has camped in some very unsavory conditions over the years, I fully understand the importance of owning machine washable camping gear.

I try to purchase cookware sets and cutlery which can all be thrown in my dishwasher when I arrive home, so that I don’t have to worry about cleaning them on top of the other tasks I know I will have when I arrive home. From cleaning the mud off the tent and air-drying it to reorganizing our entire storage locker because somehow everything I took out just won’t fit back inside, I have enough hassle to take care of without having to worry about handwashing my smelly sleeping bag.

Lightweight and Compact

If you are a backpacker you will be very happy to hear that this sleeping bag is very lightweight and incredibly compact. Weighing in at a miniscule 1.6 pounds, you shouldn’t have to worry that it will add unmanageable weight to your backpack. To top that off, once stuffed into the included stuff sack and compressed with the included compression straps, this tiny sleeping bag measures only 11.4 inches by 4.7 inches (or less if you are strong enough to pull the straps really hard.)

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