Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent Review

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Tents with multiple rooms are quickly overtaking the popularity of smaller, personal-sized tents when it comes to family and group camping. Instead of having to spend an hour or so assembling multiple tents on one campsite, family and friends sharing a campsite can come together and build a shared tent in a matter of minutes. Pooling their energy and intelligence allows groups of people to accomplish a task much faster.

Group-sized tents are also gaining in popularity because they allow people to spend time together in the evenings and during poor weather conditions. What is the point of camping with a group of people if you all have to shout to each other from separate tents during a rain storm? Wouldn’t it be much nicer to cozy up together for a game of cards?

The popularity of group-sized tents quickly begat the popularity of tents with multiple rooms. It didn’t take long for people to discover that spending this time together in a shared tent meant much less privacy. I am ordering this website from the smallest tents to the largest tents, and I believe that this privacy issue is even more important in an eight to ten person tent than in any of the other sizes of tents I have reviewed up to this point.

Now that you understand the importance of large tents and multiple rooms inside of those tents, I would like to move forward to explain precisely why I selected the Ozark Trail XL Family Cabin as the best eight to ten person tent with multiple rooms.

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent Review

More Rooms Than All The Others

Obviously, having more than one living space was a requirement for any tent to which I considered awarding this title. Most of the other eight to ten person tents I reviewed featured only one large room. Some of those had additional floorless mudrooms which could not be counted as extra living space, because they could not be used as comfortable sleeping areas.

Of the few tents with multiple rooms, the Ozark was the only one which boasted three rooms – all of the others had only two rooms. Three rooms means three separate living spaces; three people can change their clothes in privacy at one time. You can separate children’s living quarters from adult living quarters.

You can have two sleeping areas and a specific changing area. Specified changing areas are great when you are somewhere with ample swimming opportunities. Simply use the changing area to change your clothes and leave your wet bathing suit in that specified place.

Three Entrances

Not only does this tent feature three different living spaces, it also features three different entrances. You will not have to worry about waiting for someone to finish changing their clothes so that you can make your way through that room and out the door. Instead, you can simply use the door connected to the space you are in.

These three doors are especially helpful when nature calls in the middle of the night. More exits mean less people to climb over to find an exit.


Measuring an incredible 20 feet by 10 feet, this 200 square foot tent is the largest on this list. It would cause absolutely no stress to fit three queen sized air mattresses inside with room to spare – even with the divider walls attached. Once the divider screens are hung, each of the three rooms measures 6.5 feet by 10 feet, allowing plenty of room for an air mattress and walking space.

This tent measures 6.5 feet tall at its pinnacle in the center room. I must admit that the two side rooms do feature shorter ceilings, but would like to point out that they will still allow you to set your queen-sized air mattress up on a stand without having to worry about hitting your head on the tent’s roof when you sit up.

Even More To Offer

Three rooms, three doors, and a spacious interior are not all this tent has to offer. It also boasts six windows, three door windows, and a mesh roof for ultimate ventilation. Such ventilation will be extremely important with eight to ten people cramped in one space.

A partial rainfly hovers inches above the mesh roof when attached to provide protection from the rain while still allowing air to flow through. All of the windows can be zippered shut to keep water out. A strong polyurethane floor also acts as a guard against water and dampness, keeping you dry and comfortable inside the shelter of your tent.

The rainfly creates a small awning over the main tent entrance and the entrance itself features small side walls and a built-in welcome mat-type flap of material which allows you to store wet shoes and boots outside and away from mud.