Ozark Trail 16x16-Feet
12-Person 3-Room Instant Cabin Tent

If you have already visited our main 12+ Person Tents page, you will have read a synopsis about this tent which focused mostly on its porch and what that porch can offer your camping experience. I will quickly recap that information here, for those of you who haven’t visited the main page, then I will focus on some of this tent’s other impressive features.

This tent’s porch is, essentially, one quarter of the entire tent structure, or one third the size of the tent’s interior. Since the tent itself has been designed in an L-shape, the porch area is able to exist in the leftover space between the two wings. Not only does this create some privacy from any neighboring campers, it also allows you some protection on rainy days. The greatest thing about this porch area is that the large awning protects you from rain and sun but two open walls allow for incredible airflow. You do not need to be sectioned off from the wild by screens and walls; instead you can be a part of it as you rest your feet in the grass.

Despite having a great porch space, I couldn’t select this tent based solely on that one criterion. It is possible for any company to create a tent with an amazing porch area while neglecting the rest of the tent in terms of quality. You wouldn’t want me to include a tent like that in the Top Five Choices, would you? I will assume that you would not. Let’s move forward and take a look at some of the other great qualities that bumped this tent up into the Top Five Choices section.

In an Instant

Who doesn’t love an instant tent? I am sure that there may be a few people out there who enjoy the challenge of fussing around with multiple poles and color-coded systems, but let’s be honest here – most of us want something simple. Maybe it’s because we’ve become lazy and expect things to happen quickly in our society. I prefer to think it’s because we are all so eager to get out and enjoy nature that we don’t want to waste time setting up a complicated tent.

The instant design of this tent means that you can easily and effortlessly assemble it in minutes. You could even, possibly, manage to set up this large tent on your own. I suggest having at least one other person help you, however. All you have to do is pull the tent out of its carrying case, unfold it, pull the collapsed, shock-corded poles into alignment, attach the fabric with clips, stand it up, and peg it down. Just like that. You can have an entire large tent in minutes.

Throwing the rainfly over will take only seconds, as will securing it with buckles. The porch won’t take long to put up either. Once the fly is attached, pull the awning portion outward, attach it to the pole included with the tent and secure the rainfly with guy lines.

Great Airflow

This Ozark tent features a fully mesh roof to allow hot air and stinky smells to move upward and out of the tent. It also features seven large mesh windows, two large doors with mesh windows, and two ground vents with built-in awnings. Keeping air moving through this tent shouldn’t be difficult, even when it is raining outside.

A Good Size

The actual dimensions of this tent are difficult to find, since it is an L-shape and is advertised as 16 feet by 16 feet. I suppose that 16×16 is the size of this tent when the porch is included (thus making it a square). I won’t get into all of the mathematical details here, but I will say that I calculated the interior of the tent to be 192 square feet, and the porch to be 64 square feet.

This tent can easily accommodate 12 people sleeping shoulder to shoulder on the floor. It could also house six to nine people spread out among three air mattresses. If you would like to use one of the three dividable rooms as a changing area, entertainment zone, or storage space, you begin to find that up to eight people can fit shoulder to shoulder on the floor or four to six people can sleep spread out among two air mattresses.

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