Top Rated Sleeping Bag Reviews

Finding the right sleeping bag is one of the most important parts of preparing for your next camping trip. Many of the things we bring with us on camping trips serve superficial purposes. A sleeping bag, on the other hand, serves a very important purpose – protection from the elements. Although a tent also protects you from the elements, there is nothing better than a good sleeping bag to protect you from the negative health effects of cold or wet weather.

Of course, if you camp mostly in warm, dry conditions the sleeping bag does become a little bit more about comfort than necessity. Still, finding the right one for your typical camping conditions as well as any personal needs or desires you may have is very important.

Top Three Sleeping Bags

In creating this website, my main goal was to bring you the best, top-selling camping gear on today’s market. Just like my research for each and every other piece of gear discussed on this website, my research into sleeping bags was intense. Hours were spent researching the differences between different types of sleeping bags and pouring over the details of individual, popular bags.

I can read specifications all day long and come no closer to a true understanding of which one is best than I would have had when the day began. What really tells the story of a sleeping bag’s quality are its sales statistics and consumer ratings.

I can tell you that it is important for a summer sleeping bag to be thin, and it should also have extra ventilation options. I can suggest you find one which is silky on the inside instead of soft like flannel. I can find you a sleeping bag with all of these qualities and suggest that you purchase it simply because it meets those standards, but I can never tell you exactly what it is like to sleep inside of all of the sleeping bags on today’s market. Let’s face it, I can’t afford to go out and buy each and every one just so I can test it out. The same can be said of three-season and winter sleeping bags.

However, in order to bring you the most honest and reliable information possible without having to purchase 6000 sleeping bags, I scoured the internet for consumer reports about each of the most popular sleeping bags on today’s market. Each and every sleeping bag on this website is the product of a strict process of elimination whereby I whittled down a large list of popular sleeping bags into a small list of the best, top-selling sleeping bags money can buy. Within that list, three impressive bags shone brighter than the rest. Here are my top choices.

Best Summer
Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight
Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

If you are planning to camp in the summer, a light, well-ventilated sleeping bag is a must. Unless you are planning to camp in a region known for its sultry nights, you are likely to need some sort of extra warmth as the sun falls and the heat of the day fades away into the night. Of course, you will not want to suffocate yourself inside folds of fabric and thick insulation. This is why we suggest using a sleeping bag built strictly for summer, such as the OutdoorsmanLab Ultralightweight.

Trust me, though, I didn’t select this particular bag based solely on the fact that it is a summer sleeping bag. Many summer sleeping bags exist on today’s market, but what you are looking for is the best one, right? I suggest the OutdoorsmanLab Ultralightweight Sleeping bag for a variety of reasons.

Let’s begin with how lightweight it is. Weighing in at an astonishing 1.6 pounds, this sleeping bag isn’t likely to add too much extra weight to your backpack as you travel miles across the wilderness in the warm months of summertime. Its thin, synthetic insulation and silky, smooth polyester encasement are water-resistant and will keep you both warm and cool at the same time.

Additional features such as a no-snag zipper, compression straps and a pillow make it even more attractive. However, if you want to know the number one reason I chose this sleeping bag as the Best Summer Bag you will have to take the time to read its full review.

Best Three-Season
Coleman White Water Large Cool-Weather Scoop

This three-season sleeping bag is built for ultimate comfort and versatility. I am sure that its many wonderful qualities are what have made this sleeping bag so popular on the current market. Not only is it capable of keeping you warm throughout cool spring and autumn evenings, it is also able to keep you comfortable on hot, sultry summer nights.

Fiberlock technology means you will never have to worry about unscrunching annoying clumps of synthetic insulation from the corners of your sleeping bag in an effort to maintain an evenly-heated atmosphere. Coleman’s patented Roll Control technology will help you roll it into a perfect cylinder without all the slippery hassle you may be used to from your old sleeping bag.

I can barely even begin to describe the conglomeration of wonderful qualities which led me to select this as the best three season sleeping bag. To give you a full understanding of the thought process behind this selection and to help you understand how this may be the right sleeping bag for your next spring, summer, or fall camping adventure, I needed to create an entire page devoted solely to this sleeping bag.

Best Winter
Coleman Big Basin Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

This Coleman bag is built to withstand some of the most terrible elements the winter season can throw your way. It is rated for an incredible zero degrees Fahrenheit or -18 degrees Celsius. With many other “winter” sleeping bags rated only for temperatures of about 20 degrees Fahrenheit or -7 degrees Celsius, it is no wonder why consumers have given this bag such great reviews.

Made of water-resistant polyester and filled with similarly water-resistant, quick drying synthetic insulation, this winterized sleeping bag is even suitable for use directly on the ground when harsh backpacking conditions make a tent an impossibility.

To get a full understanding of why I chose this sleeping bag as the best one for extreme weather, and why it has received such great consumer remarks and ratings, read the special article I wrote specifically for this sleeping bag.

Runners Up

Every person is different – everyone has his or her own needs and preferences. If you have read through our Sleeping Bag Buying Guide, you have probably seen just how different some of those needs and preferences can be.

Despite wholeheartedly believing that the sleeping bags in the Top Three section are the best of the best, I understand that some people may have needs which cannot be fulfilled by those exceptional sleeping bags. If you are one of those people keep reading, because I have put together another list just for you. Here are my six runners up.

Teton Sports Mammoth Queen Size Two-In-One

Measuring 62 inches by 92 inches and built to accommodate two to three people, this queen-sized sleeping bag will easily fit atop any queen-sized air mattress. Unlike many similarly sized sleeping bags, this is not simply two twin/single sleeping bags zipped together to create one large queen-sized bag. This bag is fully intended to be only a queen-sized bag, which means that you won’t have to worry about annoying zippers digging into your back and causing a very uncomfortable night of sleep.

Surprisingly, the Teton Sports comes with its own stuff sack and compression straps. Most bags this large require you to painstakingly roll them into cylindrical shapes and attempt to fit them into bags which are always much too small to allow you to accomplish the task. Making life much easier, Teton Sports will supply you with a stuff sack into which you can literally stuff this sleeping bag. Once it is all inside the sack, you can attach the compression straps around the outside and pull them tight to reduce the size of the sack.

Another wonderful, yet surprising, thing about this sleeping bag is that it is available in two different temperature ratings. If you are looking for something in the three-season range, you can purchase the 20 degrees Fahrenheit option. If you need something to sustain you through much colder temperatures, select the zero degrees Fahrenheit option.

Additional features and impressive qualities include a warm polyflannel lining, a rounded top for extra comfort and insulation, and extra cushioning around the zipper for draft protection.

Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Winter Sleeping Bag

I absolutely love that you can choose to purchase this sleeping bag with a zipper on the right hand side or on the left hand side. I am not left handed, but know a few people who are and I’ve been mortified by the struggles they face when trying to accomplish everyday tasks the rest of us take for granted because our tools are all made to suit our right-handed ways.

In addition to being available in both right-handed and left-handed versions, this winter sleeping bag more than lives up to its name. Unlike many other bags parading around calling themselves winter sleeping bags, this one has actually been made to withstand harsh temperatures down to -18 degrees Celsius or zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Its rectangular shape does not offer as much body heat retention as mummy-shaped sleeping bags, but consumers have said that it does a rather good job of keeping them warm during cold winter nights. An insulated draft tube fitted around the zipper is partially to thank for this warmth.

The taffeta exterior makes the North Rim very water resistant. Still, although there are some sleeping bags I would say are okay to use directly on the snowy ground, this is not one of them. I suggest using it in conjunction with a mattress pad and a tent, since its shape will allow some dampness to make its way to the area around your neck.

Ohuhu Double with Two Pillows

This queen-sized, three-season sleeping bag has been made with a water-resistant polyester shell and a soft cotton interior designed to keep you comfortable and warm throughout the night. To create this sleeping bag, Ohuhu created two smaller sleeping bags and made it possible to attach the two together for sharing purposes. Though this may detract from your general comfort level if you roll onto a zipper, it is nice to know that all of the zippers feature insulated draft tubes which help to keep warm air in and cold air out.

Two small pillows accompany the Ohuhu Double, meaning that you will not have to worry about bringing some from home or finding camp-friendly pillows to purchase separately. One of the more impressive qualities of this sleeping bag is that it is machine washable. Of course, you will want to wash it on a cold, gentle cycle to maintain the integrity of its seams and hang it to dry to keep the zippers from warping.

Fully assembled, this large sleeping bag measures 57 inches by 84 inches, which is plenty of room for two people to share. Remember, though, that you can always choose to separate these two bags if you find yourself camping solo. In that case, you would be looking at a single sleeping bag measuring about 28 inches by 84 inches.

Teton Sports Celsius XXL Winter Sleeping Bag

If you are of above-average height and are looking for the perfect winter sleeping bag, look no further. Measuring an astounded 7.5 feet in length, this Teton Sport XXL is bound to meet your needs. Not only is wonderfully sized for your height, it is a serious winter sleeping bag. Whereas many other sleeping bags claim to be built for winter but are, really, only suitable for temperatures of about 20 degrees Fahrenheit or -7 degrees Celsius, this bag is fully capable of keeping you warm in temperatures as low as zero degrees Fahrenheit or -18 degrees Celsius.

I must admit that you may have a more difficult time staying warm in extreme weather conditions in this rectangular bag than you would in a mummy bag, but you should fare well if you plan to sleep inside a tent and atop some sort of air mattress or mattress pad.

The durable stuff sack which comes with this Teton Sports allows you to condense it down to a very manageable size of 17 inches by 12.5 inches. Of course, the compression straps mean that you should be able to make it slightly smaller with enough muscle strength. Don’t worry too much about trying to fit this bag inside your pack, because the stuff sack’s durable composition and the buckles built into the compression straps will make it very easy to attach to the outside of your pack.

Weighing in at only 7 pounds, you should have no problem adding this to your backpack for a winter backpacking trip. Seven pounds may sound like a lot, but as winter sleeping bags go it really isn’t that much and will definitely be worth it when you find yourself sleeping in below-freezing weather.

Suisse Sport Adventurer Three Season

This mummy-style sleeping bag is great for cool spring and autumn escapes into the wilderness. Don’t believe the “three season” tag in its name – it is not meant for summer. That being said, some people, such as myself, love to camp in the early spring and late autumn and find that neither a regular three-season sleeping bag nor a winter sleeping bag quite fit the bill.

Useful for a temperature as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius, the Sport Adventurer will keep you warm on near-freezing nights without sweating you out on nights of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, or 10 degrees Celsius. On the coldest of those nights, rest assured that the insulated draft tube running along the inside of the zipper will keep the cold air out and your body heat in. The hood will also keep you very warm as you can pull the drawstring to cinch it around your face, trapping even more body heat. On warmer nights, pull the hood bag and unzip a portion of the zipper to allow ventilation.

When you get home after a long week of camping, simply toss your smelly, dirty sleeping bag into any front load washing machine and watch it come clean as if by magic. Do not try to clean this in a traditional, upright washing machine, because the aggressive spinner may cause some damage to the bag’s stitching.

Ohuhu Summer Sleeping Bag with Carrying Bag

Of all the sleeping bags I have reviewed up to this point this is the only one which claims to be completely, 100% waterproof. The nylon exterior can apparently handle a lot of rain without leaking whatsoever. Of course, I do not recommend using it outdoors in a monsoon – the fabric may be waterproof, but there are still openings for your head in that fabric, and I doubt that the zippers are completely airtight. Still, if rain or dampness is of concern to you, you may want to consider this summer sleeping bag.

The ideal temperature for the Ohuhu Summer is about 55 degrees Fahrenheit, or 12 degrees Celsius. Many summer nights are much warmer than this, but some can even be slightly cooler. A sleeping bag such as this one allows you to stay warm on the coolest of summer nights. If you are worried about overheating on warmer nights, simply unzip the zipper slightly to allow ventilation, or unzip it completely and use the bag as a blanket instead.

Speaking of zippers, you should know that this sleeping bag comes with either a right-handed zipper or a left-handed zipper. This is not only great news for the left-handed individuals of the world; it is also great news for those who are looking for a large queen-sized sleeping bag. By buying one right-handed bag and one left-handed bag you can attach the two sleeping bags to create one large queen-sized bag.

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