SoundAsleep Dream Series with ComfortCoil Technology Review

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This SoundAsleep air mattress was chosen as the overall best air mattress of all the top air mattresses I reviewed for this website. The choice, though not obvious when you simply look at all the different options, was very clear cut when I took important statistics into consideration.

This mattress has received, by far, the best consumer ratings of all the popular, top selling air mattresses I was able to find. Not only was it top ranking in terms of consumer ratings and reports, it was also among the top ranking in sales. When I find a product with combined statistics as impressive as these it is impossible to ignore.

What is it that sets this mattress apart from all the others? I am sure you are asking yourself this question, especially if you have looked at some of the others on this list.

Some of its competitors feature self-opening stands, built-in side tables, pressure adjustment knobs, or a combination of all three of these impressive features. The SoundAsleep doesn’t really boast anything extraordinary in terms of special features, so I can see why you would wonder. In the end, I believe it all comes down to quality.

This article will take a brief look at some of this mattress’s major specifications to help you come to an understanding of what sets it apart from the rest.

SoundAsleep Dream Series with ComfortCoil Technology Review

Equipped with an Internal Pump

The internal pump included with this mattress is fully capable of inflating it in mere minutes. There will be no need to struggle with a manual hand or foot pump if you happen to be in the vicinity of an electrical outlet when setting up this mattress.

If you do not have the luxury of camping somewhere with electricity or simply choose not do so, you can purchase a special adapter for your car’s lighter system whereby you can run this pump through the adapter so long as your car battery is full of life.

Not only can the pump inflate the bed, you can also set it in reverse mode so that it will deflate the bed for you. As someone who has had to roll back and forth on the floor on top of an air mattress far too many times, I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see such an option built into this bed.

Extra Tall for a Warmer Sleep

Anyone who has camped before knows that the world, generally, becomes a much damper place at night. The dew develops along the edges of the grass and glistens beneath the moonlight like something from a dream. Too bad actual dreams will be difficult to achieve if you are shivering on the floor of your tent in your sleeping bag.

I have tried out some of the absolute best sleeping bags this world has to offer and have found that I still end up shivering in the night. Though my skin feels warm to the touch and the sleeping bag has managed to maintain a toasty temperature, I am cold inside because the dampness has chilled me straight through to the bone.

Thankfully, this mattress is extra tall, measuring a total of 18 inches in height. All that height places a great amount of air between you and the floor of your tent to stop nasty drafts and dampness from making their way to you and chilling you out as I have experience so many times before.

Everything Stays in Place

The flocked material on the top of this mattress helps to hold sheets in place and stop slippery sleeping bags from sliding off in the middle of the night.

A rubbery bottom keeps the entire mattress in place so that it doesn’t slide around on the tent floor as you roll around in your sleep.

Extra Thick

Whereas many other air mattresses boast about 12, 13, and 14-gauge wall thickness, this mattress boasts an impressive 15-gauge thickness. Though you should always be careful to keep pointy objects away from your air mattress, you will not need to be nearly as concerned with this mattress as you would with the others.

This thickness not only leads to incredible durability, it also stops the mattress from stretching. When filled with air and placed under pressure (such as the pressure of a person lying on top of it), an air mattress will stretch, which will increase the amount of space inside without increasing the amount of air. This is how some thin air mattresses become flat so quickly.

The thick, 15-gauge walls of this mattress, on the other hand, will keep it plump and firm all night long.