Sportz SUV 6 Person Tent Review

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If you have never heard of this type of tent before, do not worry, you are not alone. I was stunned when I came across my first vehicle extension tent. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of the concept earlier. It was just so obviously awesome.

To be able to have your vehicle attached to your tent allows you to optimize your living space. The floor space of your tent will no longer be eaten up by all of your luggage and other belongings. You can use it for sleeping or just basic living.

If anyone has back problems and cannot sleep on the ground or an air mattress, they can sleep in a more comfortable seat inside the vehicle and still be a part of the fun.

Sportz SUV 6 Person Tent Review

Two Options

If you decide that you want to camp somewhere without your vehicle or have to bring a smaller vehicle (such as a sedan) on your camping trip, don’t worry about having to purchase a second tent. This Sportz tent can be set up with or without being attached to your vehicle.

Of course, you may need to bring your belongings into the tent with you and cut in on your living space, but you will be able to have a free-standing tent whenever you need it.

If you want to take off from your campsite for the day and go cruising around the campgrounds or drive to some sort of local attraction, you can take your vehicle apart from the tent, close the tent up and leave it behind fully-assembled and closed off from bugs and other pests.

Lots Of Mesh

You will not need to worry about stale air or excess warmth in this tent. Its partially mesh roof will allow body heat to rise up and out of the tent and be replaced with the cooler air brought in by the many windows and screen panels lining the walls of this tent.

Its screened mudroom, half-mesh secondary door and large mesh window will create an incredible cross breeze to pull fresh, cool air in and push stale, warm air out.

Tons of Space

In addition to the 10 feet by 10 feet interior living space and the extra space offered by your vehicle, this tent includes a large screened-in mudroom. Though this cannot really be counted as extra sleeping space because it does not have a floor, the mudroom is an excellent place to disrobe wet, muddy clothes and store shoes. In fact, anything in a waterproof container can be stored in this area.

Square feet aren’t all that are important in a good family or group-sized tent. A tent could feature 400 square feet of space and be completely unusable if its roof structure was only two feet above its floor. Luckily, that isn’t even close to being the case with this tent.

The Sportz SUV features a remarkably tall 7 foot ceiling. Not only will most people be able to stand up tall in this tent, they will be able to walk around without hitting their heads off of a lantern, should they choose to hang one from the hoop at the tent’s pinnacle.

I would suggest taking advantage of this tent’s height by erecting mattress frames or cots to pull your body up off the cool, damp floor at night. I’m not sure about you, but too many nights on a cold, damp floor leave me with aches and pains that put a damper on my camping experience.

Multiple Exits

If everything discussed above wasn’t enough, you will be happy to know that there is a second door beside the mudroom and main entrance area. To use this door, you will have to lift up a portion of the tent’s side and erect two poles beneath it to create a large awning.

This little porch-like area will be perfect for enjoying a cool beverage at the end of a long day, escaping the sun at midday or simply finding a place to relax during a light rain shower.