Stansport McKinley 2 Pole Dome Tent Review

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Something has value when it is both useful and reliable. Something you purchase is of great value if it useful, reliable, and affordable. It was those criteria which I used to select the Best Value pick for two to three person tents.

To measure different tents in terms of those criteria, I compared their specifications against what leading industry professionals believe constitute useful and reliable tents. I then narrowed down my choices by comparing the consumer ratings and reviews among them. Upon the completion of this lengthy process, I found myself staring at the Stansport Black Granite Series McKinley 2 Pole Dome Tent.

This Stansport tent is actually the most affordable tent on the Two to Three Person Tent list. I was astounded that my analysis brought me back to the lowest priced tent. Usually, the cheapest tent in terms of cost is also the cheapest tent in terms of construction. I rarely find myself choosing the absolutely most affordable tent for this position, because that tent rarely lives up to any expectations I have in terms of usefulness and reliability.

Let’s take a closer look at the basic specifications of the Stansport Black Granite so that you can better understand why I selected it as the two to three person tent with the best value.

Stansport McKinley 2 Pole Dome Tent

Fast and Easy Setup

Two shock-corded poles cross at the midpoint of this tent’s roof to create a dome. Not only is this dome one of the strongest shapes from which a tent can be constructed, it is also a very easy shape to create.

Despite not being a popup tent, this Stansport should take mere minutes to assemble. Don’t worry about struggling with multiple pole systems, trying to understand the color coding system and which poles attach to one another.

Both poles in this two pole design are equal in length and can be used interchangeably on either side. Simply snap the shock-corded poles together, slide them through the sleeves and clip them into their footings. Secure the tent to the ground with a few stakes and get ready to relax in the wilderness.

Waterproof for Comfort

This tent’s polyethylene floor will keep all moisture at bay. Its bathtub design means that the polyethylene used on the floor extends three to four inches up the sides of this tent, further protecting you from water on extremely rainy nights.

The polyester fabric from which the rest of this tent has been created will offer great protection from the elements, as will the partial fly. Though this tent’s fly does not reach all the way to the ground around the entire tent, it does pull taunt away from the tent’s main body and creates a large awning over the front door to direct water away from the tent itself.

Spacious Interior

Once sharp angles have been accounted for, the 7 by 7 foot floor of this tent offers about six feet by six feet, or 36 square feet of usable living space. This space can easily accommodate three people of regular height and even those who are somewhat tall.

Three people would be forced to sleep rather snug inside this tent, as the six foot width of the tent does not allow for much personal space. Two people would be exceptionally comfortable in this tent and could even make room for some of their belongings.

This tent measures 54 inches (or 4.5 feet) from floor to ceiling at its tallest center point. This creates adequate headroom for you and a companion or two to sit around playing cards on chilly, rainy nights. It also offers adequate space for packing and repacking backpacks or changing your clothes in privacy.

Two Exits

I suppose that I could have titled this section “Two Entries”, but I also suppose it doesn’t really matter which I choose. What does matter is that you can choose to enter or exit this tent from one of two openings.

These two openings are important for two major reasons. First, if there are two of you sharing this tent, one of you will not be forced to climb over the other person to make a bathroom trip in the middle of the night.

No one will have to worry about tripping over or stepping on anyone; no one will have to worry about being tripped over or stepped on. Let me tell you, I have had my share of rude awakenings over the years but being stepped on by my brother’s smelly hiking sock was one of the worst.

Two entrances/exits are also important because both can be left open (or at least their screens can be left open) to provide incredible airflow. Windows are always great, but they aren’t as large as doors. Placing two large doors opposite one another (as seen in this tent) is a sure-fire way to promote airflow.