Sundome 4 Person Tent Review

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If you already read about this tent on the main Four to Six Person Tents page, you will know that I take the task of selecting “Best Value” very seriously.

I wanted to ensure that I not only brought you an affordable tent, but also one which will satisfy your basic camping needs. I was stunned to find that the tent which best fit both of those requirements was actually the most affordable tent on the entire Four to Six Person Tents list.

In this article, I will go into some detail about the Sundome 4 Person dome tent to help you better understand why I believe it was deserving of this title.

Sundome 4 Person Tent Review

Cannot Beat the Price

During my research, I found plenty of small, four person domed tents similar to this one. Two major differences were clear when I looked at these tents, compared with this Sundome: the others were more expensive and had not received as positive of consumer reviews.

Similar tents almost double the price of this particular tent. Some tents were double the price and didn’t even have the same impressive features or positive consumer reviews.

Room for Four

Although this tent would fit two people much more comfortably, it is fully capable of housing up to four people for a squishy night’s sleep. If you prefer to sleep on an inflatable mattress, two twin mattresses or one large queen mattress will fit inside with room to spare.

Measuring almost five feet in height at its pinnacle, this tent offers just enough room to change your clothes or sit up at night playing cards – even on top of an inflated air mattress.

Protection From the Elements

Surprisingly, despite the fly and walls of this tent only being coated with polyethylene rated at 450mm, consumers have reported that this tent holds up well in rain showers. Of course, it may not be the tent you want to bring with you on a tropical vacation in monsoon season, but it should get you through a week-long camping trip without much of a problem.

Awnings built over the two main windows offer extra protection in areas that the partial rainfly cannot reach. You will not need to zip these windows closed and jeopardize the air quality in your tent during a light rain shower. However, when it begins to rain nearly sideways, it is nice to know that you can choose to zip them up if needed.

Excellent Ventilation

Let’s get right down to business on this one. This tent features a lot of mesh. Its one door has a mesh window at the top which can be zipped closed for privacy. A large window on the back wall mirrors the window on the door, allowing the breeze to flow freely through the tent. This window also zips closed for privacy and rain protection.

Don’t worry if the breeze happens to be blowing in a different direction – each of the two side walls features a large mesh panel which makes up the entire top half of the wall. You can easily cover up these panels by throwing the fly over the tent and quickly securing it in place.

If you thought two windows and two large mesh panels were enough ventilation on such an affordable tent, you will be surprised to know that it doesn’t end there.

There is also a floor vent located on the back wall of this tent so that you can get some fresh air even when you have the entire tent closed up during a rainstorm of a cold night. A small awning over this vent keeps the rain from coming in and flooding your sleeping area.

One Door

You have to expect that the Best Value tent will not be up to par with the Overall Best tent, especially when they differ so much in terms of their prices. Obviously, to save money you will have to make a few sacrifices. Luckily, this four person tent has not asked you to sacrifice much. As you have probably seen so far in this review, this tent can hold its own among many others in terms of how well it will protect you from the elements and the ventilation it offers.

Honestly, the only sacrifice I could see you having to make with this tent would be ease of access. It doesn’t feature double doors like many of the other tents on this list. That being said, how big of a deal are two doors, anyway? Isn’t it much more important to be protected from rain and bugs and to breathe fresh air in the middle of the night?

The one door that this tent does have is actually quite large and shouldn’t be any sort of hindrance to moving yourself and your belongings in or out. You can even choose to sleep so that your head or feet are at the door, thus removing the possibility of having to step over someone else to make your way out of the tent for that midnight bathroom break.