Sundome 6 Person Tent Review

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Domed tents are exceptionally popular on today’s market; I believe that is the case for two major reasons. First of all, they are simple and easy to set up. Secondly, they are built to withstand difficult outdoor conditions with more ease than any other shape of tent.

Although it gets more and more difficult to create collapsible dome tents as you move into larger and larger tents, a six person tent is still plenty small enough to maintain a strong domed structure.

Therefore, based on the popularity of dome tents and these two very important qualities, I knew that it was important for me to include one of them in the Top Five Choices section for four to six person tents.

The Sundome Six Person tent hits on all the key aspects of what constitutes a great dome tent. First, and most importantly, it has a domed structure. Secondly, it is very easy to assemble. Finally, it is strong and built to withstand most outdoor situations.

That all being said, this tent also boasts many other impressive qualities. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this Sundome tent and all its wonderful features and qualities.

Sundome 6 Person Tent Review

Easy Assembly

Since it is constructed of only two poles, assembling this tent will take only minutes out of your day. Some of the other tents on this list feature three, four or even five poles, plus complicated pole systems for their built-in mudrooms and awnings.

While luxuries such as mudrooms and awnings can be quite enjoyable on a camping trip, some people are more concerned with actually getting out into the wilderness and exploring. The less time you have to spend assembling your tent, the more time you will have to explore, play, and relax.

There is no color coding to worry about with this tent. You won’t have to fuss about with your poles to be sure you are putting them in the proper places, nor will you assemble the entire tent to find that you put two poles in the wrong spots and created something that looks like it should be part of a fun house. The two shock-corded poles included with this tent snap together easily and are exactly the same as each other so that they can be used interchangeably.

Small sleeves are present at the tent’s pinnacle, which means that it may take a little longer to set up this tent than it would to set up an all-clip tent. However, unlike an all-clip tent, this one boasts the endurance and strength outlined below.

Built to Endure

Any dome-shaped tent is built for endurance. Unlike tents with broad flat walls, the wind will easily whip around the curved walls of a dome tent without placing pressure upon them. These aerodynamics reduce the chance of your tent being picked up by strong winds or ripping along its seams.

The curved roof of a domed tent encourages water to fall to the ground without pooling and creating weak spots susceptible to leaks. The rainfly of this particular tent adds to its rain-proofing not simply because it is a waterproof membrane, but also because it is shaped in such a way as to pull water further away from the tent itself.

The peaked awning it created above the front entrance is sloped slightly forward to encourage water to drip at least one to two feet away from the entrance. This awning also provides you with a dry place to remove your shoes before entering the tent.

Well Vented

Not only does this tent feature two walls which are half made of mesh, it also features a large D-shaped door which is half mesh and a large mesh window on the back side of the tent. The cross-breeze possible in this tent is incredible.

It can pass though the side panels or the window and the door. Heat can rise up and exit through the mesh side panels, since it is the top half of these panels which is made from mesh. A small ventilation slot underneath the back window allows fresh air to caress your face as you sleep. The company even included a small awning over the top of the ventilation slot to protect it from rain.

An Obvious Choice

Now that you know a little bit more about this particular Sundome tent, it should come as no surprise that it managed to snag this spot in the Top Five Choices for four to six person tents.

In addition to all the wonderful features already discussed, this tent boasts a six foot roof, 100 square feet of floor space, a sealable flap for electrical cords, a flashlight or lantern loop, and a durable polyethylene floor.