Survival Trailer: Tips On Things To Include

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With the constantly rising rent and energy prices, many people are struggling to maintain their standard of living. Some people get so fed up that they abandon modern society in favor of a life off the grid.

By living in a survival trailer, the simplification of today’s living standards gets rid of any monetary concerns. But in order to enjoy living in one, it is important for the trailer to have a few basic necessities necessary for survival.

Food Storage Space in a Survival Trailer

Every trailer that is going to be resided in for the long-term should contain ample storage space for food. In addition to a refrigerator, keep a couple of coolers in your vehicle that you routinely fill with ice.

Take advantage of cold weather by gathering snow to keep items in the cooler cold for free. Make sure the bed has storage space underneath in order to store non-perishable food items. A good rule of thumb is to have enough room for about a year’s worth of food.

In addition to food, water storage space is also needed. Although plumbing is available at the campsites you may visit along your way, it is important to maintain a good supply of water in case you end up in-between sites for a period of time.

Solar Panels

For those who truly want to save money, a good strategy is to equip the trailer with solar panels. This will save the cost of paying for electrical hook-ups at campsites. It also reduces your need to stop at the campsites at all, allowing you to camp in a supermarket parking lot or friend’s yard for free.

Power Outlets

Installing extra power outlets is always a good idea when living in a survival trailer, since a standard trailer will not come with a power supply that is close to what those whom have lived in a house will be accustomed to having. This will allow for hook-ups of necessary gadgets such as computers and GPS devices to plot future routes.

Flint and Wood

It is important to have flint and wood on hand at all times in case electrical power is, for some reason, unavailable. Any survivalist should know how to start a fire since it provides a free source of heat, as well as a method of cooking food. They are also good supplies to have if the trailer becomes stranded for any reason.

Maps Can Also Benefit People Living in a Survival Trailer

Although maps may seem insignificant when there are high tech GPS systems available, it is dangerous to be completely reliant on technology. In case of technological failure, it is always good to have an alternative method of planning routes. Therefore, it is important to keep a map of your surrounding area handy at all times.

Instead of struggling to maintain a modern standard of living, some people choose to drastically cut living expenses by living in a survival trailer. As long as the trailer is equipped with a few basic necessary supplies, it can be a great way to live – and save money at the same time.