ALPS Taurus 2-Person Tent

I believe that vestibules are a very important part of camping whenever one is using a small tent. Any tent built to house only one to four people usually requires a little extra space for storing important items such as backpacks and boots. Whether you are camping in a stationary location or you are backpacking across many miles, a small tent with a large vestibule can add to your ability to enjoy your camping experience.

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ALPS 2 Person Tent

Selecting the Best Overall tent in the two to three person size category was much simpler than I’d originally expected. For any category on this website, I plan to spend considerable time researching and comparing tents before selecting one for the top position. While I did still spend that amount of time to ensure that my first instincts were correct, I quickly circled back around to the very first tent that jumped out at me as I began my research – the Alps Mountaineering Extreme 2 tent.

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ALPS Mountaineering 1-Person Tent

Whenever I select something as a “Best Value” top choice, I try to keep both quality and price in mind. It wouldn’t do to simply bring you the least expensive tent I can find. If I were to suggest that you purchase an extremely inexpensive tent I would be condemning you to a terrible camping experience filled with rain puddles and shivers.

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