Top Camping Gear Brands: Coleman, GSI, Teton Sports and More

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In the countless hours I have spent creating this website for you, I have reviewed hundreds of different camp-related products. Each and every one of the products featured on this website has been selected based on its incredible popularity, outstanding sales statistics, and overall level of quality.

So, who is behind these products? I may vouch for the quality of a given product on this website because of the research I have done, but wouldn’t it be nice to know a little bit about who is making the products you will be using?

This page was developed to bring you information about the top camping gear brands featured on this website.

Top Camping Gear Brands


Boasting over 100 years in the camping gear industry, Coleman is one of the few companies whose name came up over and over again as I created this website. Product after product, category after category – there was Coleman, always one of the top contenders.

Over 100 years ago, W.C. Coleman had a need for a stronger, brighter, cleaner-burning lamp – so, he made one. Everyone was intrigued and soon he began selling them. As World War Two swept the Earth, Coleman was enlisted to create portable stoves for soldiers fighting overseas.

As the war faded into the past and families found themselves with more spare time, the stove took on a new life. It became a camp stove. From that day forward, Coleman has been a company focused on bringing innovative and helpful products and tools to families across the world.

GSI Outdoors

“It’s all about the outdoors, the rest is meaningless.” If that mission statement doesn’t tell you that GSI Outdoors is serious about the outdoors, I don’t know what could.

As a company, GSI has been focused on helping people get out into the wilderness for over 30 years. Their commitment to the outdoor life has bred in them a commitment to making that life as simple and enjoyable as possible.

An American company with Canadian roots, GSI has been on the scene since 1985. Staying strictly committed to bringing the best to their consumers without compromising their integrity, this small, family-owned company chose not to incorporate so that their consumers could remain the only voice of authority.


Founded in the 1990s, CampChef based its entire company profile around making it easier to cook in the outdoors. They recognized the desire to eat proper meals while camping and the hunter’s excitement in creating delectable dishes from fresh catches.

To make this vision a reality, they began with a stove. From this stove sprung many more ideas and many more visions. Soon, CampChef was one of the leading names in camp-friendly grills, griddles, barbecue boxes, pans, smokers, and much more.


Predominantly featured in our coolers section, Igloo has been among the top names in portable refrigeration since the 1940s. With a long history in one niche area of the camping, hiking, and sporting events market, it is no wonder that Igloo creates some of the highest quality and most innovative coolers available on today’s market.

Like most things, the story of Igloo began with a small idea – bringing clean, easily accessible, and somewhat portable water to the outdoor worksite. Soon, a small beverage holder with an easy-dispense spout was created.

It wasn’t long before other outdoor workplace needs began to be met. Cold, unspoiled food was possible at any time of the day as small, personal-sized lunchbox coolers were developed. Seeing the applicability to many other areas of life, Igloo expanded. Suddenly, they were creating soft coolers, hard coolers, coolers with wheels, and an assortment of beverage dispensers.


Based in Oregon in the United States of America, Leatherman is a proudly American company which has been creating multitools since the 1980s. Never has a tool been more versatile or innovative than multitool.

First created by Leatherman and later copied by many other companies, the multitool has grown in function over the years as consumer needs have changed.


With about 80 years in the storage and organization industry, Rubbermaid has a long history of making the everyday home function like a dream.

This company holds a strong belief in innovation, always trying to come up with solutions to new problems and changing their products to better reflect a modern way of life. That being said, they also like to stick with what is tried and true. If something isn’t broken, why fix it, right?

Rubbermaid’s products were featured mostly in the storage container area of this website. Their ability to create a solid, strong, watertight container was a big part of what caused them to take more than one of the top three positions.


There are few people who haven’t heard of the Swiss Army Knife. In fact, many impostor pocket knives are often informally referred to as Swiss Army Knives, simply because of their popularity.

Commissioned to create compact, transportable knives for the army of Switzerland, Victorinox was the first to create such a knife. Fast-forward years later and you will see that Victorinox is now creating many more products. From cutlery to watches and knives to suitcases, this company has branched off in many directions.

On this website, Victorinox makes most of its appearances on our pocket knives and multitools pages, thanks to their incredible popularity and quality.


Creating storage and organization solutions since the 1940s, Sterilite is a plastics company. They have always been on the cutting edge of fashion.

They have managed to ensure that their products will accentuate any current interior design trends. Storage doesn’t have to be ugly. That being said, it doesn’t need to be low quality, either.

Sterilite has done a terrific job of marrying the ideals of quality and aesthetic appeal.

Intex Recreation Corporation

This company creates an assortment of inflatable goods. From pools to hot tubs to air mattresses, Intex has all your inflatable needs under control. Clearly, this website chose to focus on Intex’s air mattresses.

In all honesty, it really is no surprise that Intex made its way onto this website, considering that their main focus is inflatable goods. While many other companies create air mattresses, one would expect that an inflatables company would create the best ones.

After all, their focus has always been on using quality materials and processes to ensure that their inflatables are of the best standards possible.


Although Serta is best known for their regular mattresses and their dancing sheep commercials, this website chose to focus on their inflatable air mattresses.

Of all the air mattresses featured on this website, Serta’s were the ones which boasted the most comfort and upgrades. Some of their beds even featured never flat pumps.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Serta is currently the #1 mattress manufacturer in the United States and ranks near such a top position on the worldwide marketplace as well. This company was established in the 1930s when 13 mattress manufacturers came together to pool their resources and take the market by storm.

Teton Sports

Teton handles all of your camping and hiking needs. Their company philosophy is all about having adventures, making memories, and connecting with nature. They aspire to make it much easier for the average and the extreme individual to do all three of those things.

Their relatively flat corporation means that power and money are spread almost evenly throughout their entire staff, allowing ideas to flow more freely and consumers to receive the lowest prices possible.


In case you couldn’t have guessed it from their name, I will let you in on a little secret – Therm-A-Rest focuses solely on sleep-related products. Most specifically, they focus on inflatable mattresses and mattress pads.

This company was created in 1971 by a group of avid campers, hikers, and climbers who eagerly tried out each and every new product idea in the depths of the wilderness. Now owned by an umbrella corporation – Cascade Designs – Therm-A-Rest has stayed true to its roots and continues to push the envelope of innovation.

Eagles Nest Outfitters

Originating in the 1990s, Eagles Nest Outfitters was the brainchild of two brothers who simply did not want to live the typical corporate life. They didn’t want to sit in a cubicle, wear a suit, or perform manual labor – they wanted an easy life.

It is crazy to think that a company as popular as this one and one which is known for its quality actually began with two guys selling hammocks out of the back of their minivan at local fairs – but, it did.

Their intense focus on hammocks meant that the brothers, and those who would later work with company, were able to perfect Eagles Nest’s products. The quality of these products shines through today, as you see these being among the most popular, top selling hammocks on the market.