Best Travel Trailer Covers for Harsh Weather

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Are you here to find out the best travel trailer cover for your RV?

Well! Every person who has a recreational vehicle (RV) knows the significance of travel trailer cover. This product keeps your vehicle safe from the harsh impact of outdoor weather conditions or elements like wind or rain. You can consider it like a blanket that does not let the color of your RV get fade or dull.

But there are so many travel trailer covers in the market nowadays that can make you confuse about the selection of the best product. So, to help you with this task, we have picked and reviewed the five best travel trailers in the below article. Moreover, we will also provide you a buying guide info that will help you in selecting the right product as per your needs and budget.

Best Travel Trailer Covers for Harsh Weather

Should I cover my travel trailer over the winter?

The following are a few reasons for which we need a travel trailer cover:

Weather protection

The travel trailer cover keeps your vehicle safe from tough weather conditions like rain and snow. It does not let the RV to get wear and tear early.
Moreover, your vehicle does not affect by the harmful UV rays that can degrade or deteriorate the looks of your RV because of the intense exposure to the heat.

Storage cover

The travel trailer cover also helps you in storing your vehicle for a long time like off camping season or the wintertime. It works incredibly for storing and keeping the RV safe from outdoor elements.

Element protection

The elements like dirt, dust, water, bird droppings, moisture, etc. can damage your vehicle. So, it is essential that you park your vehicle with the cover for the entire time. It will not let the harmful elements to put nicks or scratches on the RV’s surface.

Avoidance of Premature degradation

The installation of the travel trailer cover protects your RV from getting degraded. It allows you to save your money that you might have to spend on vehicle maintenance.

What is the best material for a travel trailer cover?

Below are a few essential factors that you need to keep in mind while picking the best travel trailer cover:

Type of covers

There are so many different types of covers in the market. But you should choose the one that perfectly matches your needs and requirements for your RV. They are made from different materials too.


The cover that you select should match the vehicle’s size too. So, measure the size of your vehicle first before buying the cover so that it provides accurate fitting. Include the length of the windshield covers and tire too.


The material from which your travel trailer cover made should be of high quality as well as durable too. The common cover materials are polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, and solution-dyed acrylic.

The polypropylene material is water-resistant and does not get crack easily, and the polyester material is useful for the people who are living in hot weather areas.

Extra Features

  • Air vents
  • Zippered panels
RV should buy a travel trailer cover

6 Best RV Covers for Winter and Snow

1. AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover

Keep your RV safe from the outdoor elements with the help of the Amazonbasics travel trailer cover. It is an incredibly useful cover that you can put on effortlessly on the vehicle. Due to its thick material, your RV remains protected from harsh weather conditions.


It is a premium quality cover that comes with 1-ply breathable sides and 3-ply roof material. The cover is exceptionally thick and quickly shields your entire vehicle.


The material of the cover has an inbuilt air vent system that reduces the wind lofting. Moreover, it does not let the inside moisture to enter the cover for complete dryness.

Custom Fit

It has back tension sections and flexible front for the customizable fitting. It expands the edge curves for proper fitting. There is a united buckle alteration feature in the cover which offers a safe placement.

2. KING BIRD Extra-Thick 4-Ply Travel Trailer Cover

Buying this travel trailer cover is a long term investment due to its extra thickness. It functions effectively in protecting your vehicle too.

Handy Design

It comes with a zippered door that can be rolled on both sides. You can access it more conveniently through the engine areas and the engine anytime. There are reflective panels in the product that offer you extreme safety at during vehicle parking at night time.

Strong Fabric

There are additional thick 3-ply non-knitted fabric and 4-ply material on top on sides. It delivers best damage and weather protection against rain, UV rays, dirt, snow, and scratches.


There are 6 air vents on the sides which decrease the wind pressure and inside dampness. Furthermore, it dries out so quickly that the vehicle does not stay moist at all.

3. RVMasking 5-ply Top Travel Trailer RV Cover

It is a costly travel trailer cover that comes only in the bigger sizes. But if you talk about its durability then, it works effectively against strong winds and moisture.


It comes with the 12 waterproof straps and clips on the bottom. There are an adjustable rear and front pressure panel that gives a customizable fitting to the cover. Moreover, it does not get easily blow off in the strong wind.

Durable material

There are thick 3 ply sides and 5 ply top in it that makes the product durable for future use. Its dual stitching makes it scratch resistant, anti-aging, and tear-proof along with the long life.

Stress-free installation

You can install it easily with the weighted buckle toss. You can access it anytime through the zippered doors. With the help of its thick handles, it’s easy to remove the cover anytime.

4. OOFIT Travel Trailer RV Cover

The OOFIT travel trailer cover allows you to take full care for your RV with a suitable model. It is a user-friendly product that gives perfect safety to the vehicle.

Accessible Design

It comes with simply handy side zippers that have additional fluorescence cable. You get more easily enter the RV door effortlessly anytime. Moreover, there are fluorescence signs on the side of the zipper that let you discover the door easily during the night time. In fact, it offers safety to the vehicle.

Customized Fitting

There is an included undercarriage belt system in the cover with 4 joining points on every side. Furthermore, there is a buckle on it that provides a customizable fitting to the cover. You may change it as per your requirement for reducing the blow of wind.

Ventilation and Protection

There are air vents on this product that decrease the stress of wind and also allow the moisture to vent out too. It is weatherproof, breathable, and UV resistant also.

5. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

It is one more high quality and a cost-effective travel trailer cover that is presented by a reliable brand. Your vehicle gets a complete safety against contaminants and weather elements with this amazing product.

Safe Fit and Ease of access

The product comprises of an adjustable rear and front stiffness sections. It prolongs hem angles to offer a definite fit. Also, there are zippered panels in the cover which let you access the vehicle through the engine areas and the doors.

Better Safety

It is a waterproof product that keeps your vehicle safe from the harsh weather outside such as the build-up of moisture, harsh snow, etc. It is prepared from the 3-ply top as well as single-ply. It inhibits the formation of mold, fluid, and mildew on the vehicle too.


It comes with the compatible design that is impeccable for the travel trailers possessing the length size of 24 to 27 inches. Its height is around 118 inches from the level of the ground surface. Thus, it easily fit any size of the travel trailer.

Final Thoughts

Anybody who is having an RV should buy a travel trailer cover for sure. It not only keeps the vehicle protected from the harsh weather conditions but also helps in maintaining the original looks of the vehicle. But, don’t forget to keep in mind all the essential points while buying the best travel trailer cover that we have discussed in the above article.

In the above article, we have reviewed the five best travel trailer covers in-depth. Now it’s your time to decide which product is best suitable for your needs and why? Once you know your requirements, you can easily pick the right cover for your vehicle.

So, which best travel trailer cover you pick for your RV? Is there anything more you want to know about the travel trailer cover? Please share you know thoughts with us in the below comments section. Don’t forget to share this article with all your near and dear ones!