Vivere Double Hammock
with Space Saving Steel Stand

Everyone is looking for something different when it comes to hammocks. Some people need hammocks for their backpacking trips, some want hammocks for their backyards and some just want to bring along a hammock on their camping trip as an extra place to lounge in the afternoon.

As someone who often camps on beaches or in the desert, I understand the importance of a hammock stand. If you plan to camp somewhere without trees to tie your hammock to but are committed to the idea of bringing a hammock along for the trip, the Vivere Double Hammock with Stand may be just what you are looking for. Of course, if you are planning to go on a backpacking trip, you may want to look into a different option, since this stand may be a little heavy for your pack. On the other hand, if you are packing up your car for a week in the wilderness, this is exactly what you will need.

Strong Steel Stand

Setting up and tearing down your Vivere hammock is a rather simple task – only a few nuts and bolts are required to get it standing upright. Boasting a 450-pound weight capacity, this hammock has one of the highest weight ratings of all the other hammocks featured on this website. To me, this says a lot considering that the others rely on the strength of a well-rooted tree for some of that ability.

Just Unhook It and Go

Despite having told you that this may not be the best idea for a backpacking trip, I want to encourage you to look outside the box. It really wouldn’t take much effort to unhook this hammock from its stand and bring it along in your backpack without the stand. Of course, you will need to bring along some straps or rope to tie it to a tree.

Built for Two but Perfect for One

This Mayan-style hammock is large enough to accommodate two people lying down or up to four people sitting up in its 63-inch wide and 94-inch long lay space. Of course, you will want to keep the hammock’s weight restrictions in mind when adding more people.

Despite being built for two people and also being perfectly suitable for two people, using this hammock as an individual will likely offer you the best experience. Since it has been built in a Mayan style and lacks a spreader bar at either end, this hammock will envelope your body as you lay in it like a cocoon.

Many Material Options

Upon purchasing your Vivere Double Hammock you can choose between three different types of material for the actual hammock fabric. You can select Subrella material, cotton, or polyester. Of course, your choice will depend upon your own personal preferences, but allow me to tell you that my personal choice would be cotton. I would choose cotton because it is the most natural type of material and my sensitive skin appreciates natural materials. That being said, cotton isn’t very good for use in the rain and stretches out over time.

Sunbrella and polyester are somewhat similar in their behavior, except that Sunbrella can be left outside in the sun day after day without fading or deteriorating beneath the sun’s harsh UV rays. That being said, it usually features more chemicals than polyester would. The choice is yours and should be based on your own preferences and needs.

Along with the three options of material types, you also have the ability to choose between many different color combinations. From warm browns and charcoals to cool blues and greens to bright reds and yellows, there is sure to be a color combination which suits your taste.

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