Wenzel Blue Ridge 14×9 Feet Seven Person Tent Review

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It was fairly easy to select a tent for the “Best Multi-Room” title in the Four to Six Person Tent section, because there really aren’t very many tents of this size featuring more than one living space.

There are a few with vestibules and some with screened-in, floorless mudrooms, but there are very few which actually feature a secondary living space with a floor.

Despite the fact that the selection pool was rather small, I have to say that I am very impressed with the particular Wenzel tent I selected as “Best Multi-Room” tent in this category. Not only does it provide two good-sized living spaces, it also boasts a host of other impressive features we will look at a little later in this article.

Wenzel Blue Ridge 14x9 Feet Seven Person Tent Review

Two Large Living Spaces

If you read the short description of this tent on the main Four to Six Person Tents page, you will know that this specific tent boasts 126 square feet of living space. I know of people who live in “tiny houses” smaller than that. This 126 square feet can be left completely open or can be divided into two separate spaces.

When left open as one large space, a queen-sized mattress can easily be placed in the middle of the floor with ample space around it for storage and for people to maneuver themselves as they get in and out bed. Of course, using the tent in this fashion will only allow about four people to sleep in the tent.

If you would like to accommodate more people, you can squish both a queen size and single air mattress inside and forego the extra space for storage. Now you could comfortably sleep up to five people. To sleep six people, pass up the comfort of an air mattress and revisit traditional camping as you snuggle up on the floor with your sleeping bags.

This tent’s room divider is removable and features its own zippered door. As someone who has used a few tents whose divider panel did not feature a zippered door, I can certainly tell you how convenient this is.

You won’t have to spend the extra time continually putting it up and taking it back down each time you would like to move through from one space to the other. Most importantly, you will not have to worry about the damage that may be caused by someone tripping over it when they decide they would rather not spend the time to unclip it.

The second room is smaller than the main room and would be a perfect place to store things, get changed or have a private sleeping quarter. Since a queen-sized mattress will fit nicely into the main living space, up to four people can sleep in this tent without needing to use the secondary living space for sleeping – leaving it open to many creative uses.

Feel The Fresh Air

I always get excited when I see an extremely well-ventilated tent. I prefer to camp in the summer and live in a relatively warm part of the world. It is, therefore, very important to me that my tent has superb ventilation. There are few things more annoying than waking up in the middle of sultry summer night to find yourself outside of your sleeping bag and pasted to the floor of the tent because it has become so unbearably hot in there.

This tent’s full mesh roof offers incredible ventilation, allowing body heat to rise up and out of the tent as you sleep beneath a blanket of stars. Two windows on the short sides of this tent, one on its back wall and one built into its main entrance all pull fresh air in and push stale air out throughout the day.

It Glows

Perhaps one of the coolest features of this tent is its reflective interior. The insides of the walls and the rainfly have been made reflective to amplify the brightness of even the dimmest flashlight or lantern.

Other Important Features

I cannot do justice to this tent in a short article such as this one. Not only does it feature two large, versatile rooms and incredible ventilation, it also features a slew of other fine qualities. This tent’s partial rainfly will keep you dry on rainy nights, while you still enjoy the fresh air brought in from the mesh roof beneath it.

You will be able to dry yourself off a little before entering the tent on those rainy nights, thanks to the small canopy the fly creates over the main entrance.

Six feet of headroom means that most people would even be able to dance a short waltz inside this tent (provided it was empty at the time). The domed roof will stop water from pooling and possibly leaking into the tent when the fly is attached.