What Choke Tube for Slugs

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Hunting is a popular sport for many. There is nothing better than grabbing a group of guys and setting off on a hunting weekend. While some hunt for sport, there are more dedicated hunters who enter competitions or hunt on overpopulated game farms.

Knowing what shotgun to use and the best ammunition types to use to get the best shot is essential, and so is choosing a choke tube to suit your ammunition. We will take a look at slugs and the choke tubes that pair best with slugs when hunting. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what choke tube for slugs is appropriate for your setup.

What Choke Tube for Slugs

What is a Slug?

A slug is a type of ammunition used in shotguns for hunting. It is a projectile made of metal, usually lead or copper, encased in another material and fired from a shotgun. Slugs can vary in shape and composition. A slug is much larger than pellets, which should be considered when choosing the best choke tube for your shotgun.

What is a Choke Tube?

A choke tube is an interchangeable piece of metal tubing inserted into the barrel of the gun to constrict the barrel. Choke tubes are designed to improve accuracy, widen the spread of your shot, and increase your shotgun’s performance. 

Choke tubes come in various constrictions, each designed to pair best with a particular type of ammunition. It is essential to consider the ammunition you will be using when selecting a choke tube, as using the wrong tube could have devastating consequences for both the shotgun and the user.

Choke tubes are either built into a shotgun or are purchased separately. They are interchangeable and will significantly fit most modern shotguns to change your hunting game. A choke tube can help any hunter customize their gun to suit their hunting style. For smaller game, most hunters use pellets, while slugs are used for big game. One should choose the choke tube for the shotgun based on the ammunition used.

What are the Benefits of Using a Choke Tube?

Apart from accuracy, there are many benefits to using a choke tube on your shotgun.

  • A choke tube can increase the impact on your target or game.
  • Penetration on impact is increased by at least 20%.
  • For hunters who use pellets, it increases the chance of hitting your target at a more extended range.
  • Choke tubes are interchangeable.
  • Choke tubes are popular in shooting competitions when you need to aim at targets located much further away.

What are the Types of Choke Tubes Available?

There are four types of choke tubes that hunters use to improve their hunt:

The Cylinder Bore Choke

The cylinder bore choke is the choke tube with the least constriction. Used for slugs and larger ammunition, it guarantees a more open flight pattern of the slug and decreases the firing range. A cylinder bore choke has a widespread pattern that can obliterate its target at very close range and is usually used for shots within a 15- to 25-yard range.

The Improved Cylinder Bore Choke

This choke is a slight modification of the cylinder bore choke and has a 10% increase in the tightness of the gun’s firing pattern or spread. This 10% increase might not seem like much, but it can make a significant difference when on a hunt.

The improved cylinder bore choke is recommended above the regular cylinder bore choke as it doesn’t restrict the passage of the ammunition. Using this choke at 20 to 30 yards of your target or game is best.

The Modified Choke

The modified choke is the best choke for mid-range shooting and has more constriction than those listed above. It is one of the most preferred chokes to use, as it has the most versatility for ammunition and targets. It can have devastating coverage at 30 to 40 yards but is not suitable for long-term use as it could damage the choke. 

The Full Choke

A full choke is excellent for use over longer distances and works best between 55 to 65 yards. This choke does require the shooter to have far more accuracy of their shot to be effective at short ranges and is therefore not recommended for short-range use. The full choke, too, has a devastating impact on its targets. 

What Choke Tube Should You Use for a Slug

What Choke Tube Should You Use for a Slug?

The best choke tubes with slugs are the Cylinder Bore Choke and the Improved Cylinder Bore Choke. These chokes have the least constriction, allowing the wide slug to pass through the barrel with ease. 

Using the wrong choke can result in the slug being forced through the barrel, which can damage not only the shotgun but could also fatally injure the user if the gun backfires. While the cylinder and improved cylinder chokes are best for use at shorter ranges, they are excellent at increasing your chance of a hit as they do not take much accuracy to hit your target.

Slugs can have devastating damage on impact with their target or the intended game and not much range or spread is needed. The chokes recommended can be used between 15 to 30 yards with ease and do not require much skill from the hunter either. 

When choosing a choke for use in your shotgun that will shoot slugs, always consider the constriction of the choke tube to make sure you are making a good choice. A good choke helps control the pattern of the shot and the accuracy.

If you are unsure which choke would pair best with a particular slug, do some research online, or speak to a more experienced hunter. The sales representative at any ammunition and gun store will be able to help you make the best decision for your shotgun and recommend the choke tube that suits your gun and slugs best. 

Final Thoughts

Hunting with slugs is common for those who wish to hunt larger game or targets. It is most important to consider the choke tube that can be safely paired with a shotgun that uses slugs. Slugs have a more significant impact on their targets and are often used for a “clean kill”, so this decision is more important than many realize.

Do not use any choke tubes that will constrict the shotgun’s barrel, as this can damage your shotgun and possibly fatally injure the hunter if the gun happens to backfire from forcing the slug through a constricted barrel. Always take care in choosing choke tubes and ask a qualified hunter or sales representative at an ammunition and gun store for the best slugs, choke tubes, and shotguns.