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Anodized Aluminum Camping Cot

If you are looking for a high quality cot for all or any of your future camping trips, this World Outdoor Products cot will surely satisfy your desire for excellence. One the main reasons it found its way into our Top Three choices of camping cots is the fact that is has received rave reviews from actual consumers who have used this cot on countless camping trips. These users have reported that it is not only comfortable, but also very easy to use.

Another major reason it managed to find its way into the Top Three choices is that it has some of the best specifications I was able to find among all of the popular, top selling camping cots. Surely, these specs are what earned this cot popularity and positive consumer ratings. This article will take a deeper look at this cot’s impressive specifications and will evaluate each of them in the context of a camping environment.

An Anodized Aluminum Frame

What is the big deal about an anodized aluminum frame? An anodized aluminum frame is lightweight, like all aluminum frames, which allows you to set up and move this cot with ease. You won’t have to struggle trying to lug around a heavy steel-framed cot as people have in decades past.

Although lightweight sounds great, many people worry about the strength of aluminum. If you have ever worked with aluminum before, you probably know that it has a tendency to warp and bend under pressure. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to bend low quality aluminum tent poles back into place after a long night of wind. This cot, however, does not use typical, traditional aluminum. As I have stated, it uses anodized aluminum. What is the difference? Anodized aluminum has undergone a special process which increases its strength. In fact, anodized aluminum is actually stronger than stainless steel. This particular anodized frame is capable of carrying a 300 to 400 pound weight load.

Mid-Sized Polyester Sleep Space

Before we discuss the fact that this cot uses polyester fabric, let’s talk about how much space you actually have to sleep on. Measuring 77 inches by 25 inches, I would place this cot’s sleep space somewhere in the mid-sized range. I have definitely seen both larger and smaller cots, but believe that this one exists smack in the middle of those sizes. For me, this is a good amount of space. The cot may not be wide enough to allow you to roll around from side to side all night, but wide cots take up a lot of valuable space inside a tent. Personally, I prefer something which is just the right fit.

To save you the trouble of doing the math yourself, allow me to tell you that 77 inches is equal to about 6.5 feet. Unless you are much taller than average, 6.5 feet should be plenty of room to accommodate the length of your body.

The polyester fabric used to create this cot’s sleep space is, for most people, preferable to other popular options, such as canvas and cotton. Unlike canvas and cotton, polyester will not stretch out as quickly under your weight and it is very water resistant. Its natural water-resistant quality will help you feel dry the whole night through, no matter how damp the air around you may feel.

Easy Fold System

Whether you are setting up your cot at the beginning of your camping trip or taking it down at the end, this World Outdoor Products cot will make the task very simple. There will be no need to fuss around with detachable legs or trying to stuff all of the pieces of your cot into a far-too-small stuff sack. This cot stays fully assembled at all times. Simply collapse it by folding the X-shaped legs at their fulcrum and fold it up into the perfectly-sized stuff sack which comes with it.

You Will Love It

Of course I cannot guarantee that you will love this cot, because I am not you and I do not know your preferences. That being said, it seems fairly obvious that the vast majority of people who give it a chance never look back.

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